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Vacation package in children`s camp - 8 thousand roubles

The missing schoolgirl from Novosibirsk have found in berdskom a brothel

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On Kuban officials receive less builders

The Samara authorities promise to transfigure Aurora streets, Is new - Garden and the Rakitovsky highway

In Saratov employees of traffic police became tax specialists

In the centre of Perm a tractor " has cleaned " trees together with snow

Tram ways to Samara will temporarily block

Who from the Kirov sportsmen will go on the Olympic Games to Beijing?

2,5 thousand Saratov families will improve the living conditions

Permjaki have met early spring soap bubbles

The Ulyanovsk GAI officers remove infringements on mobile phones

When the South Ural graduates will pass the Unified State Examination

Readers have presented to children of the book

In Kirov are going to bring down old trees and to put flowers

Governor Peter Sumin: « Debts for gas to extinguish till June, 1st! »

When, in your opinion, the habitation in Saratov becomes accessible?

The solar boy - Dima Starchikov

The Murmansk schoolgirl recognised in Peter of the cleverest and as beautiful!

Where to receive free consultation of the lawyer

National news

On a marathon left more than 1000 sportsmen

CHeljabinets! Clear a court yard of stuff and receive 500 thousand roubles on house repair!

Ask at " How will decorate our city this year?

Where in Krasnoyarsk region to go to study, to grow rich

The main temple of Komi again under the threat of deluging

" Pull a thread - you will receive stockings in setochku! "

Defender HK " Siberia " prepares for the World championship

Than are ill uljanovtsy?

Asphalt in Ulyanovsk does not correspond to norms

Samartsy suffer affliction from heart troubles, traumas and oncology

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We alter apartment in Bottom

The most dangerous crossroads Bottom

Every Monday a hot - in a gift!

Ask at "

Sale of the centre of art crafts and not only to receive consultation, but also to get creative works, and also to look (from 11 o`clock till 12 o`clock) at display of models of the clothes executed in various technicians.

Garbage tanks should clean time a day
- Prompt, how platforms for gathering of a household waste and how often should take out garbage from containers in a court yard should be equipped?
Nikolay Kudryashov, Murmansk.

As we were explained by experts of committee in municipal economy development, these questions regulate two documents: " Position about an order of the reference with production wastes and consumption in territory of municipal union the city of Murmansk " and " Rules and norms of technical operation of available housing ". In them it is told:
- Garbage containers are necessary for placing on distance not less than 20 metres from windows and doors of residential buildings
- Periodicity of removal of a firm household waste (oporozhnenija containers at apartment houses) - once a day
- Garbage containers should be established on the concreted or asphalted platform, as a rule, with a protection from standard ferro-concrete products or other materials with landing round a platform kustarnikovyh plantings
- Colouring of garbage containers should be made not less than two times a year in the spring and in the autumn
- the Large-sized waste (packing materials, household goods: Home appliances, the sanitary equipment, furniture, metal and wooden designs, waste from operating repair of premises) gather on the special platforms located, as a rule, near to container platforms
- Neutralization in the city territory of a waste a burning method is possible only in the presence of the specialised installation providing clearing of emissions.


How to go with the child to Ukraine...
- I Am going to leave in the summer on rest together with the one-year-old son for limits of Russia. We will go not where - nibud at the other end of the world, and to the favourite Ukraine. But as far as I know, at crossing of border many Russians have problems, especially when go with the child, any powers of attorney demand. Prompt, please, that it is necessary to know and what documents to take.
Marina Dolgova, Murmansk.

As to us have responded in Murmansk representation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia if one of parents is going to go to Ukraine with the child, it should have at itself(himself) the civil passport and the birth certificate of the kid. From the second parent it is not required to any power of attorney.
There is such law 114 - FZ " About an order of departure from the Russian Federation and entrance to the Russian Federation " where in article 20 this norm is accurately designated. However the Ukrainian frontier guards sometimes as if forget about it. Therefore it will be not out of place to take with itself listing of article of the law with deep arguments to respond to arising claims. A Themis on your party.
however it is possible for secure once again not to be nervous, take and the power of attorney - it under the established form almost all notaries give out.

and to Belarus

I with children have a rest every year in Belarus. Recently has gone to buy railway tickets. And the cashier has declared that for purchase of the ticket for the child if it goes to Belarus, one birth certificate insufficiently. The international passport is necessary still. On registration of this document will leave not less month. Why to our children driving to brotherly Belarus, the international passport, and to us is necessary, the adult, - is not present?
Evgenie Ivanov, Severomorsk.

experts of branch of embassy of republic Belarus in Murmansk Respond:
The matter is that the Russian side did not ratify the agreement from January, 24th, 2006 in which it is said that the Russian children can drive on territory of Belarus under the birth certificate. Therefore the Belarus party has been urged to return to an entrance old regime on republic territory.
now the Russian birth certificate is not the basis for border crossing. In this connection, as have informed in a press - service of Murmansk branch of the October railway, Open Society " the Russian Railway " has extended among booking cashiers the order 3/ 713 from August, 1st, 2007 in which the following is told: " changes are made to the list of the documents granting the right to crossing of border with republic Belarus: the birth certificate for children who have not reached age of 14 years " is excluded;. And as to the Russian children the passport stands out only from 14 years the document, on which child till 14 years it is possible to drive on territory of the next state, its international passport or the international passport of parents where it is entered is. It concerns also kiddies who travel through Belarus transit.
adult Russians drive on territory of Belarus can, as before, under the all-Russian passport.


What to do if cars increase speed directly under windows?
- I live in the street the World, 27. At me the low ground floor. Directly under a window to me put cars, and it is frequent a back bumper to a wall. All exhaust gases go to my apartment. I asked to develop at least cars, someone has listened to the request, but many - are not present. Where I can complain?
Galina Vasilevna, Murmansk.

the commander of a separate battalion dorozhno - patrol service of management of traffic police of the Department of Internal Affairs of Murmansk area Andrey Maslov Responds:
you need to be converted into district administration, in your case October, and in local department of traffic police. Its employees can leave into place, make a picture, define the owner, take out to it the writ. Originally the driver will ask to clean or move a vehicle on a voluntary basis. If it is inefficient, measures of administrative influence are applied. If the motorist " increases speed " That is called, under windows of neighbours in this case it is possible to involve the divisional. If your references effective are not, can call me personally.
To be converted to the commander of a battalion of traffic police UGIBDD of the Department of Internal Affairs of Murmansk area it is possible to the address: Murmansk, Charles Libknehta`s street, 46/ 1, kab. 212, phone 42 - 15 - 77 (enrolment of citizens - environment with 14. 00 to 16. 00).
Branch of traffic police OVD of October district: Murmansk, World street, 2/ 2, phone 26 - 43 - 20. Call centre OOVD of October district, phone 45 - 21 - 04. Management of October administrative district of administration of Murmansk: S.Perovsky`s street, 25/ 26, phone 45 - 48 - 70.

Stavropolchanka has finished the promised to hospital, and then to a registry office

Court over the Yaroslavl engineer - the poisoner: Having opened veins, the murderer six person tried to press on pity

We go on May feasts to Sochi

In the North Ossetia have blown up a gas pipeline

In Saratov network shops officials of the Saratov administration will force to guide cleanliness

What roads will repair in Chelyabinsk this year?

To Stavropol Territory have cancelled policies for idle

The Stavropol sportsmen will go on the Olympic Games

In Saratov will pass seven sports meets

The action «» - Kuban »:

Road accident on Park: " the Gazelle " has brought down a horse

Bojtsovaja dog zagryzla 4 - the summer kid

The Zlatoustovsky maniac have detained on funeral of its victims?