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The city choosing

was Started by campaign for elections of the mayor of Kaliningrad. These elections much will tell and about a status of our electoral system, and about minds and moods of the citizens living in the most western enclave of the country

Elections than are good? At all result which in Russia was unpredictable only years 10 of the last 100. And not an intrigue. And that the rating of self-esteem of citizens and territories reflect. Some kind of a mirror. Yes, krivovatoe. Just about degrees of curvature and speech.

if on presidential elections of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic there are 99,8 percent questions are not present. The Chechen Republic! Politely we avoid. On other end of a scale Moscow (47 percent) and the Kaliningrad region (52,6 percent). Feel, how the geography is reflected sotsiokulturnaja? In the country is conditional " Asia " and conditional " Europe ". Not casually to treat painfullly - the Europeanized Moscow it was offered by transfusion of healthy national blood with " Ural Carriage-Building Plant ". If to peer at electoral reflexions more steadfastly, we will see that in Kaliningrad the official result was as in Moscow 47 percent. A regional indicator have drawn through 50 percent exclusively at the expense of local remote places and military units.

any power to put things in order in Kaliningrad follows carefully. Already tried. It has appeared to itself more expensively. Abrupt governor Boos has disappeared, on its place there was more reserved Tsukanov. Likely, therefore and voices in Kaliningrad consider more carefully, than in the North Caucasus. Also receive result twice less. On October, 14th in Kaliningrad elections of the mayor will take place. The management is stirred: probably, not Khasavyurt.

the country Russia is very various. And much would like it to see identical that on - chelovecheski it is clear. That is equally pliable to simple management methods. Approximately as on caucasus. But a variety resists. Here again a basic fork: Or the power to change and adapt to requirements of a becoming complicated society; or, to the contrary, a society to pare down and shorten, that it was entered in the convenient standard.

and so, in the Kaliningrad region last year - two the first model was necessarily applied basically. And in the Chechen Republic both some other republics basically the second. Now we have come nearer to a crisis point. If and further so to live the country will test growing pressure for rupture. It is not so much from the North Caucasus (of what we have got used to think with 90 - h years), and, to the contrary, from Kaliningrad, Moscow and Peter. Which as - that dushnovato also becomes rather small under cargo of values " Ural Carriage-Building Plant " and Khasavyurt.

and how to be to the federal heads, too to be broken off? Objectively difficult political problem if to understand that a vertical day yesterday`s. Kaliningrad one of test points. It will be possible to work here on - old Moscow, where in 2014 Moscow City Council elections, and in 2015 - m and #150 will be following; the mayor.

frightened of increase of meetings - strikes in 2009 - 2010, the Kaliningrad power after unsuccessful attempts to show rigidity has been urged to make a compromise. Organizers and participants of meetings vintila police, but here on what followed pay attention then justified in courts. Local mass-media refused to follow administration instructions, at them on air the organizer of protest actions Konstantin Doroshok some times acted. Election committees fairly considered voices behind separate exceptions, by itself.

it also is called resistance sotsiokulturnoj environments. Strange! But where and it is possible, as not in Kaliningrad where it is difficult to find the person, at least time not visited in " to the big Europe ". They should not explain especially anything All of them saw. Understand that the judge should judge fairly, the journalist fairly to write, and the member of election committee fairly to consider voices.

then all will be as it should be. The Moscow heads (at that time the vice-president of the State Duma, member ER Vladimir Pehtin) to begin with will declare that all protest actions are paid from - for a boundary. And then (in the Kaliningrad case it was national leader ER) Vladimir Putin will tell that the regional management should work competently with people, to recognise errors and in time them to correct...

it is concrete on elections on March, 4th Kaliningrad looked rather adequately. Observers from sites did not expel. Copies of primary reports on hands gave out to volunteers surprisingly easily and so much, how much it was required, without visible infringements. Before input in GAS " Elections " the data did not correct. Among 28 reports presented on a site of League of voters www. svodnyprotokol. ru, there is no where significant divergences of primary reports with the official data would be fixed.

moreover, few habitual for other regions (including Moscow) indirect signs: home voting, behind separate exceptions, no more than 2 percent. Preschedule voting almost always a zero. On otkrepitelnym to coupons too it is a little. Messages on lists from so-called manufactures of a continuous production cycle practically are not present.

That is considered fairly. Means, all - taki we can!

though how to look. On the average in-home vote 10 - 20 voters from each site. Seldom more than 30. Usually 1 - 2 percent from total number. But here, for example, on site N 297 in Central the TIC of Kaliningrad in-home has voted at once 131 voter. In 4 - 5 times more, than at neighbours. And the report why - that is made on March, 6th for days after others.

well also what? Yes, actually, anything. In life everyone happens. But as not the Chechen Republic all - taki, colleagues all understand. It also is called: sotsiokulturnyj a background. The most interesting that all the same site N 297 has shown result only 46 percent. Without home voting it would turn out 40 - 42 percent. A leah so costed?

what a difference in the Tambov region where houses have voted the whole 20 percent of citizens. The history is instructive that in July throw the head of regional election committee of the Tambov region young and submitting high hopes who has managed so fine all to organise, on a management of election committee of St.-Petersburg.

somewhat too a landing with " Ural Carriage-Building Plant ". Of electoral Peter will try to make electoral Tambov. For the purpose of improvement socially - political atmosphere and increase having bothered.

it is exclusive from the same point of view for " the big Russia " elections of the city head of Kaliningrad are interesting. Generally speaking, the private affair of townspeople, their press, their courts and election committees is exclusive. But in Moscow worry: a weak link.

present mayor Alexander Jaroshuk and new governor Nikolay Tsukanov, clear business, clash. Though both members of political party " an United Russia ". The conflict purely objective. So life that people is arranged, the economy and tax base concentrate in cities. Especially in the regional centres. Cities, quite naturally, want to leave in the budget of more money. As they have made them. And the governor - that to the contrary, wants to take away and smear more at cities on all regional territory. Time is what to divide, means, there is a soil for the conflict.

thus it is clear: as to the person of a vertical in local capital the mayor more silently and more obediently is necessary to the governor. So struggle will be absolutely not party, and purely system. One layer of regional elite shlestnetsja with another. Also there is nothing to play the hypocrite in view of that in Bolshevist style: a pier, bourgeois democracy it is such piece which allows workers of times to solve in some years who exactly from a hostile class will oppress them.

in alternative political models in opinion of workers absolutely not especially are interested: has voted unanimously and bring down from here. To consider the party nomenclature as the spokesman of interests of workers and peasants not the smaller stretch than to consider the mayor, the governor or the president as the father native, the supporter and the intercessor. An essence of the matter in one: voices consider fairly or as always?

if it is fair not too important, who will particularly defeat. Because fair elections mean that is fair enough (in sense independently) work court, the press and political parties. Anyhow, to develop the overbearing psychology on all of 120 percent they to the winner will not allow.

and here if elections dishonest then a misfortune.

While in Kaliningrad has passed the whole four cycles of inner-party selection of the best candidates. That " an United Russia " named a beautiful Russian word " prajmeriz ". Clearly, with the big advantage operating mayor Jaroshuk has defeated. And here who to it becomes the rival not clearly. As well as it behind itself will manage what resources to unite. Party labels here business the last. When speech about interests of bureaucracy and business, people are ready for the sake of victory or strengthening of the positions to pull a vest of any command with any inscription. So very much even can be that somebody from left (the communist, for example) becomes the main opponent to the mayor - to the United Russia party member. But thus behind his back will stand both non-party business, and the command of party bureaucrats from the same " an United Russia " to which should bring down by all means Jaroshuka...

All it is normal. But the main thing: Leah will be possible to the Kaliningrad region to save that independence and self-respect which it has won two years ago? It is very important for all other Russia as an example for imitation. There will be fair elections both #150; there will be also a tool for the future correction of possible personnel errors.

and is not present and vessels are not present. Live as in Uzbekistan. It is pleasant to much.

I think, attempt to do all on - old will take place. But it will not be possible. The city understands the interest and is able to defend it, without paying attention to party brands and pathos rhetoric. To clean duties on import of cars, to lower taxes, to facilitate a visa regime, to stop growth of tariffs and the price for gasoline the agenda absolutely apolitical. Political it does the realisation mechanism. If Moscow towards does not go will receive growth of the Antimoscow moods. So it is better too not gopnichat and into the city of Immanuila of the Edging with thumbs up not to run.