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Summer stirrings

" a firm Secret " brings July results " to Become the businessman " — the joint project of our magazine and sotsseti Professionali. ru. The last month for all startaperov became the period of unexpected opening.

the video tool
June at Julia Oskinoj, foundresses " the Video tool " has stood out the profitable. But to rejoice early: the project demands all new investments. For example, money is necessary on completion " box " a product a program video platform. Are already ready an alpha - and beta - product versions, but each time errors in the program come to light.

however, money is necessary not only for the decision of problems, but also for realisation of plans. The businesswoman has started to connect the platform to a network of delivery and content distribution " the Megaphone ". Thanks to this step " the Video tool " Will receive 12 new server sites (from Krasnodar to Khabarovsk) which will allow to broadcast video across all Russia in HD - quality.

Besides, Julia Oskina carries on negotiations with one of the largest operators cable IPTV - networks of Russia about video content giving (rollers the Internet - shops) in the form of separate and high-grade TV channel. If negotiations crown by success, Russian the Internet - shops will receive an additional platform for sales television. On an idea Oskinoj, unlike already existing and habitual " shops on a sofa " all rollers on spetskanale will be objective such Top Gear on the goods and services.

a problem

Under Julia Oskinoj`s decision, " the Video tool " has stopped to render services in a video shooting of the goods, having turned to the consulting company which helps - to shops to organise the Internet online - television. Each shop can use already existing operating time " the Video tool " and for a week to create own telecasting in the Network. At the similar decision is both pluses, and minuses. The basic problem is connected by that now " the Video tool " has even more limited a circle of clients. The company cannot conduct two competing shops as it will lead to an aggravation of opposition and will complicate a problem most konsalteru. Julia Oskina tries to find a way to avoid collisions of interests of clients from one commodity group, that all both customers, and the executor were the winner.


Julia Oskina, the proprietress of the company " the Video tool ":

Unfortunately, advice which we could use right now, to us have not given. Each of colleagues conceives a situation on - to the.

I Want to allocate the expert in marketing of Paul Chernozubenko who has forced us to change the relation to planning, and the manager on personnel GK " Expanse " Xenia Mitasovu its advice on assortimentnoj to a matrix has already added to us a few gains.

the figure

has made 3,2 million rbl. a gain " the Video tool " following the results of June. Julia Oskinoj`s project it is unexpected for it left on the indicators planned already on the end of the year

by Gridli
the Last month for Alexey Karpova, the founder of the legal company " Gridli " has stood out the loaded. Trips on tax inspections and notaries within the limits of the contract signed in May on check in of 160 individual businessmen take away a powerful part of time of Karpova. The businessman has employed the courier and has begun search of the manager in sales.

in parallel Carps are engaged in working out of one more site For search of partners in the project. Besides, participation in " to Become the businessman " has excited him on working out " box " a product for beginning businessmen. Service will include " a package for startup start " in certain sphere and legal support of the project within the first year of existence.

a problem

In spite of the fact that the majority of clients are converted into the legal company " Gridli " any more for the first time, to Alexey Karpovu, the project founder, it is not enough of it. The businessman would like to adjust closer back coupling with clients objectively to estimate lacks and to introduce additional services.

idea to make active " dialogue " with clients was born at Karpova not for no reason. According to the businessman, periodically it receives letters on electronic mail both from present, and from potential clients. They specify in grammatical errors on a site " Gridli " or ask, why the company does not render any service. Karpova please similar responses, but now they are faster an exception, rather than a rule. " meanwhile the majority of ideas on company development arises from separate opinions which as a result develop in a single whole and pour out in new service " Alexey Karpov explains. The businessman tries to think up how to motivate the client to estimate quality of services, which its legal company has already rendered and how unostentatiously to learn opinion of the user, without spending thus a considerable part of its personal time.


Alexey Karpov, the founder " Gridli ":

the idea of questioning and the subsequent formation focus - the groups, voiced by the top manager on sales " Was pleasant; promo " Tatyana.

And Igor Vargaftik, the director of Agency of special commissions, has suggested to distribute, for example, to clients promokody after questionnaire filling. As a result we have decided to give out forms for a blitz - poll at signing of the contract and to place on an input in office a box where our clients can throw the filled questionnaires.


Alexey Andreev, the president brendingovogo agencies Depot WPF:

the Consulting companies similar " Gridli " always dream, that customers actively supported dialogue. However pressing forward to receive back coupling always that the client of similar reciprocal desire does not test rests. I will note at once: any kind questioning or poll it is a way inefficient and already discrediting. The only thing that it is possible to receive from the client, having asked it " to respond to some questions " irritation.

In my opinion, the most optimum decision of this problem for businessmen from " Gridli " use of the mediated communications mediums is. I recommend social networks where there is a dialogue possibility " on - svojski " or personal contact. Besides, I will repeat, at all in the form of poll, live dialogue with the client. Besides, if it is a question of interaction of two firms, that is when the customer the legal body, I recommend to reduce the first persons of the companies with each other.

Tutti Arti
the foundress of project Tutti Arti Elena Krylov at last has felt that works not empty. Sales of design souvenirs in the Tretyakov gallery have grown twice. The businesswoman connects success that the part of its goods has moved to showroom in the Lavrushinsky lane.

however to speak about iridescent prospects Tutti Arti it is not necessary yet. " Museum shops could increase sales at the expense of re-planning, applications of bases of a merchandising, introduction of modern systems of the account and standards of dialogue with buyers " it is assured Krylov. However, without museums anywhere, after all for the sake of Krylov`s their visitors also has started the project. Therefore, despite of everything, the girl hopes to worry " the period of primitiveness of museum services ".

the Problem

In Tutti Arti has ripened necessity to replace in constituent documents an activity principal view. The foundress of the project Elena Krylov wants to change " trade " on " manufacture ". Filling the inquiry - acknowledgement of a principal view of economic activities of the organisation of Open Company " Museum shop " Krylov has seen that last year sale of the goods of own manufacture has brought to it bolshy the income, rather than trade in production taken on realisation. However to the businesswoman till now it is not up to the end clear, than industrial classification codes essentially differ from trading, after all by and large all is anyhow made for sale.

from the practical point of view manufacture as the activity principal view (unlike trade) gives the chance to obtain at the Center of development of business compensation of a part of the interest rate under credits of commercial banks. Besides, according to Elena Krylovoj, to it as to the beginning businessman it is ready " it is more comfortable and more pleasant to feel itself as the manufacturer, and not just the seller of beautiful features ". Now the girl tries to understand, to what all - taki to signs should correspond manufacturing enterprise.


Elena Krylov, foundress Tutti Arti:

Hamlet Amirhanjan, the director of the Moscow representation " has best penetrated into our problem; Yakut toplivno - the power company ".

Me a little naive treatment of concept " has forced to smile; a work of art " but in all the rest I completely will agree with Hamlet Amirhanjanom. It has really helped me. Still I liked Andrey Prokofiev`s comments which has perfectly classified all my plain technological process.


Konstantin Trapaidze, the chairman of Bar " the Vashjuridichesky attorney ":

to be called as the enterprise, the company should possess several " vidoobrazujushchimi " signs: own industrial platform, the personnel, in particular the technologists, the special equipment. If it at Tutti Arti at present is not present all, it is necessary to attend to this question. Besides, the company should have suppliers of raw materials, and also the or patentovannye technologies. Concerning problem Tutti Arti in the legal relation I of any complexities do not see: if earlier in constituent documents it has not been specified " manufacture " it is necessary to add, it is simple formality. In legal relations if made Tutti Arti the product demands licensing, it is necessary to pass all stages for reception of this licence that at times happens very difficult. Activity and production certification first of all is required, but depending on company branch can be added and other moments.


25 thousand rbl. were made by net profit Tutti Arti following the results of June. Elena Krylov is glad that profitability of sales on net profit in more than 60 % of cases remains immutable

In June Vadim Tarasov, the partner both souchreditel funds JetVenture and JetVenture2, has appeared on a hair from crash: its company had serious financial difficulties. Business - an angel who this year was included into the project of Tarasova for 27 - a percentage share in the companies, has ceased to finance the project. On business - to the plan investment receipts together with additional own investments should provide the next ten months of work of the project. But business - the angel from the planned 2,8 million rbl. invested only 65 % then has stopped financing.

in May, expecting problems with money, Tarasov carried on negotiations with fund Buran Ventures for financing attraction. But after several meetings and granting of a considerable quantity of the additional information the fund has refused to the businessman. June became last month when Tarasov could finance projects independently. However, it has found an exit: since July, 1st he has suggested developers of projects JetVenture to become partners, having refused a salary, and to heads business - directions to pass to commission payment. And if the investor, on - visible, has lost faith in JetVenture employees are not present: the offer of Tarasova have accepted all.

an actual problem

Jetwant. com, one of fund JetVenture projects, service " sales to the contrary " when sellers search for buyers. According to Vadim Tarasova, Jetwant. com it can be interesting not only to small sellers who already now use service, but also to representatives of a large retail. But how them to reach?

the last month at founders of shoe company AlexGarudo of Elena Berezinoj and Anton Kudryavtsev has stood out same " Sad and silent " as well as previous. Sales have come to naught, and the company, predictably, became unprofitable.

however, it is impossible to tell that the current situation frightens Berezina and Kudryavtsev. Businessmen were morally ready to similar succession of events when made the decision not to buy a summer collection of footwear as understood that on one sales of existing assortment they far will not leave. To support the company afloat the partner assortment of the footwear which sales in June have brought AlexGarudo almost 40 % of a gain allows now.

not to go in cycles in the sad present, businessmen have decided to think of the light future seriously. So, Elena Berezina in the end of June has departed to China where will trace productions already reserved for AlexGarudo osenne - a winter collection. Besides, in Heavenly Empire Berezina, without losing time, the spring - and #150 will be engaged summer in viewing and selection of models for the future collection of a season; 2013. It will allow businessmen to be reinsured and exclude even potential possibility of that the present summer calm will repeat next year.

Besides, Berezina and Kudryavtsev have agreed about cooperation with large oflajn - footwear shop. They yet do not open the name, but specify that it is a question not of a network point. Under AlexGarudo in shop it is planned to allocate the whole section. However to find footwear Berezina and Kudryavtsev in oflajne it will be possible only since autumn when to businessmen that will put on regiments.

Apartator. ru
All last month founders of service Apartator. ru Anton Malkov and Dmitry Linnik created new architecture of a site and worked with owners of apartments. In particular, were defined with what should be their site for more effective SEO - advancements, and have started to optimise a content. Already there are results: for example, if to type in Google " apartments from a jacuzzi in Moscow " on the fifth line the page from site Apartator drops out. ru where all apartments, satisfying to inquiry are collected. In parallel Malkov and Linnik try to simplify life and to partners. Businessmen have developed for " private offices " owners of apartments the new interface, taking for a basis an electronic mail principle. Now it became easier to proprietors of habitation to be guided in what demands of users are already processed or even are paid, and what else are not present. Malkov and Linnik are happy and feel return from the done work: the number of demands for cooperation both from partners, and from clients increases.

an actual problem

Founders Apartator. ru have decided not to go in cycles in Russia and the countries of the near abroad and are going to deduce service on globalnyj the market. Partners were already defined with ten cities and now prepare the English-speaking version of a site. Now it is necessary to solve where to open the first foreign office.

pitches itself
Dmitry Jakovlev, the owner of the company " Pitches itself " did not wait from summer of pleasant surprises, for it the period of seasonal calm began. However June nevertheless has pleased the businessman: on monthly results a gain from sales " Pitches itself " has made 237 thousand rbl., it almost on 42 % is more than May. JAkovlev has come to a conclusion that for its business months with a considerable quantity festively - the days off are failure only.

the businessman has finished works on mezhevaniju the ground received recently under agricultural activity by the area of 10 hectares, procedure has managed to Jakovlevu in 10 thousand rbl. Now to the businessman it is necessary to put a site on the cadastral account, and after it will be already possible to sign the lease contract.

Besides, last month Dmitry Jakovlev together with wife Oksana at last has generated the concept of joint development of projects " Pitches itself " and " Pcheloferma Jakovlevyh ". They even have thought up the working name " Pchelopark ". An idea of spouses - businessmen more than global: they want to unite small industrial and processing firms, and also training enterprises of an agricultural orientation in one territory. Besides, from the very beginning of spouse Jakovlevy are going to emphasise agrotourism development.

to search of investments in " Pchelopark " spouses - businessmen have approached creatively: have decided to test for the present unpopular model in Russia kraudfandinga, that is joint financing of the project. For search of potential partners Jakovlev as the first step has placed at a regional city forum " JArportal " The announcement - the announcement of the scale plans.

an actual problem

Spouses Oksana and Dmitry Jakovlevy have decided to test model kraudfandinga to raise money for project realisation. How more effectively to present an idea of potential audience? How more competently to involve social networks? How to encourage the future participants of financing?