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Uverennostv tomorrow`s dnemozhno to buy

We conclude dogovors COOPERATIVE SOCIETY

We choose mebeldlja the NURSERY

Holy water will help Hazovu to avoid traumas

Sergey Konnovu is threatened with 10 years

And to you is for what to give thanks to doctors?

Yaroslavtsev ostavjatbez red wine?!

Ice glybaedva not unichtozhilamashinu pensioneraevgenija KULIKOVA

What it is better nastolnyjpk or the laptop?

Qualitative tovarydeshevymi do not happen

You buy find fault - flew - know the rights!

On walk two dogs? The basis for fight!

Rat - fokusnitsa

From a head of the suicide doctors have taken a bullet through a nose

Guskov does not autograph with envy to Ruslanovoj?

Increase svoisberezhenija

Savings luchshedoverit

The Yaroslavl fans cried in Day of laughter

Apartments on credit become cheaper!

Schoolboys ostavjatbez textbooks, and students without diplomas?

Who otvetitza advertising?

novosibirtsy sirens have not caught

The capture of Kazan has not taken place

Today in " to Arena - 2000 " there will be a notice

Vymerzlo? But there is a place

False pjatisotrublevkinavodnilijaroslavl

Gentle sirenivetki fragrant

That novenkogona exhibitions and the markets

We choose a sofa... In the DRAWING ROOM

That with it to do

the Certificate on the state check in of the property right, the certificate on the property right, the state certificate or other document on the property right, given out by authority.

It is the most high-grade, so-called pravopodtverzhdajushchy the document: with it you can freely dispose of real estate, defend the rights, conclude transactions.

the Certificate of local authority about site granting in the property.

It is so-called pravoustanavlivajushchy the document. He guarantees your right to own and use real estate, i.e. the earth will not take away. But for the conclusion of transactions, including site transfer by right of succession, references to the court at dispute with neighbours or the authorities, the certificate on the state check in of the property right is required pravopodtverzhdajushchy the document. It is given out on the basis of the certificate available for you by Federal registration service (FRS).

the Certificate of local authority about site granting in constant (termless) using (PBP) or lifelong inherited possession (PNV); the certificate (the state certificate) about PBP or PNV.

For the free order a site (the conclusions of transactions, in t. ch. Inheritance) it is necessary to pass some stages: 1) in FRS make out the certificate on the state check in of the right available for you on a site; 2) on the basis of the received certificate make out in local government (district administration, the Village Soviet and etc.) Free privatisation of a site; 3) having received the certificate about transfer to you of a site in the property, again go in FRS and make out high-grade pravopodtverzhdajushchy the document the certificate on the state check in of the property right to yours not the personal property.

the Certificate on the right to the inheritance.

Pravoustanavlivajushchy the document guaranteeing your right to own and use by real estate. For fulfilment of transactions, etc. legally significant actions it is necessary to issue in FRS the certificate on state check in of the property right to a site. It is granted on the basis of certificates on the right to the inheritance.

the purchase and sale Contract, meny, donation or other transaction on transfer of a site to the property

Pravoustanavlivajushchy the document. For the free order a site it is necessary to show the contract in FRS and to issue the certificate on state check in of the property right to a site

We buy " clothes " for walls

Hockey huliganyustroili pogrom in Yaroslavl

In sanatorium under Gavrilov - Jamom have a rest both children and adults

Yaroslavl feathery nachaliprivivat from a bird flu

DeputatyjaroslavskojDumy povysilisebe okladyi premiine having offended at etomgubernatora

You will buy Mitsubishi Colt - you WILL HIT THE BULL`S EYE

Kostroma skinhedovpriznali nazis

Parents of Michael Paryginazhdut synaiz " Zones "

" SHinnik " prodolzhaetsduvatsja

provintsialampostupit is easier, than to Muscovites

I study on courses - means, I will arrive?

Not all jaroslavtsy ponjalitalantviktjuka

pomogitevernut the daughter!

Ivanovtsev ostavljajutbez electric metres

Walk and eshteshokolad

ENERGY is in full swing - SOON to GIVE birth

Where in Rossiiotdohnut and to undergo treatment

Ivan Solovovostavil in Rybinskeljubimuju the girl

When banks gotovynosit you on hands

I want today, I want now!