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Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

Also try to comprehend the Russian stock market

The prices of day at stock exchanges

The supervising board of the SUPREME ARBITRATION COURT has considered on October, 15th the protest of the vice-president of court Vladimir Isajcheva under the claim of the Baltic bank to innovative - technical firm " the Stalker ". The bank has given to firm the credit of 5 million rbl., and that has delayed transfers for credit service and has been fined by bank on 460 thousand rbl. " the Stalker " to pay the penalty has refused, motivating it with that the credit contract has been signed not by the general director of firm, and its assistant (the inadequate official). The Arbitration court of St.-Petersburg has considered that on this basis the contract should is recognised by not prisoner and " to the Stalker " it is not necessary to pay the penalty.

FROM Abkhazia In Tbilisi United Nations MISSION ON the ESTABLISHMENT of the FACTS


Good deeds does not become less

How to be ill in Paris

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The prices for oil and oil products (rbl./)

SHaposhnikov tries to rescue an air board

" the Orthicon " revives Russian traditions of motor shows. By means of Rolls-Royce

Conferences of mountaineers have given a theoretical bias

Kiev and Delhi are ready to cooperation

In Moscow there was one more " the Godfather "

Ukraine and Turkmenistan will talk without intermediaries

Diplomats marry with the permission of kings

New Americans " the second wave "

Collection things leave an underground

Marks — in kljasser, and dollars in — cash desk

After yesterday`s visiting of new Italian restaurant Stelle del Pescatore (" Stars of the Fisherman ") Left an unpleasant deposit in a shower, we had a pressing need zaest " premier " a dinner. Feeling not satisfied desire to eat something truly Italian, our correspondent DARYA TSIVINA with pleasure has used the presented possibility and has gone to try a new dish in the Italian restaurant Trattoria in trading - cultural complex Sadko Arcade.


The first victory of Russian national team

Rates of bookmaker office " Plus - the Minus and CASHMANS ".

Today, on October, 16th, on the New maiden cemetery DAVID DRAGOON, the general - the colonel who has died on 83 - m to year of life will be buried.

The French tutors have started to come back to St.-Petersburg

Behind the goods now it is possible to go in Birjulevo

The WEEKLY LOTTERY HAS been played LAST NIGHT In the CASINO " MOSCOW ". As usual, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday the casino administration spent a booking lottery. When in a casino enough of visitors, the croupier krutanul a roulette has jammed, having said in broken Russian: " Well, have gone! " all present have stood in quivering expectation. Soon the first lucky beggar under jaundiced eyes of competitors pressed to a breast treasured $100. The second prize — $50 — the Chechen businessman has received, and the American professor has won $30. Correspondents have decided to get acquainted with the owner of the first prize. The Uzbek who has arrived to capital for three days potorgovat by water-melons has appeared it. In a personal meeting he has complained to correspondents of weather and the unfriendly security guards who were not starting up it in a casino without a suit — it was necessary to rise in hotel and to change clothes. Having unburdened the heart, he in a whisper has asked: " You do not know, for what money has given to me? " But the correspondent, badly owning Uzbek, and could not plainly explain

Without windows, without doors, the room of cracks is full...

On Wednesday meteorologists have registered new tremors in the Egyptian capital. They became earthquake continuation on October, 12th during which time, under the specified data of the Egyptian party, was lost 471 persons and 4000 are wounded. Two pushes at a dawn and at midday on October, 14th have destroyed some buildings which have hardly escaped during the first earthquake in Cairo. This time, truth, has done without victims. The disasters which have fallen this week to Egypt, have completely destroyed 139 buildings and have partially damaged almost three thousand.


" the Alpha - estejt " the joint venture 5

Yesterday a second day successively persons on duty of a municipal government of GAI missed on work — that, in general - that, is pleasant: in Moscow at least in 3 — 4 times breakdown susceptibility though conditions on roads, as always, leave much to be desired has decreased. Drivers had not time to get used to strong ice as sharp warming has forced them to be reoriented again. Unfortunately, it was possible not to all.

Russian neftepererabotchiki are going to buy in Singapore new

As consider in hydrometeorological centre, on Friday on roads of Moscow and near

It seems that hearings about rise in prices for cars become a reality, at least, in exchange trade. The price " Volga " GAS - 31029 on RTSB has reached already 3,2 million rbl. In difference from cars another, traditional for RTSB, the goods — the Bulgarian cigarettes already enough long time are on sale on stable (about 40 rbl./ a pack) the price. Yesterday the next three transactions with these goods have been fixed: 470 thousand packs of cigarettes " Rodopi " are sold on 36 rbl., 50 thousand packs " the Phoenix " — on 43 rbl., 47 thousand packs " the Phoenix " and " THEY be 134 " — on 40 rbl. for a pack, and the first of them became the largest at a stock exchange. The general result of day on RTSB — 19 transactions on 38 million rbl.

The table of prizes on sale of the Moscow real estate from joint-stock company auction " the Alpha - estejt "

In Dushanbe the airport is closed. And in Kiev uncles strike.

The central publication of today`s issue " the Independent newspaper " — the big article of the head of the Russian delegation at negotiations with Latvia Sergey Zotova which is called " Who threatens democracy in Latvia? Truth about Russian - the Latvian negotiations ". S.Zotov extremely frankly transfers the impressions about negotiating process between Russia and Latvia and about internal political life of Latvia.

Each time, sitting down a forecast writing, we enter unequal fight with insuperable desire to tell to the world everything that we think about this life. We beat ourselves on hands, we clamp palms of companies, we attack a throat to a song and... Almost always we lose. From soul and any revelation asks, hands and reach for the computer keyboard — there and then, right on the spot, to share it with the mankind which is writing out this newspaper. Here and now we have not saved you from the next declaration. Namely: we love any weather. It is possible to tell infinitely, for what is concrete. Without being sadists, we will tell the main thing: we love it that it is. If not weather falsities, unless could young women so often and so cardinally to change dresses? Like hell! Without speaking about gentlemen it is necessary for them to change from time to time shipovannye wheels on neshipovannye.

Friday, on October, 16th

On October, 15th the Moscow City Court is pronounced a sentence to a gang from seven teenagers who from April till September, 1991 at night plundered (not all together, but groups) tobacco stalls, trading tents, warehouses, buildings, and also stole at citizens motorcycles. Once they have got on a warehouse of commercial structure and have stolen computers (therefore the sum of the stolen is great also business obeys in Moscow City Court). Usually youths came across, them took away in militia, returned stolen to owners, opened case and let out. When enough episodes have collected, business have transferred in court. In court teenagers behaved approximately: did not pass sessions, were not late. Besides they " were well characterised " — (work also etc.) . Probably, therefore all of them are condemned only conditionally: Yakubov and Kuharev have received for 5 years, Drills — 4, Grigorovich and Serguchenkov — on 2, Panin — 1 years and 6 months, Chastushkin — 1 year.


The agency of economic news has declared war " to dirty business "

In " the World — theatre " businessmen become producers

In day of a capture of Kazan the first persons have sought safety in flight

Ah, cabaret

Vasiliu will grant to Krasnodar territory the loan

The court has established: have stolen Vereschagin`s other picture

Tatsotsbank produces competitors.