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One million dollars for repetition of exploit of the boy of the cosmonaut

10 lucky beggars have won tickets for a match Russia - England!

" Omsk hawks " more strongly " white leopards "

The wife attacking Russian national team Larissa Pavljuchenko: Hiddink promised to release the husband home before a match with England

The father and son Gazmanovy undertook education of the Perm children

To Chelyabinsk comes main bitloman the countries

Russia and the USA were engaged in strategic stability

Jokes in number

For that to wait to Muscovites from Luzhkov`s new government?

Who will repeat flight in a plane wing, to that is $1 000 000!


Be reserved who can

Periods of storage of foodstuff:

Egg - 30 days

Butter - 10 days

Groats - from half a year till 2 years

Cheese - 3 days

Dairy production - 3 days

can be bought Cheap foodstuff at agricultural fairs:

on October, 13th with 7. 00 to 14. 00 in Zavolzhsky area in the street Naganova, 10;

on October, 20th with 7. 00 to 14. 00 in Zasvijazhsky area on the area of 50 years VLKSM;

on November, 10th with 7. To 14. 00 in Leninsk area in the street Minaev (from the House of Technics to the former shop " the Melody "

the Potato - 5 - 7 rbl.

Carrots - 6 - 8 rbl.

the Onion - 7,5 - 8 rbl.

Cabbage - 6 - 8 rbl.

Milk casting - 12 rbl./ l

Sour cream (20 %) - 50 rbl./ l

Cottage cheese - 80 rbl./ kg

Butter - 90 - 100 rbl./ kg

Sunflower-seed oil - 37 - 44 rbl./ l

Rice - 25 rbl./ kg

the Flour - 10 - 13 rbl./ kg

Grechka - 15 - 16 rbl./ kg

Peas - 12 rbl./ kg

Macaroni - 12 - 15 rbl./ kg

Cheeses - 145 - 160 rbl./ kg

Egg - 22 - 26 rbl./ kg

Apples - 5 - 8 rbl./ kg

As I increased a chest. 3 - a part

Harry Potter: last exploit of magician Goncharov

The driver of the mayoralty has got to road accident. And has then gone on " business "

Americans cut down " War and peace " on 400 pages

The grandson married the 80 - the summer grandmother

The general of militia has written the novel about the journalist "

The leader of races " Formulas - 1 " has broken into Gran - at Europe

The old woman through the Strasbourg court has achieved indemnification for the pension not received in time

Thieves have released the uncle of the president of Ingushetia

" Cold war " from Michael Leonteva

On " Minute of glory " come to search for grooms and brides

Tragical case in city hospital of Top Ufaleja

The poster of Omsk

All in theatre!

The daily log « - NN »: on October, 13th

One million dollars for repetition of exploit of the boy - the cosmonaut

The concert poster of Omsk

5 - the summer daughter of the mayor of Sochi was lost in failure

" tells about the most interesting actions


Gloomy weather and a penetrating wind discourages to leave the house. It and is clear. It would be desirable to be wrapped up in a soft plaid, to take in hands a cup of hot tea, and to indulge in laziness. And meanwhile, in a city passes many interesting actions for the sake of which not thin and to get out of apartment embraces.

  the Riddle " a diabolical sphere "

  Yesterday in the Perm regional museum within the limits of the action " time Monologue. An exhibition of one exhibit " there was a new exhibit: a sphere of twelve spheres. It is one of great riddles which were stored carefully buddistskie by friars. The graceful carved product which has come to us from far China of the middle of 19 centuries, is executed from an integral ivory. In a sphere there are 12 spheres, each of which rotates in itself. How it was possible to friars to create this work of art, till now remains a riddle for the best engineering minds. The legend went to olden time that each master, managed to learn a secret of spheres, killed to save secret. Also said what make such sphere the friar could, only having sold soul to a devil. Therefore superstitious Europeans named east souvenirs diabolical spheres.

  Where: the Perm regional museum, (street The Komsomol prospectus, 6)

When: since October, 12th

In how much: with 10. 00 to 18. 00

How much is: from 20 to 50 roubles

the Drama theatre opens a new season

  81 - j the theatrical season at the Perm drama theatre will begin on Saturday with musical display " Doctor Zhivago ". For fans of art we wait many surprises. Theatre have completely repaired, and even have cleaned from a hall old creaking armchairs. Here only new sitting yet have not delivered. As art directors joke, it is not known, a leah spectators will sit, or they should spend all performance standing. But anyway, performance will take place. And after it on the area before theatre will arrange the present fireworks   honour of opening of a new season. By the way, now the drama theatre is called simply: " Theatre ".


Where: The Perm drama theatre (Lenin`s street, 53)

When: 13, on October, 14th

In how much: in 18. 00

How much is: 150 - 500 roubles

Pometaem panels in the TV

  On Friday and Saturday in an arena " Spartak " will pass grandiose mobile tour " Mobibita ". This strange and freaky action is calculated on all who likes to come off under the full program. Participants of festival competitions on razbivanie wait for TV TVs - panels, fights without rules in pool with " a dirt " cowboy`s jumps and competition of mobile video. Best of the best will receive a cellular telephone. And in the night from Saturday to Sunday the party in which the best will take part di - dzhei Perm will take place.

  Where: the Arena " Spartak " (street the Worker, 9)

When: On October, 13th

In how much: with 12. 00 to 21. 00

the Input free

Fans of horrors remain in delight

Night of fear

  Good news to admirers of horror films. This Saturday at a cinema " the Prime minister " the new club under the terrible name " opens; Dead House ". Horror films, mysticism, the avant-guard and surrealism - for everyone will be the favourite genre of cinema. By the way, in these days off will pass display of three films. It is a horror film " the fear House " William Butler, a surrealistic horror " the Head - lastik " David Lynch and Alexander Uitta`s sensational blockbuster " the Mansion - 2. An apocalypse ". Between films spectators can see the freezing I smother video rollers and clips.

  Where: a cinema " the Prime minister " (street Pioneer, 17)

When: on October, 13th

In how much: in 24. 00

How much is: 150 roubles

To Chelyabinsk there will arrive Justin Timberlejka`s choreographer

Why in Chelyabinsk products

All its former wives

Every tenth goes to temples only

In murder of Russians Georgia

The father has again raged

Holifild has refused girls

Dementyev has revenged for Sharapova

Suspected of rape has left Audit Chamber

Dairy products will soon rise in price

Chronicles of the annoyed Muscovite: As buried the grandmother

In the underground the drunk machinist has again driven station

Why at capital offices till now it is cold?

Mum of the child who has born in Antalya: I hardly - have hardly pulled out the son from " a Turkish captivity "!

Renata Litvinova is urged to disappear under setochkoj

Expedition during the Time - Bazhyn: Near to a strong hold have found " Genghis Khan gate "

The union against Moscow collapses


Bulgaria will challenge from EU a word writing « euro »

Gold and exchange currency reserves of China have reached a record in $1,434 trln