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The information to correction

Begins that the popular TV presenter Will Makevoj known for the unwillingness to interfere in the policy and on a broader scale by the approach to news as to " infotejnmentu " (it Jeff Deniels, idiotnichavshy in " plays; Stupid it is and more more stupid " brothers of Farrelli and forking in " to the Purple rose of Cairo " Vudi Allen), bursts in unexpected speech. More correctly, so: it answers a question of student Severo - the Western university where it and its colleagues have arrived with performances. A question such: " Why America the greatest country in the world? "

on this place it is necessary to make deviation. The reality represented (it is unimportant that embellished and skosobochennaja) in this serial like simply would arise upon comparison with ours. C that day, as the first series, in which this Makevoj and it prodjusersha (it Emili Mortimer and #150 plays; By the way, too lighted when - that at Allen) tell to televiewers truth about oil flood in Gulf of Mexico, has appeared on torrentah, I hear often such comparisons from the colleagues. Usually they speak about an information openness (there officials and other responsible persons feel themselves obliged to answer press questions), about effectiveness on - to the present of the airs, in general, about everything that has again emerged during local illumination of tragedy in Krymske.

Though if to compare that all together. Since this absolutely plausible an opening scene with a question.

it is terrible even to imagine that would begin on the Internet, fejsbukah, and not only in them if the student of decent university has asked today to the well-known visitor a question: " Why Russia the greatest country in the world? " Without any mockery, without any fig in a pocket, and, to the contrary, with confidence, what yes, the greatest, but only, please, formulate your image why it is concrete.

though, most likely, such simply never would happen at decent university, even at congress nashistov. Modern Postpost-Soviet Russia does not have language on which such it is possible to tell. (In Russia Soviet, by the way, such questions too did not set there with the answer formulation all was clear.)

At modern postodinnadtsatisentjabrskoj Americas with this language have arisen some problems. A serial of Aaron Sorkina " The Newsroom " how these problems to overcome.

" America not the greatest country in the world, Will Makevoj responds to a question of the student. we the seventh in the world on literacy, the twenty seventh mathematicians on knowledge, forty ninth on life expectancy, the third under the average income on a family. The first we only in three categories: by quantity of prisoners, by quantity of the adults considering that angels exist in a reality, and on expenses for defence. America not the greatest country in the world ". All subsequent series are devoted the proof that is not present, all - taki the greatest.

Oskaronosnogo of a script writer of Aaron Sorkina, the founder as now it is accepted to name it, " The Newsroom " It is possible to name without exaggeration one of the main American propagandists. Even its treatment for the cocaine dependence which have finished in 2001 before arrest, became the certificate not to adherence bad, and steadfastness on a way to correction. (By the way, he now scripts for Steve Jobs`s who has become after death unconditional new " biopic; the American hero ".)

But the main achievement of Sorkina in this sense a serial " The West Wing " (the Western wing a wing of the White house where administration offices are located, including, for example, the Oval office) which went with 1999 - go on 2006 - j, has received three " the Gold globe " twenty six " Emmi " also it was extremely popular especially first four seasons which were completely written almost by Sorkin.

About " The West Wing " it is considered to be that this serial has entered a fashion for work " in the politician " and partly from - for it in present commands of congressmen and senators so it is a lot of young men about thirty: they looked this serial teenagers and, accordingly, with it were excited. About these " Chads West Wing " not so long ago has written magazine Vanity Fair Among other in this article the young employee of a staff of Obama, so describing impression of one of the brightest pre-election speeches of the cartridge is quoted: " It was just as in West Wing ".

Roughly speaking, " The West Wing " has destroyed representation that the politician it something though also important, but boring and by definition the dirty: television children from the Western wing have been abrupt, carried away and idealistically betrayed to the native land.

Sorkin was not too lazy to formulate a problem of the new serial for us a mouth of the hero who has begun to see clearly under the influence of new prodjusershi (it here a romantic line its former bride). Will Makevoj on air promises to spectators that henceforth its program will be based not on " insinuations, gamble and hyperboles " and it is exclusive on the facts submitted in a human context. " Because there is nothing more important for democracy, than well informed electorate ".

the American journalism, especially television, dezhurno accuse of a manipulation public opinion, reckless ministering to ratings and professionalism loss (in radio " to an oath " Makevoja these charges are listed: incorrect reports on results of elections, inflation of fears before terrorist threat, blindness and calmness on the eve of the financial crisis which has expelled from houses of thousand of Americans). In a television movie this Sorkina " the patient " journalism treat directly before our eyes, return to truly American sources, to values of such great journalists, as " the defeated McCarthyism " Edward Merrou and " stopped war in Vietnam " Uolter Kronkajt (documentary shots with them for descriptive reasons appear in a caption).

Basically to give to spectators hope that business becomes and kindly already on a march, with all its defects it is completely not necessary to change existing telejournalism it is enough to show here such serial. In understanding of it (and, certainly, in ability to execute) force of Aaron Sorkina and, partly, the American media industry standing up for by it. Basically, Konstantin Ernest and Oleg Dobrodeyev with their media empires incorporated in the power and for a long time already information programs not calling any trust could to try use foreign experience and to make something similar. Though is not present, at them precisely it will not turn out.