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Electronic democracy is taken under management

President Vladimir Putin has created new management on application of information technologies and development of electronic democracy. Sources " " in the Kremlin do not exclude that will supervise management the assistant to the president Igor Schegolev. It not last innovation in the Kremlin administration.
on Saturday Vladimir Putin has created new, the fourth under the bill, presidential management on application of information technologies and development of electronic democracy. In the decree yet it is not told about the one who will head or will supervise new management, position about it is not confirmed also. It is entrusted to head of presidential administration Sergey Ivanov to submit for approval all necessary projects of documents in a month.

than new management
Sources " will be occupied; " Do not exclude that in problems of new management will enter not only introduction into work of presidential structures of mechanisms of electronic democracy, but also interaction with structures of system created in the government " the Open government " (advisory council at the prime minister and the governmental commission) which work is supervised by the minister of communications with " the Open government " Michael Abyzov. To create in the country mechanisms of electronic democracy Vladimir Putin has charged to the government in one of the first decrees from May, 7th " About the basic directions of perfection of system of the government ". Decree positions were based on recommendations of the total report created in February under the direction of mister Ivanov of working group on system creation " the Open government ". One of report parts just also has been devoted system start " the Open government " Including to mechanisms of electronic democracy and them IT - to maintenance.

the decree from May, 7th has given to the government about 30 commissions on construction of system of electronic democracy. So, till September, 1st, 2012 the government should create a resource where federal authorities will be obliged to carry out public consultations of citizens under preparing bills and decisions on the Internet and to place data on results of consultations. Since April, 15th, 2013 this resource should provide technical possibilities for " public representation of offers of citizens " within the limits of the concept of the public initiative which the government should confirm till September, 1st, 2012. According to the concept, the government will be obliged to consider the offers, got support not less than 100 thousand citizens, within one year after their study by advisory council, both chambers of parliament and business - community. In the same decree it is said and that till July, 15th, 2013 for citizens the unified access to information resources of authorities should be provided through the Internet. And till January, 1st, 2013 the government should introduce in the State Duma the bill of criteria and an order of an estimation citizens of work of heads of authorities at all levels.

on Friday mister Abyzov personally checked readiness of citizens of Russia for the Internet - to democracy and participation in system " the Open government ". At a meeting with 500 area managers of the Savings Bank where the minister explained, how through system " the Open government " citizens have an opportunity to participate in state administration improvement of quality, poll actually about the relation to the Internet - democracies has been spent. It has shown that 65 % of managers of the Savings Bank positively concern system " the Open government " though 53 % yet very much understand, what is it. To participate in system of electronic democracy following the results of a meeting has wanted 83 % of managers of the Savings Bank.

this innovation not the last
Sources " " close to Presidential Administration, do not doubt that will supervise new management the former Minister of Communications and mass communications, and nowadays the assistant to the president Igor Schegolev. We will remind, " " in number from June, 21st wrote that it remained last of the former ministers assistants to the president which has not received kuratorstva over any presidential management. After creation of new management the Presidential Administration structure has found symmetry. Each of assistants to the president has received the division in a management. As a whole in Presidential Administration now 18 managements. Their hardware weight and number are not unified. For example, in management of internal policy of the president of 150 established posts (supervises the first zamglavy administrations Vyacheslav Volodin), in expert management (the assistant to the president Elvira Nabiullina) 30 - 40 persons, in management on work with the State Council (the assistant to the president Yury Trutnev) 23, in management on science and education (the assistant to the president Andrey Fursenko) 15.

However, at steadfast studying funktsionala an administrative board of the Kremlin non-standard decisions are found out also. For example, the first zamglavy Presidential Administration Alexey Gromov directly does not supervise over any of two managements in sphere of an information policy (according to positions about management a press - services and information and on Communications Department and communications, " the general management " both carries out zamglavy administrations, a press - the secretary of the president Dmitry Peskov). However both managements " Provide activity of the first deputy of the head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, co-ordinating work on organizational and it is information - to analytical maintenance of activity of the president of the Russian Federation concerning the information policy, and a deputy head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation a press - the secretary of the president of the Russian Federation ".

Under data " " some time ago the head of the Kremlin administration as staff unification had been let out the order about restriction of the maximum number of departments of Presidential Administration. However, it does not prevent to create new departments. So, the department under international relations in management of internal policy of the president which will provide activity of the June of the Presidential Council created in the beginning under international relations in the near future should be created.

it is not excluded that one of the most probable candidates on a management of department the protege of head UVP Oleg Morozova Mihail Vasilev, heading secretary of mister Morozova in its work vitse - the speaker of the State Duma. Mister Vasilev was the deputy of the State Duma of the first convocation, worked in committee on local government. Yesterday it was inaccessible to comments. After the department will be generated, it will start preparation of the first session of advice on international relations at the president (president Vladimir Putin has spent a meeting with separate councillors right after the decree about its formation). As has explained " " one of the informed representatives of the Kremlin, advice session will pass in the next one and a half month, however, while the concept of international relations will not be brought in its summons till 2020 which to advice Vladimir Putin has charged to create. Term of its creation till the end of the year.