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The question price

Cost of the goods and services — a sacred cow for businessmen. But what will be if to recede from standard principles of definition of the price? " a firm secret " has found and has asked three experimenters.

time money
the Owner financially - the building company " the Neon " Michael Mulin in the autumn of 2011 has conceived to diversify the business and has decided to create a hybrid kovorking - the centre, cafe and places for leisure. In February of this year, having enclosed $100 thousand in two-month rent of a premise by the area of 250 sq. m and equipment purchase, it has opened on the fourth floor of office building near the underground " Paveletsky " anticafe " Butterflies ". Mulin has thought up the new term itself, having expressed in it an essence of the business. Visitors pay in " Butterflies " not for meal, and for spent time 2 rbl. a minute. On an input clients receive electronic cards which fix time. Here free of charge offer tea, coffee, sweets, access to the Internet, board games. In usual cafe the visitor can take a cup of coffee (139 - 220 rbl.) And to stay with it hour. In anticafe he in an hour will pay 120 rbl., and the drink will receive free of charge.

in day in " Butterflies " 200 persons and #150 come nearby; freelancers, students, office employees. The size of the average check is comparable to fast food 250 - 300 rbl. Mulin does not open the Size of a gain, but, proceeding from the traffic, " Butterflies " earn in a month about 1,8 million rbl. the Time of recovery of outlay of business the businessman while not to name ready, but by the end of the year plans to develop the investment plan and to sell the franchise in regions.

according to the vice-president on corporate communications of holding " Rosinter restorants " Valerii Silinoj, profitability of anticafe more low, than at usual points of a public catering. " operational expenses of anticafe the area of 300 sq. m (120 seats) make 900 thousand rbl. a month, the general director of consulting company Business Hospitality Group Alexander Kindeev speaks. At 10 - percentage occupancy and round-the-clock work the gain will make 1 million rbl. a month. The standard cafe of the same area in a month earns 2 million rbl., from which 500 thousand rbl. net profit ".

Besides, " Butterflies " do not sell cigarettes and alcohol not to frighten off a part of clients. " most likely, to raise profitability, anticafe it is necessary to enter the menu " tells Silin. Mulin and has arrived: recently he began to offer hamburgers (there are 120 rbl.) and complex dinners (200 rbl.) . The meal can be brought also with itself.

Ideja Mulina has pleased also to other businessmen. Now in Moscow its followers and #150 work already some; anticafe " the Dial " " At shljapnika " LocalTime, " the Green door " and others. At some competitors cost of visitation is cheaper 1 rbl. a minute. However in all similar projects there is a risk factor seasonal prevalence. In a warm season and during high school sessions the traffic is reduced approximately to third. To level its falling, " Butterflies " began to enter new entertainments, and without additional payment: to broadcast football matches, to conduct lectures, trainings, various competitions. In general, having enticed clients non-standard pricing, owners of anticafe should keep now the lodgers. Still the big ingenuity, rather than idea with constant payment here again is required.

Pay how much you want
Arcady Kulik Operating musical portal Thank You has decided to break a stereotype about fans of a freebie. In due time Arcady organised concerts of foreign actors and with a problem of distribution of music a sign not by hearsay. According to agency Intermedia, in 2011 the sales volume of legal musical CDs and DVD has decreased in 2,3 times in comparison with 2010, to $80 million Reason is obvious: people free of charge download piracy copies from the Internet. A principle " pay how much you want " according to Kulika, it is the most effective way of struggle against a piracy.

the businessman and its partners have enclosed in creation and site promotion, employment of the personnel about $2 million Actors give tracks Thank You " on realisation " and upon payment by the investigator receive the percent from sales. The size of own commission Kulik does not open, specifying that it is comparable to the commission iTunes. That is approximately he earns 30 % from each payment, the rest is received by the actor. Now on a site 21 thousand tracks and 1,1 thousand clips from 700 executors, among which " are laid out; Ljapis Trubetsky " " the Time machine " Noize MC, Vasja of Regional ohms, group " the Caste ". The basic audience Thank You men 18 - 35 years.

the client can listen to a song on a site and to download it, it is necessary to be registered or use the account in sotsseti. After music downloading it is possible to pay by means of SMS, ecash or a credit card. This money at first gets on a uniform bill of a portal, then the portal translates their musician. The actor, in turn, has a possibility to trace the receipts. According to Kulika, the monthly traffic of a portal 800 thousand visitors. However, only 300 thousand are registered, from them for music pay only 1 - 1,5 % of clients.

" The smallest payment at us has made 11 copeck, the biggest 20 thousand rbl., tells Kulik. But average check Thank You now makes 212 rbl. it in 5,5 times more than on any musical site ". However, the general director of the largest site on sale of legal music Muz. ru Sergey Sichkar notices that on its site cost of one track makes 11 - 20 rbl., an album 102 rbl. In its opinion, clients are not ready to pay more.

to Increase incomes Thank You plans by means of the high traffic and advertising sale. The site advances itself in social networks, and from the end of May began to offer electronic books. Today here 214 books from 90 writers are laid out. At attendance of 1,2 million persons in a month Kulik expects to deduce business on self-support already by the end of this year. While indicators modest. Now, by calculations Council of Federation , the volume of payments on site Thank You makes 576 thousand rbl. In a month, that is from this sum the portal leaves to itself of all 172 thousand rbl.

In musical business project Thank You one of the first signs which have offered the new approach in pricing. However, at the moment of magazine Kulik imposition left structure of founders Thank You. Now to transform " thanks " in profitable business there will be its partner Alexey Martynov.

in the Evening money
Marketing agencies traditionally take the fixed payment for services. To pay depending on result in Russia it is not accepted, though in other countries examples are ( Council of Federation N7 / 2010). But recently experimenters appear and at us.

agency " New marketing decisions " has started to work about three years ago, in staff of 12 persons. They are engaged in researches, consulting on b2b - the markets, etc. " the Competition is high, the players working by a principle " money forward " and so it is a lot of. It is necessary to offer clients interesting variants of cooperation " the operating partner Vasily Kashkin tells.

For standard works, for example researches, the agency establishes the fixed payment. In other projects responds rouble for result (such orders about third). At first the client pays small " a fix " that gravity of its intentions confirms and covers the salary of employees. And the second tranche depends on, a leah advisers of the planned indicators will achieve.

the typical client the company aimed at growth of sales. " the hired manager on sale should spend in day three - four meetings with clients, but usually it turns out much less. We undertake to increase number of similar contacts in two - three times, and service cost will be not above, than employment of the additional personnel " Vasily Kashkin argues. The parties agree, how much potential clients " will marry off " agency, also fix the sum which will be received by the executor at plan performance. " we do not develop a scale of results. Simply if we will not pursue the scheme, to us will not pay the second part. Till now carried out " Kashkin tells.

For example, the legal firm has decided to expand client base. Experts in marketing have developed positioning (it costed to the customer some tens thousand roubles), then have defined the list of the companies for which concrete legal services can be necessary. Them obzvonom was engaged call - the centre " New marketing decisions " for economy it is in Ufa (four persons here work). Have agreed that as the fee the agency will receive percent from volume of the concluded transactions. " the customer has already concluded one large-scale contract " Kashkin tells. Recently under the same scheme " New marketing decisions " have started to work with ivent - agency.

certainly, similar forms of co-operation are possible, if result we will measure. Besides risks of agency are high. So, Kashkina had a case when the client has not paid the second tranche. It was found out later that the contract is concluded on " left " the legal person from whom and there is nothing to collect. Now Vasily checks customers more carefully and is converted to experts in security. To refuse a payment principle by result it does not gather. If in 2011 similar form of co-operation brought to agency 200 - 250 thousand rbl. a month, in 2012 - m already about 400 thousand rbl. monthly.