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" I Think, the European colleagues understand that have committed an error. They should listen to a voice of Kyrgyzstan, a voice of the president and the republic people " - has underlined Kurmanbek Bakiev. Nevertheless he has underlined that with the West the conclusion of air base will not spoil relations. He has noticed that any political disagreements between KR, the United States and the European Union are not present.


" Till now the USA and the European Union supported our country in democratic and economic reforms, - has underlined Kurmanbek Bakiev. - Kyrgyzstan, in turn, supports them ".


President KR has reminded that the question on an air base conclusion is not " the chaotic decision ". The Kirghiz party, has noted Kurmanbek Bakiev, earlier repeatedly brought up a question on rent increase, demanded to finish investigation of murder of citizen KR of Alexander Ivanov, to resolve other problems, including the ecological. But to opinion of Kyrgyzstan the western partners have not listened. " how much it is possible to ignore us? - The president of Kyrgyzstan has asked a question. - we - the independent sovereign state also should respect ourselves ".


Kurmanbek Bakiev also has noticed that Kyrgyzstan will continue to co-operate with existing partners. Including with the adjacent states, Russia and the West countries.

In Volgograd free dating service

In Norway at parcel opening two postmen

In failure in the centre of Murmansk three northerners

The inhabitant of Apatity have denounced for 11 years for drugs and the weapon

" If money from travel cards gets to carriers cannot, what sense to go free of charge? "

Tyumen « Gazovik » will play in Kazakhstan

The Office of Public Prosecutor of Dnestr region struggles with debts under the salary

" I like to speak directly, therefore I will tell that I will go on elections, - the president of Kyrgyzstan has underlined. - the constitution grants to me this right. I think, it needs to be used. I have a right to 2 terms, and I will fulfil them ".


the President of Kyrgyzstan believes that elections of the head of republic should take place in 2010. However, as he said, it knows that a number of politicians were converted into the Constitutional court, believing that presidential elections should take place in the autumn of 2009.


" As the guarantor of the Constitution, I should follow the Organic law, - has noted Kurmanbek Bakiev. - If the Constitutional court will decide that elections should pass in 2009 - m, I will obey to it. For me as the president not important, a leah will be worked by me year less ".


the President of Kyrgyzstan has assured that does not intend to manipulate in any image the Organic law. It has reminded that before change in the Constitution were used to prolong a term of appointment of the previous head of the state. Kurmanbek Bakiev guarantees that in its case of the similar will not occur, not important, any changes will be made to the Constitution.


the Head of the state also has noticed that in Kyrgyzstan " it is a lot of people, worthy to be the president ". " At us not one - two persons, and a lot of such, - was underlined by the head of the state. - but their surnames I will not name ".


According to president KR, as a whole it while is satisfied by results of the work. Thus he has noticed that 2008 was stable in the political plan. It, in his opinion, has allowed to save positive tendencies in economy, despite world shocks.

In the Samara region there has passed the All-Russia cross-country

Tyumen « Outpost » will take the oath

The chief « Naftogaza » the bilateral pressure which has terminated in emergency hospitalisation, head " can retire

To the Tyumen schoolboys will show « the First love »

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have rescued on the Kurshsky gulf of the bicyclist

Volgogradka Elena Isinbaeva has put a world record. Twice!

About destiny of Petersburg dolphins - hostages the heads of Utrishsky nursery becomes known in a week

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Belarus: " My country - not the bankrupt "

Nikolay VALUEV: " Crisis brakes my affairs "

Inoculations from kleshchevogo entsefalita jaroslavtsy can already do now

Business of Politkovskaya: the lawyer has accused the public prosecutor in « shade prompting on a wattle fence »

To Kirkorov in Penza have presented wine and a balloon

" Alexander Grigorevich! A leah you how there passed service at participants of operations in Afghanistan know? "

Accusation of the deputy chief of department of criminal investigation department of the Department of Internal Affairs is brought with Tula on the Central area

Today at session of the government Minister of economic development and trade Akylbek Zhaparov has declared that are now analyzed " possible consequences of devaluation " on the Kirghiz economy. Taking into account this document, it has continued, MERT, probably, it is necessary to correct forecasts of macroeconomic development, and also the budget. The analysis of devaluation of what currency (a catfish or tenge) means, Akylbek Zhaparov has not specified.


Earlier it was informed that tenge devaluation last week has called an agiotage in the currency market of Bishkek. The course of a catfish in relation to dollar rose to a parity 45:1. Then decreased to 42:1. According to the data of National bank, the volume of the interbank currency auctions has made on February, 4th $16 million 150 thousand, on February, 5th - $12 million 500 thousand, on February, 9th - $5 million 500 thousand, on February, 10th - $1 million 900 thousand. From the beginning of 2009 it has exceeded $100 million.    


According to the data news agency " 24. kg " , now in Natsbank and Ministry of economic development and trade is considered possibility to release a course of a catfish by carrying out of devaluation or in another way. Introduction of restrictions of volume of currency interventions is not excluded also.


According to interlocutors news agency " 24. kg " in commercial banks, currency interventions are dangerous that can lead to that businessmen will cease to trust banks. As they said, " actually the agiotage was created by exchange bureaus as at devaluation of tenge they had rather considerable losses. It have started to get out, buying for tenge catfishes, and on catfishes - dollars. And even have not bad earned on it, completely having beaten off the losses. The situation is complicated by that dollars which are thrown out on the market by Natsbank, all the same leave to Kazakhstan. Kyrgyzstan the actions supports neighbouring country economy ".


Interlocutors news agency " 24. kg " do not exclude that the situation can result in a stop of the industrial enterprises, the further decrease in a consumer demand, and also reorientation of economy to import as export becomes unprofitable from - for current currency politicians.

More than 10 thousand persons have taken part in " to the Ski track of Russia " in Syktyvkar

In Irkutsk have chosen the most beautiful student

In Irkutsk on February, 25th will open « Zimniada - 2009 »

« Faina » will arrive to Kenyan port only tomorrow

Medvedev: Evo Morales Arrival to Moscow - historical event

The prices for medicines in the Ulyanovsk region can decrease on 20 %

The deputy of the Swedish parliament has helped the leader of the Belarus opposition to leave on freedom

In Average Ural Mountains 15 - the summer girl has beaten the sixth-grader and has removed it on a mobile phone

In Irkutsk to the airport from - for a frost the plane

In Iraq have missed tens billions dollars

Under its data, for 2008 population of Kyrgyzstan has grown for 1 percent. In the next Tajikistan, for comparison, this indicator has made 2,2 percent and it is considered the highest in Commonwealth. In Kazakhstan the number of inhabitants has increased by 1,3 percent, in Uzbekistan - for 1,5 percent.


In Russia and the states of the European part of the post-Soviet territory, at the same time, population continues to decrease. In the Russian Federation in 2008 the number of inhabitants has decreased for 0,15 percent, in Belarus - for 0,2 percent, in Ukraine - for 0,5 percent, in Moldova - for 0,1 percent.


Economically active population as it is marked, in 2008 on the average on Commonwealth, as well as last year, has made about half of aggregate number of inhabitants. Last months 2008 in a number of the countries there was a growth of number of the unemployed and number of the occupied has decreased.

Among inhabitants of Irkutsk suffered from frosts there is

Police officers of Tula: « the Companies which are beating out debts for banks, have no right to describe property »

Inhabitants of Volgograd suffer affliction from invasion of bats

The authorities of Norway will reconsider the decision which allows Moslems - to policemen to carry hidzhab

Heads Petersburg ZHSK raised money for nonexistent building

In the Kemerovo state university have chosen the most beautiful girl

On the Open day IzhGTU were visited by 700 persons

Trolley buses in Irkutsk will approach strictly on time

In Nizhni Novgorod the swindler obokral the militiaman who has detained him

For participants " Ski tracks of Russia " will organise additional electric trains

In Kachugsky area of the Irkutsk region has completely burnt down building OVD

On Altai employees of departmental protection have appropriated travellers

Three Chelyabinsk athletes will go on the European championship

Isinbaeva Lena Isinbaeva took 5 metres and 128 "squares"

" Frank resistance of officials is expressed in inactivity, - Igor Chudinov considers. - At them what position? That for their inactivity no responsibility will exist ". As he said, the Ministry of the industry, power and fuel resources, Social fund and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs have executed the program of actions for 2008 only last week though should finish in the end of December.


As Igor Chudinov has noted, the similar situation is observed with reduction of licences. " Many state bodies simply have not given any offers on their liquidation. I understand that they can prove necessity of each document. But I want to warn that if they will not pass further the analysis reguljatornogo influence (ARV), responsibility for it will be born directly by heads of the ministries and departments " - the prime minister - the minister speaks.