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The Kazan fans have maleficiated Vajssa

On the rivers of Tatarstan spawning

In a city there will be sisters of mercy

Let`s go to cinema!

It is possible to complain of careless drivers by phone

The mayor of Kazan, working as a rake, told jokes

Kazan will accept the University game - 2013?

" the Dynamo " to the UNIX not the rival

To citizens of Kazan suggest to put on free of charge

" Such malfunctions with " the Yak " in Russia yet done not happen! "

Inhabitant Judino militiamen tortured two days

In Kazan have again killed the child

On the ending " Minutes of glory " the citizen of Kazan will show doll circus

Leah from Perm the teenager could reach Moscow in a plane wing?

More than 10 years stored in Kazan of Yeltsin`s fusion

The cup of Russia goes to Moscow

Treatment is defined by the doctor

In Kazan close streets

By May, 15th will finish jamochnyj repair of federal lines

In Cheboksary will organise photo-exhibition of memory of the first president

In Kazan bread

In Kazan and Cheboksary close " Ramstor "

Tatarstansky militiamen have found a treasure

Since October the quantity of airlines will increase

From Kazan to Moscow additional trains

On May, 1st in Kazan and Cheboksary will earn fountains

In Kazan there was a squirrel

The seventh-grader has broken lessons because has overslept in school

On Tuesday the centre of Kazan will block

The citizen of Kazan wanted to upset marriage of the daughter by means of the piano?

In Kazan splash in a suicide and crimes

The house in the country: luxury or accessible habitation?

The English prince in Kazan has gone on the market

Family rest

Phones of services of the Kirov area

How the Kirov area this year will change?

When in Kirovsk area will take down shabby habitation?

Alexander Evgenievich Sergeev responds to the questions of the readers which have come in advance on electronic mail and by phone

Princess Leja has presented to a zoo of young lions

On a place " Akcharlaka " will erect a skyscraper

In the centre of Kazan on May, 1st it is better not to be put

" to the House - 2 " rowdies

Casually having killed the wife, the citizen of Kazan from a grief was shot

Across Kazan three years the maniac

From Garden

7. 30

10. 00

15. 00

16. 30

17. 30

19. 30


7. 00

9. 40

12. 10

17. 10

18. 40

19. 40

8. 25

10. 55

15. 55

17. 25

18. 25

20. 25


6. 25

8. 55

11. 25

16. 25

17. 00

16. 00

17. 30

18. 30

20. 30


6. 00

8. 40

11. 10

16. 10

17. 40

18. 40

With 28. 04 on 30. 09 daily

With 29. 04 on 03. 06 sub. vos., with 04. 06 on 02. 09 ezhed., with 03. 09 on 21. 10 sub. Wax wax.

With 29. 04 on 03. 06. 21. 10 sub. vos., with 04. 06 on 02. 09 ezhed., with 03. 09. On 21. 10 sub., vos

With 17. 09. On 30. 09 ezhed

With 28. 04 on 16. 09 ezhed

With 01. 06 on 02. 09 heels, vos

With 02. 06 on 03. 09 sub, pon

With 28. 04 on 30. 09 daily

With 29. 04 on 03. 06 sub, vos., with 04. 06 on 02. 09. ezhed. With 03. 09 on 21. 10 sub. Wax

With 29. vos

With 17. 09. On 30. 09 ezhed

With 28. 04 on 16. 09 ezhed

On a note

Who can go by river transport free of charge?

  • to the Rehabilitated citizens, the citizens recognised suffered from political repressions
  • to Children - to orphans and the children without parental support trained in educational establishments (except for federal institutions)

the Discount of 50 percent is necessary:

  • to invalids and participants of the Second World War and members of their families;
  • to veterans of operations and members of their families;
  • to the persons awarded by a sign " to the Inhabitant of blockade Leningrad ";
  • to members of families of victims in the Second World War;
  • to persons from staff of groups of self-defence obektovyh and crash teams local protivozdushnoj defences, and also to members of families of the lost workers of hospitals and hospitals of Leningrad;
  • the military man, including transferred to the reserve (resignation), passing military service in military units, establishments, military - the educational institutions which were not a part of field army, during the period since June, 22nd 1941 on September, 3rd, 1945 not less than six months; to the military men awarded by orders or medals of the USSR for service during the specified period;
  • to the persons working in the Second World War on objects of antiaircraft defence, local antiaircraft defence, on building of defensive works, military - sea bases, airdromes and other objects;
  • to invalids;
  • to children - to invalids;
  • to the persons accompanying invalids (having restriction 3 - j degrees) and children - invalids;
  • to the former minor prisoners of concentration camps, a ghetto and other similar places created in the Second World War;
  • to persons, podvergshimsja to influence of radiation owing to accident on the Chernobyl atomic power station, nuclear tests for Semipalatinsk range, failure on ON " the Beacon " and dumps of a radioactive waste in the river of Techu, to citizens from extra risk divisions;
  • to the persons who have worked in back during the period since June, 22nd 1941 on May, 9th, 1945;
  • to veterans of work;
  • to the persons awarded by state awards RT and receiving pension.

(is more detailed about preferential categories the Decision of Cabinet RT from May, 11th, 2005 209 see.)
At purchase of the ticket do not forget to show the document granting the right to a privilege.

The captain " Synthesis " Irek Zinnurov:
Sometimes I think: now I will collapse!

In Kazan have replaced the head of the Soviet area

The new routeing scheme will enter in July

Heating will include on Monday, on October, 1st

New routes have already appeared at the airport and on road service station