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Stock exchange " Intelligence - the Capital ": technologies take, and bombers while are not present

Racket on 300 million roubles

The US State Secretary in republics

The Central Bank of Russia — to the All-Russia exchange bank: be not put out!

" the Russian gold " will get to Vadim Tumanovu

Football: if " stars " in it play, means it is necessary

Consultations about creation obshchetjurkskogo the states

In Chelyabinsk has started to operate " Russian union "

From December, 15 till December, 17th in Moscow there passed conference on legal and technical protection of the software. At conference the lawyer of American firm Lotus Development g - n Sean Fu (Sean Foo) has acted. He has informed, in particular, that if in 1991 the law on protection of copyrights to the software Lotus, most likely, will start to put forward judicial claims against the organisations practising illegal copying and sale of copies of its programs will be entered into Russia. G - n Sean Fu considers what to ignore the facts of piracy copying it is not necessary — such position can cause negative reaction of official buyers.

The KM has allowed to give ten times more

The concept of the Russian budget

Confusion on 1/ 6 parts of a terrestrial land

In Russia the new system of a state security

Payments on an external debt of the USSR are delayed

On DECEMBER, 19TH in Moscow has passed a press - the conference devoted to prospects of development of civil aircraft and changes in its structure. In particular, the presentation of Department of air transport of Russia &mdash has taken place; the assignee bolshej parts abolished since new year MGA the USSR. As director Alexander Larin has told, the department urged to promote creation of independent airlines, privatisation of industrial links, and also aktsionirovaniju and reorganisation of structures were MGA. He will establish plugs of the prices and to grant licences for international transportation.

The land reform project

New firms with foreign participation

The bank of Russia has forbidden checks to cross border


To hold on VEST — means to move on the east

Russia has considered customs rates illegal. Also has cancelled

Alma - atinskaja a meeting of specific princes

Journalists and bankers have taken care of the " Safety "

The concept of the budget and the land reform project

Vadim Bakatin: awkward gesture of good will

Joint-stock company " the MINSK STOCK EXCHANGE " informs on sale of constant broker places in cost of 400 thousand rbl. with possibility of payment within two years. The time place for 1 year costs to 95 thousand rbl.

The selected works

New working out of firm " OLKOM " — it is everything that is necessary for the bookkeeper in daily work. " PRACTICAL GUIDANCE of the CHIEF ACCOUNTANT " will allow you to receive all information necessary for everyday work.

Protection of edge of Latvia has shot the peace bus

Bankruptcy of Foreign trade and investment bank: a habit — the second nature

Moscow: Councils against " popovskoj revolutions "

Obscene verses have collected in one book

The video market " " offers information system " the Film " for IBM - compatible computers. " a film " contains the most important information on the most popular films and their founders.

" the Trading house of GUM " it will be sold. However, without GUMa

Casino Valery suggests to meet New year with passion

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

The defensive concept of the CIS

The east played at all times far not last role in a peace arrangement, so moving of the Atlantic cyclones to this direction — a thing clear, especially in a cut of last political events. Another matter — consequences. The aspiration of air weights on the east will bring the European territory unstable, astable, more shortly, windy weather, and in such situation without purely east contemplation and, we will not be afraid this word, wisdom will endure all trick of elements is problematic. But do not despair. There are also good news. Meteorologists have again raised the song about positive anomaly. For those who yet has not remembered tightly that it means, we explain: if all life at this time year in northern areas of Russia was on the average — 11... - 15, in central — 8... - 13, and in southern — 2... - 4 this week will be on 2 — 5 degrees above. If at someone at this news has felt greatly relieved, accept congratulations. The reason of such state of affairs is covered in change on

There has passed presentation of the first sex - a shop

VPIK: almost billion is collected. Where to enclose?

Ukraine: without rouble?

ORTEX has submitted to the Soviet people second - hand


" the Project of introduction of the Russian non-cash rouble ": in each joke there is a share

New project RTSB: to Europe transit through Bruxelles

NATO seminar on safety of the Baltic States

On December, 30th — on January, 5th

Moscow will replenish with a monument

The London fog has dissipated. Also there was Artem Tarasov