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The law of RSFSR

Even IBM has pleased under reorganisation

The law of RSFSR

The FIRST auctions were spent on December, 3rd by the Tyumen stock exchange of real estate (TBN).

THE FINANCIAL TIMES referring to the information of the American company on market Dataquest studying has informed that in the third quarter 1991 the sales volume of computer technics in the world market was reduced to 8 %. Only two of six leading companies of this branch — Hewlett Packard and Silicon Graphics — have increased volumes of sale of the goods. Others (Sun Microsystems, Digital Equipment, IBM and Intergraph) have lowered them. In total these six companies provide 80 % of sales of the international computer market.

" Sports - the Stock exchange ": there would be a health, and we will buy the rest

Darts: in our pubs sirs of darts do not throw

In the Far East the first private radio station

Territorial claims to Ukraine

Struggle for influence on Muslim republics of the Union

Session of the government of RSFSR

The review of bank rates

The daily log " the Businessman ": such at you still, apparently, was not

The Moscow workers on the verge of revolt

Sankt - Petersburg SEZ

The aircraft has decided to sell itself because so it is more favourable

External debt of the former USSR

Kazakhstan becomes a window to Europe. For China

To buy any of gone on sale in a booth " the Businessman " editions, it is enough to you to call by phone 255 - 00 - 18 from 10 o`clock till 20 o`clock and to make the order. The book will be sent you by mail. Mail the account for purchase will come also. Cost of the order 21 rbl.

Results of the Ukrainian referendum have set new cares and without that roughly working commission of the Moscow Council on renamings. Not only the Riga station where the patriotic public blocks departure of the Latvian express trains, just right already to rename back in Rzhev, but also Kiev — though patriots while there did not appear — probably, as during old kind times, again will call Bryansk. As name sporye on an invention mossovetovtsy tezoimenituju to station metro station, it is absolutely not known, but for nostalgicheski the adjusted citizens nevertheless there will be a consolation — highly artistic mosaics on the item Kiev - ring, Russia representing indestructible unity and Ukraine. That only did not happen in old time!

Privatisation in Moscow: forced already has come to an end. Present while prepares

The next stage of disorder of the Union

According to the chairman according to plan - Alexander Pochinka`s budgetary commission VS not to aggravate opposition the government — parliament, it has been solved " to persuade the government " to consider not the project of the decree of the president, and " parliamentary " laws, " organically having included " in their text a number of its positions. Basic divergences consisted in, whether to tax the enterprises on the income or on profit, and also under what rate to raise the value-added tax. In an initial parliamentary variant the rate of the tax to the added cost was provided dvadtsatiprotsentnaja (receipts in the budget thus would make in the current prices 126 mlrd rbl., and after liberalisation — 688 mlrd rbl.). The presidential project established this rate in 28 % (accordingly 176,4 and 969,3 mlrd rbl.) . On December, 5th at the session the government has come to a conclusion about necessity of increase of the rate of this tax to 32 % (201,6 and 1097,6 mlrd rbl.) . Egor Gaydar motivated it with that to Russia " really, on life "

The Siberian uproar of the military pilot

Conceptualism for the sum 333 rbl. and 1 dollar

Champion Sotheby`s - 88 easily stays in Moscow

The citizen of three countries is imprisoned in the fourth

Documents on privatisation again are not ready. But authentic hearings

Brokers from Baikal: tughrik dollar protects

Referendum and elections in Ukraine

Stock exchanges of the Eastern Europe have decided to change bash on bash

The large thief in the law

Broker firms: one by one it is possible to lose all

Commander VV the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR the general - major Vasily Savin in conversation with the correspondent has declared that the finding of armies in Karabahe has lost any meaning, and he only waits for the political decision that them therefrom to deduce. " that Armenia Azerbaijan accuse us that we are the ally of other party, it has awfully bothered all officers " — Savin has told. As he said, the staff in NKAO eats three months one vermicelli as the centralised deliveries of the foodstuffs practically are absent. The potable water and bread acute shortage is felt. Besides, to be, for example, in Stepanakert simply dangerously: the correspondent has considered that for one night on a city is issued to 40 rockets " Alazan ".

The Committee on protection of frontiers of the USSR

The MOSCOW SHARE HOUSE of 200 billion roubles — such is cost of securities which will appear in stock market the next months.

To independent manufacturers of radio - and the electronic technics, to heads of joint ventures and state enterprises, radio fans.

The Kostenetsky sells oil to Americans, and to extract it gathers with Frenchmen

Joint-stock company " the Harmony - Service ": I change your actions for your spare parts

Commercial banks buy currency at the good price

The Russian fund of support of small enterprises in a science and scientific service RFP renders scientific, technical, legal and financial support of small business.

Made a noise

On December, 10th large currency restaurants of Moscow have begun booking for Christmas dinners and suppers.

" the Blue spark " leaves on the air

The DEPARTMENT of STOCK EXCHANGES continues to publish the data on a stock market condition in various regions of Russia. In this number the new indicator is entered into the table of results of the auctions at stock exchanges — in brackets percentage change of courses in comparison with last week is underlined. It will allow to find out real weekly changes of a conjuncture of supply and demand on the action on following parametres: the minimum course of the offer (the lowest price of the action offered by the seller), the maximum course of demand (the highest price declared by the buyer) and the average price of the transaction.


Lenbank has begun buying up of the actions

The table of results of the auctions at stock exchanges of Russia (thousand rbl.)

On November, 30th has passed a referendum of the Ingush people about a state system in Checheno - Ingushetia. The majority of Ingushs has supported a reconstruction of republic as a part of Russia and return of Suburb which in 1944 at the initiative of Stalin was a part of the North Ossetia. The most considerably adjusted part of the Ingush people demands to return the sawn-off earths attendance order and to transfer capital of Ingushetia from Nazran to right-bank Vladikavkaz. While active operations are not present: on border between Checheno - parts of CENTURIES stand Ingushetia and the North Ossetia But criminal offence everyone purely is perceived by both parties as the beginning of operations that quite often leads to mass fights and even more often — to firing.

16 — on December, 22nd