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The premiere of the new budget

power Change at Salzburg festival has occurred, it is possible to tell, just: 64 - summer Alexander Perejra, throughout ten previous years heading the Zurich opera, has officially entered a post from the beginning of a current season. But already has had time to threaten that will not be late, if only the festival board of trustees does not meet it.

On a surface in this collision which exod of the party have promised to define one of these days, questions not creative, but financial. And more political though policy presence here is shown not so ingenuously as in our corner of the world where loyal citizens demand from the authorities to forbid opera performances, and more oposredovanno in discussions about volume of state financing of festival. Though last and earns not bad (last year hardly less half of its budget have made incomes of tickets), but without grants and to it not to manage. The appreciable increase in the budget - 2012 has passed smoothly, and here when Pereira has asked to add some more millions to the budget of next year, the board of trustees has turned obstinate: the markets, a leah know, are astable - with.

Itself Pereira, it is necessary to recognise, eloquently enough explains, why it is necessary for it of more money, than to its predecessors. Look at festivals of last years, he speaks. 2010: four new opera statements, two renewal. 2011: three prime ministers, three renewal. Renewing last performances, festival, clear business, saves, because the prices grow year from a year but if to continue in the same spirit, without increasing the budget in due course supposedly on a broader scale it is necessary to refuse new statements.

instead the new quartermaster suggests to refuse repetitions of last year`s statements And to show every summer exclusively new performances, because only such beskompromissnost to the person to the main musical festival of the world. That is this year opera premieres will be not three and not four, but six. If to consider together with a premiere of one-and-a-half freshness (" JUliem Caesar " Handel whom for the first time have shown in the end of May, on Pfingstfestspiele), and at all seven. Moreover two operas in concert execution " Tamerlan " Handel from Plasido Domingo and " the Tsar - the shepherd " Mozart with Rolando Viljasonom.

Planck it is high, but, on the other hand, in what in what, and it is difficult to doubt Alexander Perejry`s management grasp. It is enough to look at the program of present festival to be convinced that casual decisions at it do not happen. All loud events are accurately distributed under the festival schedule that even those who will arrive to Salzburg more close to the ending, did not have a sensation shapochnogo analysis. Annually the festival will show the world premiere of a modern opera; this year, truth, have not kept up, but as comfort for judges of contemporary history of a genre have chosen one of the most famous operas of second half of XX-th century, " the Soldier " Bernd Aloisa Cimmerman (1958) which will be put now in Salzburg by Alvis Hermanis.

General public too as though not in offence in the premiere poster " Bohemias " and " Carmen " things so repertuarnyh that in their Salzburg is a lot of years even as - that hesitated to put. Riharda Strauss pochtjat " Ariadnoj on Naxos " the main Salzburg native, without which and festival not festival, the next statement " the Magic flute ". At last, the sixth premiere on - to the the most unexpected. It is a lot of a little opera sequel " the Magic flute ". Can present to itself? New adventures of Tamino and Paminy! Papageno reunites with the lost family! The tsarina of Night strikes last blow! And it not the creation of any today`s church robber, and product with most that on is a respectable family tree. Only the little-known. The librettist " the Magic flute " Emanuel Shikaneder in some years after Mozart`s death has personally written the libretto - continuation under a little loud name " the Labyrinth, or Struggle against elements " and composer Peter a background of Vinter then has set it to music.

how much all it will be in a revolutionary way in theatrical sense, to predict difficult. Loud performing names though take away in " to Bohemia " Anna Netrebko and Peter Bechala, in " are promised; Carmen " Magdalena Kozhena and Jonas Kaufman, and from conductors are involved, say, sir Sajmon Rettl (" Carmen "), Nikolaus Arnonkur (" the Magic flute ") Deniel Harding (" Ariadna on Naxos ") . It is poorly so loud and invocatory director`s names; Alexander Perejra, apparently, prefers to stake on the checked up shots, and almost all directors of this year are united only by that they with different success worked with it in Zurich.

at it is underlined ambitious opera plans as - that sekvestrirovat the concert poster, apparently, nobody gathers. Here at least the same level, as usually: from orchestras Berlin filarmoniki with Sajmonom Rettlom, the London symphonic orchestra with Valery Gergiev, Concertgebouw with Marisom Jansonsom, an orchestra of a La Scala with Daniel Barenbojmom, the Israeli philharmonic orchestra with Zubinom Meta, Leipzig Gewandhausorchester with Rikkardo Shaji, from soloists pianists of Andrash Shiff, Mjurrej Perajja, Christian Cimmerman, singers Mattias Gerne, Juan Diego Flores, Thomas Hempson. But also in the concert program the fresh quartermaster all - taki has added the new conceptual block. Henceforth the festival will open a train of concerts which is designated as " Ouverture spirituelle " (" the Spiritual overture ") also it is devoted, accordingly, to a sacred music. Some politically correct quota christless konfessionalnyh traditions (the next year and #150 is promised; the Buddhism, this year a Judaism), but a great bulk of this " overtures " will make more habitual concert repertoire from baroque to romanticism. And with an obvious bias in the local, Salzburg past up to touching museum gestures: so, motsartovskaja " Missa longa " will sound on management of Nikolausa Arnonkura in the city cathedral which interior in view of that will decorate with the same giant gobelins that were used for such purposes in a XVIII-th century.

Salzburg, on July, 20th on September, 2nd