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Fairy tales of the Finnish wood

the biggest art centre of Finland is at all in Helsinki, and almost on the border with Russia in lake to edge near Savonlinny. What the Russian tourists do not guess at all, which else can reach to otkrytochnoj by sight the Swedish strong hold of Olavinlinna, but do not call in in Punkaharju where in enormous man-made underground caves have settled down exhibition and concert halls of art centre Retretti. This summer in Retretti it is necessary to go for the sake of two exhibitions. One is devoted the Finnish expressionists with Tjuko Sallinenom at the head, another to their contemporary, the adherent and times the drinking companion, the artist on which books all Finland has grown. And it not Tove Jansson. Speeches goes about the first serious exhibition devoted to Finnish classic Rudolf Kojvu (1890 - 1946). Its future Finnish classic Alexander Rajhshtejn, in the past the Muscovite and too the book illustrator, and now and #150 has made; Main in Suomi (that is officially supported by State award of Finland recently handed over to it) the expert in interactive and hi-tech installations for children and not lost children`s gift of art perception of adults.

Rudolf Kojvu`s biographers involuntarily get off on intonation of real storytellers. He was born on the eve of Christmas, and Christmas pictures all these captivated skiers who are conducted on winter wood by the advent star, and Jolupukki who soar under clouds by planes - whatnots and sigajut with a parachute downwards, will minister to it an income reliable source all life. Was born in Petersburg in a family of turner Hejkki Kojvunena (the artistic name to Kojvu that on - finski means " a birch " it takes, when begins to study as the artist), arrived, as well as thousand its compatriots, in capital on earnings. Experts see in royal palaces and magic castles that in Rudolf Kojvu`s books, lines of the Petersburg architecture which just during a time of its childhood was fond of fairy tales of northern modernist style then begin so more often to appear, has piled on houses of bastions and turrets, has adjusted peaked roofs and has dissolved a uniform bestiary on facades. However, maybe, these palaces and locks only a respect tribute to the Russian ballet, which already adult Rudolf Kojvu so passionately loved. When to it was five years, his father has died of a tuberculosis. Mother had to go in the laundress, soon she too has fallen ill and has died. Thirteen years old it remained the round orphan in another`s city, and it was sheltered by the extended family, chimney sweep Hartikajnen (the cheerful chimney sweep one of Rudolf Kojvu`s firm characters). As to it was at another`s people it is not known. Here biographers - to storytellers need to tell sentimental stories about the boy who is covering with fantastic drawings any piece of paper and standing for hours in a bench before dorogushchimi by books with bilibinskimi by pictures (Ivan Bilibina`s influence and truth very considerably at Rudolf Kojvu). Anyhow, but a year it has gone later to the native grandmother living in small town Tjurvjaja nearby to Tampere. Has gone on foot, through wood both #150; and this fantastic wood, both terrible, and bewitching, becomes a scene of action in which Rudolf Kojvu`s performances are played more often. As well as it is necessary in terrible northern fairy tales, the happiness lasted not for long: a year later has died and the favourite grandmother. In general, 16 - the summer young man we find already in Helsinki the boy on pobegushkah at one illustrated satirical magazine. In Helsinki, actually, also there comes the happy end of this sad story: Directly in the street bellboy Rudolf meets God, the woman formed and well-founded which, having learnt about misadventures and talent of the godson, has sheltered it at itself and has given money for training at drawing school of the Art society of Finland (the future Academy of Arts).

boring enough and ordinary history Here begins. Great Hugo Simberg, its messmates and #150 was its teacher; all colour of the Finnish avant-guard, but he could not partake pleasures of bohemian life almost. He dreamt of painting and subsequently even worked with all the avangardno - the bohemian company over frescos at National theatre in Helsinki, but fed its gift of the schedule. The craft of the illustrator demanded constant laborious work: circulations were insignificant, as well as independent Finland, and fees are proportional to circulations. It worked nonstop, drew for all From comic magazines to abc-books, but, of course, fairy tales were its main happiness and a damnation. Brothers the Grimm, Andersen, Charles Perro, " One thousand and one night " Topelius, Raul Rojne the close friend, the companion and, Rudolf Kojvu`s probably, greatest love. The high bony mister continually appearing in its illustrations, for example as the artful minister behind a shoulder good-natured tolstopuzogo the king in which image the artist has represented, naturally, itself. Rudolf Kojvu has not left fellow-heirs thousand drawings have appeared are scattered on thousand publishing houses.

it was possible to Alexander Rajhshtejnu naskresti on publishing archives more Rudolf Kojvu`s two hundred originals, and already one it would be enough for an exhibition - sensations. But Alexander Rajhshtejn would not be by itself if has not transformed an exhibition into total installation as though Rudolf Kojvu`s all illustrations have grown together in one huge book - a folding bed or have developed in scenery to one performance. You appear in the magic labyrinth consisting of translucent prints with repeatedly increased motives kojvuskoj schedules, what operation can subject only those (present) artists of the book that remember its architectural nature. And in the beginning, like Rudolf Kojvu`s characters, long wander on wood, winter, summer, teeming with trolls, leshimi, gnomes, witches and elfami. Then leave on seacoast in which waters video mermaids and video water frolic, and sea bowls if to bring them to an ear, tell fairy tales. On other coast the lock which in actual fact appears theatre is seen, and in it too it is possible to get to try on on itself any fantastic role Though orphans, though king that Rudolf Kojvu has played lives and in art.

" on that party of a reality. Rudolf Kojvu`s fantastic world ". Art centre Retretti, till August, 28th