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The debtor tortured the iron for a debt in 500 roubles

The director " Thrown up " stalkriminalnymavtoritetom

The gipsy istselilazhitelnits Ljubimaot of love

Kakpodgotovitkoshkuk to travel

Thoroughbred : character, a beautiful skin

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In Jaroslavlena Easter pustjatdopolnitelnyeavtobusy

In Jaroslavlprivezut " the Octopus "

If zatopilopo the tomatoes...

We prepare for landing seeds and saplings

Where to call sobstvennikuzemli if there were problems?

Do not get the superfluous!

GOTOVIMiz the hunting trophies

How to defend the rights to the earth?

Tomorrow in Yaroslavl oblastiotkryvaetsja a hunting season

Press on weight!

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Kyshtovsky jeti: a genetic mutant or the newcomer from space? (2)

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Yaroslavl bjudzhetnikampribavili the salary

Children rescued all village

Henry : would prove that Chikatilone the criminal


Ford Fusion:Gorodsky dream

Russian & World News.

Russian & World News.

The SQUIRREL - the LEADER dog " gangs "

HIV - infected donorzaderzhan

For a free inoculation it was necessary to pay 700 roubles

From a mongrel it is possible sdelatporodistuju the DOG

Maria Poroshina viditmuzha only on dachei to a set

Career on credit

Good English - ON the LANGUAGE TIP!

In Yaroslavl already obnaruzhenyentsefalitnyekleshchi

In Kostroma oruduetlzhevodoprovodchik

Jaroslavna Natalia Asmolovamozhet to become " Miss " Maxim "

Where to cure samyekovarnye female illnesses

Sergey USTINOV, the liquidator of failure on : wives priezzhaliv infected Chernobylna excursion

" Museum spring 2006 "

in the Yaroslavl Art museum

on May, 18th - the International day of museums

on May, 18th - the Open day.

Welcome to expositions " Old Russian art XIII - XVII centuries " (the Volga quay, 1) and " Russian art XVIII - XX centuries " (the Volga quay, 23)

on May, 18th in 16. 00 - the Opening day " += " and Celebratory draw of a lottery under museum tickets

on May, 19th in 14. 00 - the Museum forum devoted to Day of museums and III to festival " Museum spring 2006 "

In the program:

- Computer presentation

" Significant projects of Museums of Yaroslavl region in 2005 "

- Delivery of reading and writing and letters of thanks from the Governor of Yaroslavl region and Department of culture and tourism of Administration of Yaroslavl region

- Delivery of letters of thanks to the Best sponsors of Museums from Board of directors

- the Exhibition of editions of Museums of Yaroslavl region of 2005

- the Opening day " Spring + the Museum = Love "

- Musical salon

on May, 20th 20. 00 - on May, 21st 01. 30 - the Action " Night of museums "

the Exposition " Russian art XVIII - XX centuries "

the Exhibition " += "

Performance, Music, Theatre

the Input free. The basic building of a museum the Governor`s house (the Volga quay, 23)

25 - on May, 28th 8 - j the All-Russia festival of museums " Intermuzej - 2006 "

Moscow, the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, pavilion 57

the Museum represents the project " Dom on Novinsky - the house of collective dream "

on May, 26th in 15. 00 on a festival scene the presentation Yaroslavl Art

" will take place; And at us in a museum - the Nail!. "

you always our welcome guests!

on May, 18th - the International day of museums!

an input on constant expositions the free!

we WAIT On a visit! We ACCEPT GIFTS!

For the first time in Yaroslavl!


the Free admission with 20. On May, 00 20 to 02. On May, 00 21!

the Constant exposition " Russian art XVIII - the XX-th century beginnings " In the Governor`s office - library an exhibition - Elizabeth Byom " the Wonderful alphabet " (cards from a collection of the governor A. And. Lisitsyn)

17 - on May, 31st Within the limits of festival " Museum spring ": " Spring + the Museum = LOVE. Legends oljubvi, told by artists and not only "

Till May, 21st " Petersburg - Yaroslavl - Petersburg " Igor Lebedev. " fertile fire " the Photo

Concerts in a smart hall of the governor`s house

on May, 3rd, 18. 30. Evening of vocal music. Soloists of the Chapel " JAroslavija "

DOM ON NOVINSKY Tutaev (the Left coast), Lenin`s street, 59

Expositions " Provincial bank " and " Apartment operating bank "

the Museum " the Romanovsky nail "

the Children`s museum " the Romanovsky sheep and To about "

the Exhibition " a hobby Subject. About money and not only "

Mitropolichi of chamber (the Volga quay, 1. The day off - Friday)

the Constant exposition " Old Russian art XIII - XVII centuries "

Showroom of the Union of artists

(street Maksimova, 15. ph. 72 - 80 - 29, an operating time with 11. 00 to 19. 00, the day off Tuesday)

On May, 14th the Personal exhibition of products of artist Kazakova Yury Sergeevicha (25 years of creative activity).

On May, 14th Anniversary (60 - letie) a personal exhibition of products of the artist of Tooth of Valery Pavlovicha (Painting, a drawing, art of decoration).

on May, 17th - on June, 4th. A group (family) exhibition: the artist - teacher Vdovin Feodor Fedorovich (30 years of creativity) and the artist godustova S.F.Otkrytie of an exhibition - on May, 17th, 16. 30.

On May, 18th - on June, 4th. A regional exhibition - competition " we Prepare to 1000 - letiju Yaroslavl ". Exhibition opening - on May, 18th, 16. 30.

the Center of modern art ARS - the FORUM

(street Sverdlova, 9. Ph. 72 - 83 - 42)

on May, 14th 17. 00
the MASTER - the CLASS reportazhnogo a portrait is spent by the newspaper photographer from St.-Petersburg Andrey Zaharov

on May, 15th 18. 00 KNHOFORUM 49
Deni Vilnev (Canada), 2001, 87` Timur Gajnutdinov

on May, 16th 19. 00 LEVELS.
the Dancing project.

on May, 18th - on June, 4th
From whom - where - 150000. Opening 18. 05. In 18. 00

on May, 22nd 18. 00 KNHOFORUM 49
Cyrus Muratova " the Adjuster " (Russia - Ukraine), 2004, 154 ` Tells Vita Nesterov

on May, 29th 18. 00 KNHOFORUM 49
Roman Polanski " Disgust " (Great Britain), 1965,104 ` Tells Timur Gajnutdinov

City showroom of N.Nuzhina

(Freedom street, 15. Ph.: 32 - 83 - 83, business hours with 10. 00 to 17. 30. The day off - Monday) the Price of tickets from 10 - 25 rbl.

On May, 14th Official opening on April, 26th, 16. 00. The British Council to Russia, the State archive of the Russian Federation represent photo-exhibition " Britain - Russia: a general victory ". The present exhibition is a tribute of memory to events to events in days of the Second World War. The exhibition with the big success has passed in Moscow, Rostov - on Don, Sochi, Tomsk, Nizhni Novgorod, Omsk, Volgograd.


Let`s go to theatre