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the Austrian national team on football has lost sboronoj Turkey the first stykovochnyj a match on an exit in final games chemionata the world on football of 2002

In Greece 12 British citizens are detained, presumably, on suspicion in espionage

Romanians have lost last chance of participation in the World championship on football - 2002

Saudi Arabia marks 20 - letie introductions on a throne of king Fahda Ibn Abdel Aziz Al Sauda

Two correspondents of the British newspaper " Sandi telegraph " Two correspondents of the British newspaper " are sent from Pakistan

Iran supports the prompt end of military operation in Afghanistan and considers that under definition " terrorism " the policy of Israel

Osama bin Laden recognises that " Al - Kaida " is the terrorist organisation and has made acts of terrorism in the USA

Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia ˝˛­ňýŔn˝  2 development of cooperation with the NATO

Forces of Northern alliance have occupied four northern provinces of Afghanistan and go on the country West

Vladimir Putin considers as an error pressing forward to isolate the North Korea, Iraq or Belarus from the international dialogue

Presidents of Colombia, Peru and Bolivias were specified in importance of struggle against drug-dealing as a source of financial feed of the international terrorism

Ayr - Rijad has denied MSG of the western mass-media on revealing in kingdom of underground cells of the organisation " Al - Kaida "

Vladimir Putin considers that certain circles in Georgia tolerate activity of the international terrorists in the territory

Football Argentina has arranged to the substitute to Diego Maradona " royal farewell "

Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia supports a fair corridor of the prices for oil which has been designated the OPEC

Command of peacemakers in Bosnia and Gertsogovine has apologised for the pogrom made by the Italian military men in the Saudi charitable CTR to Sarajevo

the Indonesian parliament could not accept decisions on constitution reform

Five terrorists of Muslim movement of Abu Sajaff are killed also one is taken prisoner by the Philippine governmental armies

the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Islamabad has no data on ádestruction in Afghanistan 13 Saudi citizens battling on the party of Talibs

George Bush at a MTG in New York W the president of Pakistan Pervezom Masharrafom declared granting to Pakistan the financial help of the USA at a rate of 1 mlrd dollars

Forces of Northern alliance prepare for approach to the western front

the American press asserts that the nuclear weapon of Pakistan is dispersed and secretly placed in six coded storehouses

US presidents and Pakistan consider that forces Northern jaljansa should not enter into Kabul

From the beginning of year for various infringements from law enforcement bodies of Mongolia

Approaches of Russia and the European Union 2 postdisputed settlement in Afghanistan in many respects coincide

At MTGs with Igor Ivanov heads of foreign policy departments of some the countries have supported close interaction W Russia on international scene

In the United Nations general-political discussion will proceed, two-day conference on DVZJAI will open and the MTG of ministers of the countries " will take place; the eights " on fight against terrorism problems

In 2002 on development of judicial system it will be allocated more than 17 mlrd roubles

the Situation in crisis areas of Macedonia after tragical events of the past Sunday is gradually normalised

the International exhibition of arms and military technology has opened in Bucharest

fire service Inclusion in structure of the Ministry of Emergency Measures will raise efficiency of reaction in emergency situations

Russia will save in 2002 of a quota on vylov fishes in severo - east part of Atlantic

In armies of Rashida Dustuma operate about 200 military men of special troops of the USA and 90 special troops of Turkey

Zamglavy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Vladimir Vasilev declares that the militia of the Chechen Republic will be headed by the Chechen

For needs of education from the federal budget is provided to allocate next year more than 78 mlrd rub

For 10 MTH in the consolidated budget of the Kemerovo region has arrived nearby 10 mlrd roubles of incomes

the Embassy of the Afghani Talibs in Pakistan has with its full complement left Islamabad

Courses of foreign currencies, The established Central Banks of Russia from tomorrow

the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin should arrive to Moscow W official visit on November, 18th

Gensovet " Unities " " Fatherland " and " All Russia " has countenanced the name of created centrist party

Sergey Stepashin declares that only creation of the coalition government will rescue Afghanistan from civil war

business Hearing ABT murder of general Rokhlin is postponed in connection with illness of the lawyer

On Wednesday 125 years from the date of a birth of the ballet dancer, the national actress of RSFSR Ekaterina Geltser

the bill " is supposed to equate Icon settings of military men to icon settings of state employees since July, 1st of the next year

the Minister of Defence of the USA develops the high-energy laser which can become one of elements of system of the ABM

Fluctuations of the world prices for oil practically do not influence in any way the prices for oil products in Russia

Over 8 tons spirtosoderzhashchego jelly the Finnish customs officers

the Federal law on position of foreign citizens in Russia will define spheres where it will be forbidden to foreigners to work

In the European court under human rights the legal investigation of the citizen of the Russian Federation " will take place; against Latvia "

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany keeps a secret a route on which the body of the German journalist who has lost in Afghanistan