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To leave, to be selected

the Governor of Moscow Region Sergey Shojgu has declared possibility of the participation in early election of head of area, naming their referendum of trust of the population. Earlier readiness to go on direct elections declared heads of St.-Petersburg, the Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk edges. Under the information " " take part in early election the governor of the Ryazan region Oleg Kovalev can. Experts consider that early election is favourable to the strong candidates who do not have strong contenders from opposition.
the governor of Moscow suburbs Sergey Shojgu does not exclude carrying out in the field of preschedule governor`s elections. He has declared it in a sabbatical aether of TV channel " Russia 1 ". " While on it time is not present to sit and reflect, and a leah it is necessary to spend. Any elections it is a referendum on trust to the person who heads area. If I feel, what there are serious doubts at area and at me including why is not present? " mister Shojgu has declared, answering a question on possibility of direct elections. We will remind that he has headed Moscow Region in the spring of this year, and its powers expire only in 2017. To receive official comments concerning preschedule resignation in a press - service of the governor it was not possible. And the source in its environment has explained " " that " it is a question not that he intends to initiate such procedure (early election. " " ), and that he basically not against such mechanism of acknowledgement of powers, that is has told about the theoretical consent (to participate in elections. " " ) ". Zamsekretarja gensoveta " an United Russia " Sergey Zheleznjak has noticed that mister Shojgu has simply answered a question on readiness of participation in direct elections, however it does not mean that in the near future it will have bases for preschedule resignation.

however lately already a number of governors declared readiness to go on direct elections. The head of St.-Petersburg George Poltavchenko, in particular, declared: " If there will be a question on re-election of the governor I will ask opinion of townspeople on the done work. If I see that they countenance it, I will go on elections ". The head of Krasnoyarsk region the Lion of Smiths on a question of president Dmitry Medvedev, " feels " a leah he forces to go on elections, has responded: " I Feel ". And the governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Tkachev has told to mister Medvedev that in due time two times was successfully selected the governor and is ready and to be selected further. Under data " " With the request for authorisation of early election in the Ulyanovsk region head of area Sergey Morozov was converted into Presidential Administration, however to it to go on early election have not allowed. " did not want to create precedent because it is a lot of heads now want to go on elections, while a normal rating and more or less normal economic situation " has explained " " a source in " an United Russia ". We will notice that the new law on governor`s elections supposes participation in elections of the governors who have ahead of schedule stopped the powers with the consent of the president. According to political scientist Konstantin Kalacheva, to mister Shojgu " to be re-elected conveniently and favourably now as at it peak of a rating and excellent federal promotion, credit of trust is not settled yet, the real competitor is not present ": " difficulties Further will begin, there are economic crisis expectations ". Actually, it reminds how during Yeltsin times the appointed heads of administrations of subjects of the Russian Federation lobbied purpose of direct elections in the region, selecting for this purpose moment as much as possible convenient for.

it is not excluded that preschedule governor`s elections can pass in the Ryazan region. Under data " " head of area Oleg Kovalev has written the application for preschedule addition of powers. " the statement has been written last week. On Thursday at Kovaleva the meeting with Vyacheslav Volodinym (the first deputy of the head of the Office of the President has been appointed. " " ). Now remains, that its nominee has been confirmed on elections (promotion from the party in power meant. " " ). Kovalev, of course, would like to take in their part " has declared " " a source in the Ryazan branch " an United Russia ". Mister Kovalev this information " " has not confirmed, and on a question on a meeting with mister Volodinym has told that often happens in Moscow and communicates and with it, and Oleg Morozovym (the chief of department of internal policy of Presidential Administration). In turn, a source " " in a management " an United Russia " has explained " " that on July, 15th a closing date when the Ryazan governor can retire that early election has passed in uniform day of voting in October. " Perhaps, Kovalev expects all to outwit: now strong contenders at it in region are not present, munitsipalov for promotion of the candidate the opposition will not collect 7 % of signatures, with party at it constructive relations if it goes on prajmeriz on promotion of the candidate will win them " the United Russia party member has explained. It has reminded that to mister Kovalevu 63 years, and " it is obvious that the following term for it will be the last ".

Powers of mister Kovaleva expire in the spring of 2013. Hearings about its preschedule resignation have appeared after elections in the State Duma, on which " an United Russia " has typed in the field of 39,8 %, and on Ryazan 28,7 %, having lost to communists (28,9 %). Representatives of other parties suppose preschedule resignation of the Ryazan governor. " conversations such are, but officially nobody has confirmed it. Though I do not exclude also such variant of succession of events. Probably, all specially becomes that the opposition has not had time to put forward the candidates as it already was on elections in Kasimovsky gordumu. After all it is necessary to put forward not aby whom, it is necessary to develop campaign strategy " has declared " " the leader of LDPR Alexander Sherin. About possible resignation the leader of regional branch " heard also; Fair Russia " Vladimir Krymsky, but it has refrained from comments. The candidate on fast of the governor party while " did not search ".

Political strategist Konstantin Kalachev has declared " " that it is a lot of preconditions for resignation of mister Kovaleva, but he does not think that " an United Russia " will count on it as on the candidate. " conflicts in elite at area and city level, not so high popularity at the population, all it has affected that its rating of election is very low. For Kovaleva it is a closing date " the expert believes. We will notice that mister Kovalev was included into number 13 of not selected governors in published on Saturday the second " the Index of election of heads of subjects of the Russian Federation " prepared by Political task force together with a portal " Political technologies ". The head of the International institute of political examination Evgenie Minchenko, on the contrary, supposes promotion of mister Kovaleva provided that it will not have strong contenders on elections. " Considering features of the present legislation, refined technologies on governor`s elections it is not necessary, the main work occurs at a stage of selection of candidates which have got to a choice holder. If at a selection stage to eliminate those who has chances to win against the operating governor any struggle and political strategies it is not required " mister Minchenko has noted. In its opinion, mister Shojgu can combine ahead of schedule powers in a case reanimirovanija subjects with corporation of development of Siberia and the Far East (mister Shojgu wanted it to head.) " Accordingly, someone can participate in elections of the governor another " the expert considers.

political scientist Alexander Kynev considers that it is more favourable to be re-elected " svezhenaznachennym " to governors, as at inhabitants of region " positive expectations " and after a while they " will be replaced by disappointment ". According to the expert, early election can pass in the few " pilot " regions. With it the vice-president of the Center of political technologies Rostislav Turovsky agrees: early election " hardly will be mass one - two regions ". He has declared " " that similar statements " feelers " governors, that " to estimate public opinion " as still " there is no clear decision, a leah it is necessary to go on early election or a cycle will be stretched for some years according to the schedule of the termination of powers ".

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