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Economic situation in the CIS

Theme of week

Have then gone for a walk in a log hut, then fought not on rage...

The new price of publicity: two billion roubles

Russia in the United Nations

To hide currency is easier, than to convert roubles

The captain of militia struggled with change, without feeling sorry for itself

" the Siberian fair " is ready to become a superexhibition. To get money

AT FORMER level there were prices for nonferrous metals of the basic group at auctions MBTSM though as a whole last week exchange trade in metals considerably became more active — a considerable quantity of the currency transactions concluded at the auctions of the Stock exchange of metals (the tab. see), in particular, testifies to it .

The Public committee of the Russian reforms

Known liberal Zhirinovsky

Patriots have created new structure

To buy any of gone on sale in a booth " the Businessman " editions, it is enough to you to call by phone 255 - 00 - 18 from 10 o`clock till 20 o`clock and to make the order. The book will be sent you by mail. Mail the account for purchase will come also. Cost of the order 21 rbl.


Results of the auctions at stock exchanges of Russia (thousand rbl.)

Parliament of Russia against association of retaliatory departments

Russian MVS has moved on the Smolensk area

CPSU money is returned communists and invalids

The foreign trade and investment bank asserts that it not so have understood

Scandal round the Russian Law on the press

Resignation of president Gorbachev

The decision about property differentiation

The Olympic Games - 92: there are places for invalids

Civil war in Tbilisi

The Central Bank of Russia: the Moscow cash desks will have one owner

Reflexions are promoted usually by gardens: in Japan — the Rock-garden, in the video market " " — " the Garden " (Garden, 1991, Great Britain) Dereka Dzharmena.

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

DELEGATION RTSB which structure included also representatives of company RINAKO and the Russian national commercial bank, has returned on December, 21st from London.

Tennis: journalists have equated a feather to a racket

OPEN subscription to the actions declared on December, 23rd one of the commercial banks largest in Sverdlovsk area — " special design bureau - bank ".

COURSES of BUYING up and sale of currencies to private persons in commercial banks last week have not undergone considerable changes. According to observers, recently the tendency to their alignment gets steady enough character.

" Nika " - 91 has passed

Again it is necessary to go with an umbrella under the arm that in the end of December, you see, already simply it is indecent. New Year`s week on the European part of Russia promises to be warm and crude. Sleet, slush, a dank wind. And fault to all persevering nezhe lanie the Atlantic winds to blow where - nibud in other place.

Position about Customs committee of Russia

In Russia search for disguised Americans

In a definitive variant of the accepted law the profit tax rate is lowered from 35 % offered by the government to 32 % (that is is left at the level operating in 1991), that as it has been told during discussion, " not to undermine stabilisation of the Russian industry by excessively heavy tax ". Thus members of parliament have not listened to government assurances that 35 % are definitely necessary for budget filling.

On July, 29th — on August, 4th

The law of RSFSR

This week B.N.Yeltsin by right has deserved the higher praise: " it Has translated us Shakespeare Na language of native aspens ". B.N.Yeltsin`s parting with M.S.Gorbachev strongly looked like the next statement " the King Lyre " and not without some avant-gardism. B.N.Yeltsin has at once played at once two royal daughters — both Reganu, and Gonerilju — also has rigidly beaten off irrepressible claims domestic Lyre to leave to it in retinue two hundred knights. As that also is necessary under the play text, B.N.Yeltsin has judged, as it is enough of twenty. In the spirit of the same avant-gardism the domestic yellow press also has played at once roles of two characters — and the column Kentsky and gentle Kordelii. So branimaja hitherto M.S.Gorbachev a yellow press operating during former times by a principle " Kent will be rough, when the king is mad " has nowadays surrounded the disgraced president with care and love. It is necessary to hope, however, that similarity nevertheless remains incomplete and we will be relieved of rough scenes, it is fair razdrazhivshih in due time g

Siemens strengthens the market positions


Joint-stock company " FAJLER " on December, 24th has signed the contract from TASS about work on restoration a toner - cartridges (cartridges) for laser printers and copy machines.

Kasparov has created liberal fund

Czechs intend to bring to Russia self-trained computers

Penta Hotel: waiters feed with the strike promise

The Russian businessmen, probably, will receive jet " Silt "

G - zha Jane Kitson (Jane Kitson), the manager on business ties with the USSR corporations Lotus Development Corp. (USA)

Military - the political agreement of the CIS

The Susuman stock exchange will offer precious metals to noble businessmen

The contract with Estonia