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" Six gold medals  0; figure objective "

Fifteen medals, six of which gold, such is the Olympic purpose of the most successful Russian national team, track and field athletics. On Games in London 104 its sportsmen in 42 of 47 kinds of the program will act and the USA, Ethiopia and Jamaica will compete for a place in a three of command offset to representatives of Kenya. It was declared by the president of the All-Russia federation of track and field athletics (VFLA) VALENTINE BALAHNICHEV in interview to the correspondent " " VALERYS MIRONOVOJ, having proved level of claims VFLA in passionless figures of statistics.
an enchanting spectacle of good results (six of them the best in the world) on selection to the Olympic Games the championship of Russia in Cheboksary in the beginning of July has called delight and simultaneously alarm. A leah athletes have spilt all forces and emotions already there?

Any start, moreover with such very tall competition what was in Cheboksary, for example, in man`s high jumps, female runnings on 400 m and broad jumps, calls concentration of physical efforts and vyplesk emotions. But long-term model of carrying out of the selection, assuming a conclusion of sportsmen to form peak as it is possible more close to the main start of a season, justified itself more than once. It is dictated by pressing forward to save the typed peak to the Olympic starts. Children should not spend energy for any more that, having gone down from top, then again it to climb up. After all to type the form process labour-consuming and dangerous. Now time is only on coming to the senses, were restored, pass profound medical examination, to hand over last tests for a dope and to be equipped.

Compete not only sportsmen, but also system of the organisation and a preparation technique. Our system is based on the state support. American On student`s sports. The federation of the USA joins in process for two weeks prior to the beginning of Games: will equip a national team and leaves with it. At us 250 days in year of 250 sportsmen and trainers conduct the centralised preparation.

having won one year ago in the World championship in Taegu nine gold awards, a leah not too you are very cautious, having aimed now only at six?

In sports nothing repeats. On Games 1996 and 2000 Russians have won on three gold. And in Athenes and Beijing left on six. Last year in Korea it has turned out more because we have ideally built preparation system. And still six gold Olympic medals it is the objective figure deduced on the basis of the statistical data. They bear that we are capable to compete for the highest places in 16 kinds. It is height, 20 and 50 km in walking at men, and also run on 400 m, 400 m with barriers, 800 m, relay race 4 h 400 m, stipl - chez, a spear, height, length, a pole, a disk, a hammer, heptathlon and 20 km in walking at women. Today at Russians of the seven first results of a season in the world, seven second and five third. At Kenyans and Americans accordingly eight - five - four and four - seven - ten. If we manage to realise at least half of potential of all competitors of gold medals we will receive their five - six, and together with silver both bronze 15 - 16. I underline, I hope for this result. And at this level of obligations, without putting a medal in a pocket in good time, I want to stop.

for the first time our athletes before the Olympic Games spend last gathering in Novogorske. Business Then with specialised bases, in which you speak about a severe need two decades, at last has moved off dead centre?

Question with the track and field athletics centres in subjects of the Russian Federation of the patient on - former. In comparison with quantity of bases for their other sports it is much less. Because building of an inexpensive plane construction at an order of financing existing at us is unattractive. Where it is more interesting sports palaces capital investments in which are huge. An exception appearing as mushrooms after a rain football grounds. In football thousand boys are involved that negatively influences development of man`s track and field athletics. And the regions building complexes for track and field athletics, unit Chuvashiya, Mordovia, Moscow Region, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk and Krasnodar territory. Considering that the country our northern, arenas, which on a broader scale in Russia a cat naplakal are necessary also. We have discussed this question, and the decision on building of the federal centres With the minister of sports Vitaly Mutko, first of all for track and field athletics, it was accepted. In Novogorske the centre is already constructed. Conditions there perfect, and now there train runners, jumpers and throwers.

and why the thrower of a disk Darya Pishchalnikova prepares in Podolsk?

Some simply love local base where it is quiet also nobody pulls. We do not exhaust sportsmen in any one certain place. They with trainers are free to choose. The second centre in Kislovodsk. There now there are runners on 800 m Maria Savinov and Yury Borzakovsky. And in the third, in Sochi, jumpers, and in particular Evgenie Zagorulko`s group and #150 prepared; Anna Chicherova, Andrey Silnov and Alexander Shustov who have now moved in Novogorsk. By the way, the sports Ministry has already allocated means for building in Novogorske and an arena. There we plan to introduce the nou - hau paths with a different covering and slope angle, and also new electronics for control of training process.

Where Russians will prepare in Great Britain?

For adaptation the sports Ministry rented base in 150 km from London. There can train, who will wish. But two days prior to competitions sportsmen will call in in the Olympic village. And, for example, Elena Isinbaeva and walkers will arrive to London under the start.

the Russian track and field athletics has essentially matured. Be not afraid mass after London of exod of leaders Tatyanas Lebedevoj, Yury Borzakovsky, Natalia Antjuh?

I want, that remained all. After all age it only on advantage. By the way, world track and field athletics has matured too. For example, Marylin Otti continues to run and for fifty. The big fees stimulate to save the sports form very long.

how think, a leah will appear in London the Olympic champion - vysotnitsa Blanka Vlashich?

It already treats so a long time feet, what we suspect, a leah game it? After all its sudden occurrence on Games can deduce from an equilibrium state of many.

and what, on - to yours, occurs to the sprinter of all times Usejnom the Bolt which has lost in the Jamaican championship both koronnye of a distance of 100 and 200 m?

I Consider, it will be on - former is magnificent only on a distance of 200 m. However, for time which has remained before Games the Bolt can return the habitual status and on " to one hundred ". Uncertainty only increases an intrigue.

for the fifth presidential term in November will go?

It directly depends on result in London and from how much that I do for track and field athletics, will appear the demanded state. If I will see that my model any more does not work, then I will search to itself for replacement itself.