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On 1000 citizens of Kazan now it is necessary the capital of Tatarstan zanimaetpochetnoe the second place (conceding superiority to Moscow) is necessary more than 8000 kvadratnyhmetrov to a floor space and on this parity. And itself shopping , especially during total sales, became for many of us means otplohogo moods. But, as has shown our poll, every second the citizen of Kazan anyhow became zhertvojrabotnikov trade. Thus , only everyone the tenth is converted into judicial bodies. And in vain, as a rule, - workers of a Themis support the buyer.

- For nine months of this year to us has arrived more tysjachipismennyh and oral references citizens of Kazan and gostejstolitsy. Frequently consumers do not know the legitimate rights, to it ipolzujutsja unfair dealers, - has informed the deputy chief of department of Protection of the rights of consumers of Management Rospotrebnadzora across Tatarstan to Marat ZAJNULLIN. - Nashasluzhba is always glad to help with the decision of problems, we daily spend kakplanovye, and not planned (under the statement of the dissatisfied buyer) checks. Apokupateljam we advise more attentively to consider marks on the goods. Narynkah cities to use control scales, to pay attention on working life and production storage conditions.

By the way

On what more often vsegozhalujutsja citizens of Kazan :

- Footwear (claims to shops and repair services) (47процентов)

- Mobile phones. The range of complaints is great: from sale bu phone under the pretext of new before banal breakages. (28процентов)

- Home appliances. Questions on quality and repair (19процентов)

- Doors and windows. Terms, quality of manufacturing and installation (installation) (5 percent)

- other - 1 percent.


How to defend the rights and what to respond sellers (razbiraemzvonki readers with experts)

What`s happened

Dodges of sellers

As actually

Zulfija only has found out houses that the underwear got on Moscow the market of Kazan has defect .

" It the goods are not subject to return and an exchange " - Sellers speak and thrust to you under nose the list where it is in black and white specified " underwear "

Yes, actually such list exists. But it is applied only in that case, if the buyer does not have claims to quality of purchase.

At Ilfata G has broken a teapot bought in one from supermarkets cities. And the check , confirming purchase, is lost .

In shop at you look regretfully and speak

- we are glad to help, but without the check we can not.

Not only can, but also are obliged! Absence at you the cash voucher is not the basis for refusal .

to get in time for work, Simeon to Shirazdanovu had to resort to the help of the Ministry of Emergency Measures - has jammed the door-lock. As a result - the new door is unwrapped.

the Firm accuses you of infringement of service regulations and forces to make examination .

In guarantee action the seller is obliged to make examination at own expense . You have the right to participate in goods quality check.

Fail aby after detection in own refrigerator an essential lack has not wanted to be limited to repair and has demanded to change model or to return money.

the Seller asserts that in their shop goods replacement does not practise. They can offer only repair.

As though not so! Only you are free to choose the variant most comprehensible to: repair, money or an exchange for the similar goods.

At 55 - summer Alfii apy has failed the washing machine, and the warranty period has already expired. the Woman is assured that the car initially was poor-quality.

In shop only make a helpless gesture: guarantee period has expired!

Dared go to the independent expert if to come to light that the reason in a spoilage in production the seller is obliged to compensate to you both purchase cost, and expenses on examination.

the Mobile phone got by the inhabitant of settlement Karatun Apastovsky of area in a network of salons of mobile communication of Kazan, has died. The warranty period did not leave. Examination has shown - marriage.

the mobile communication Salon has suggested to repair phone. Has passed 3 months …. It was necessary to get new a mobile phone .

In - the first, for repair at the customer`s request should give other device. a repair Expiry date makes a reservation in the dress, only quite often are specified by small print.

In shop Diljare seemed that these charming boots, just that she searched so a long time. Only it was found out at home that the new footwear does not approach under its clothes.

the Seller refuses to accept the goods back in spite of the fact that the footwear was not in a sock, and from the moment of its purchase has not passed 14 - and days

- the Only thing that we can make for you is to take on realisation. If on these boots there will be a buyer we will return you money.

the Shop is obliged to return you money within 10 days .

take good note

Where to complain?

If the artful seller and after the link to the law continues to persist, abs are firmly assured that truth on your party, complain!

Management Rospotrebnadzora across Tatarstan - (843) 238 - 98 - 54, ulitsab. Red, 30

Gosalkogolinspektsija republics - (843) 278 - 92 - 00, street H Taktash , 94

Esline will turn out to solve a question, safely defend the rights in court. For this purpose vamnuzhno to write the application and to put to it all documents available for you (checks, results of examination, the letter - the claim to shop).

That irritates with Mezhdutem citizens of Kazan vprodavtsah:

1. Roughness and indifference . When workers magazinarabotajut by a principle: " it is a lot of you, and jaodna ".

2. Dishonesty. These sellers are guided by the motto: " you will not deceive, neprozhivesh ".

3. Persistence . These adhere to a rule: " Bezpokupki you will not leave! ".

How correctly to spend last days fast

Garik from " Inveterate swindlers " has got divorced from wife


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Saturday, Voskresene*

15 - 30

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* operates till November, 7th of this year.


Attention! In the schedule rechporta vozmozhnyizmenenija. Specify a departure time you can in help river port.

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