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Strangers among strangers

Consumers in other countries do not wait Russian business - emigrants with open arms. More often there it is easy to begin business, but it is difficult to be kept afloat. " a firm secret " has communicated to businessmen who managed to find the ambry in the far abroad.

Hong Kong comes back
" it is especially heavy to work with Koreans, Russian Anton Sarajkin living in Hong Kong complains. at them a favourite cocktail " a bomb ": in a beer glass lower a pile of the Korean vodka ". Even Russians do not drink so much, Sarajkin is assured. And how much partners have drunk in the evening, in eight mornings they in suits go on negotiations.

at Sarajkina in east Asia three business, and all of them are connected with Russia: Russian - the Chinese magazine Asia Business, online - Chinese courses ChineseOnline. ru and business tours for Russians Innovative Trips.

the Thought on moving to Asia at Sarajkina has arisen for a long time. " I watched development of region and knew that all the most interesting the next decades will occur there " it explains. But the student of Novosibirsk journalism faculty did not know any Asian language. Therefore it has worked five years the journalist in the Moscow edition " Sheets " two years the PR manager in " Vimm - the Bill - Danne " (VBD) and only in 2008 has gone behind the dream. For its embodiment Sarajkin has found the investor in advance, working in VBD.

" By that moment I knew Chinese already a little, but all - taki the top could not hope for career - the manager, the business " therefore was necessary to begin; the businessman smiles. To begin it has solved in Hong Kong from media business this branch for the journalist was the most clear. Company check in has occupied from Sarajkina week and has managed in $2 thousand The businessman has let out two issues when has burst crisis. The investor has refused to finance the project, but Sarajkinu already in couple of months was possible to find the new. The Russian investment banker Sergey Men living in Hong Kong became them. The magazine exit has renewed: Sarajkin Maine and #150 was engaged in the project from Russia; in Hong Kong.

in the beginning of 2011 Sarajkin has returned to Hong Kong, and Maine has departed from an operational administration. But he put up money in other projects of Sarajkina now they own three biznesami on a parity basis.

in magazine businessmen have enclosed $50 thousand It pays off at the expense of advertising, but profit does not bring, Sarajkin speaks: " For us it first of all communications with potential clients of other projects ". The magazine leaves time in three months in circulation of 5 thousand copies (a part of magazine in Russian, a part On Chinese or English), free of charge extends on business actions and flights from Astana in other cities of Asia.

online - Chinese courses started in the autumn of 2010. Start has managed in $25 thousand Investment should pay off till the end of this year, the businessman predicts. On courses ten Chineses teach, their Sarajkin has chosen from 3,5 thousand competitors. " almost all tell on - russki, in it our competitive advantage " it brags. Courses now constantly use 30 - 50 persons. The main competitors of Sarajkina Eteacherchinese. com, Echineselearning. com. They do not advertise quantity of clients, Echineselearning. com named this figure only in 2008 - 2009 then at service was more than 100 users. Actively to untwist the service Sarajkin gathers in the autumn on contextual advertising and advancement in sotssetjah he thinks to spend some thousand dollars.

Last business of Sarajkina Innovative Trips a direction new to Russia. The businessman will organise for the Russian companies of excursion in the best companies of Asia to adopt experience. The week trip for ten persons manages in $30 - Sarajkin does not tell 100 thousand, how much money brings Innovative Trips, but notices that it " the lion`s share " a turn of all its three companies (it in 2011 has made $370 thousand) .

the Most difficult in the organisation of tours to agree about excursions with the Asian companies. Here without a personal contact anywhere. Partners plan to develop actively Innovative Trips so, to drink Sarajkinu it is necessary more many.

Has come, apgrejdil, has defeated
When Andrey Filev has left in the Silicon valley in the beginning of 2007, he was 23 years old and he dreamt to create service which millions people all over the world will use.

service at that point in time at Fileva already was Wrike, the program for management of projects. And here clients almost was not. The dream of Fileva was not executed till now, but the first step is made: now with Wrike thousand users work, by quantity of clients the program became one of world leaders in the segment.

Filev has created the first business in 17 years, being the student matfaka St.Petersburg State University: developed ON for corporate clients. Later has got the partner, Dmitry Nikulinym who lived in the USA and should ensure functioning with the American clients. By their 2005 Murano Software did not demand daily control, and Filev has decided to undertake for Wrike service with which help the small companies are planned by affairs and is distributed by problems. Filev wanted to start global business, therefore has moved to the Silicon valley.

on company check in in America Filev and Nikulin partners equal in rights have spent $2 thousand After that Filev has gone to investors, but money has not found. In the market competitors already worked, and to put hundred thousand dollars in one more company investors were afraid. " eventually I have decided that it is necessary not to search for money, and business to do " Filev remembers. It has made more convenient interface, integrated service with electronic mail.

For six years partners have spent for development of service some hundreds thousand dollars (personal savings, profit Murano and most Wrike). At last, in June 2012 - go Filev has agreed with TMT Investments which has got 5 % Wrike for $1 million Global competitors Wrike " have lifted " it is more than money: for example, in Clarizen it is enclosed $50 million, Filev has counted up. Nevertheless at Wrike clients now approximately as much, how much at Clarizen, are confirmed by him. But by their quantity the company concedes to popular service Basecamp.

the Director for strategy TMT Investments Herman Kaplun considers that Wrike " one of the best programs for management of projects ": " At them many small convenient decisions, it is pleasant to users. And it is pleasant to us that the company quickly grows ". From the beginning of year the quantity of users has increased twice to 2 thousand clients, Filev speaks. Their most part pays $50 - 200 in a month. By calculations the Council of Federation , in June Wrike has earned about $200 thousand

Captains balijskogo fleet
" every day in the sea sink one - two Indonesians. They are afraid some water, float badly. We pull out them " Dmitry Zabula, the owner of school of surfing Endless Summer tells about hard everyday life serferov to Bali.

Russians on waves feel more confident from ten more - less large schools to Bali they posess five. Three more to Europeans, on one at the Australian and the Chinese.

" since 2000 I practically did not live in Russia, travelled all over the world in search of a wave and a wind " tells 30 - the summer businessman. In the middle of 2000 - h Zabula together with friend Andrey Chernosvitovym began to carry by means of travel agencies surfers - fans on the best beaches of the world. In 2008 - m partners have decided to locate to Bali (" here good waves every day ") . Initial investments in surfing school have made $40 thousand, $10 thousand have left them on check in of business which has occupied almost ten months. " Indonesia bjurokratizirovannoe the state, Zabula complains. Local anything do not want to do and try to earn more on foreigners: it is necessary to make out many documents, and for everyone it is necessary to pay ".

For four years Chernosvitov, Zabula and the friend - the investor which surname businessmen do not name, have enclosed in school of $ more 210 thousand On this money, in particular, have paid five years` rent of a premise of 200 sq. m and have opened cafe on 40 places.

now Endless Summer, according to Zabuly, on price level takes on island the second place. The prices could be lowered if to employ exclusively Indonesian instructors. The average salary to Bali of only $150 in a month. But without Russian-speaking instructors not to manage: Nevertheless Endless Summer is guided by the Russian clients. Thus the salary of instructors from Russia in three - four times above.

" first three years our turn stably grew, the businessman tells. and now has a little fallen from - for a competition ". In 2011 the school has served 1,5 thousand clients, the company turn has made more than $200 thousand Partners advertise Endless Summer through travel companies of Bali, in a Runet (searchers, sotsseti) and through the Moscow school with the same name vejkserfinga (surfing on the rivers and lakes), belonging to their friends. CHernosvitov when happens in Russia, helps to adjust its work.

its partner Dmitry Zabula home does not go (" in the same place waves are not present ") But sometimes it seems to it that behind a window drives a tram: glasses shiver, as houses in Peter. So on island there are earthquakes. Strong pushes and the tsunami here will not be, local residents are convinced: Bali are protected by gods. But Zabula lives on a grief. Just in case.