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Currency auction of Moskomimuschestvo: foreigners only

neftegazstrojbank has decided to grow up on money of shareholders

NIPEK has closed itself Ural Mountains. Together with oil

New year in a society of Popova and Hasbulatova

The prices of the consumer market

The joint venture " Cheeks ": we will help you to cling to the big car

Moscow and area has overflowed " the Business wave "

" Menatep " has decided to operate the banks on-line

" Interagro ": the way to tax oases can appear short

The DIFFERENCE between the exchange rates established by commercial banks, last week on - former was rather essential. So, in some of banks in the beginning of week courses of purchase and sale have sharply jumped up, in others practically have not changed. Petrozavodsk Tekobank became the unconditional champion in the field of the prices for currency: since January, 3rd it buys up and sells currency at courses accordingly 180 and 198 rbl. for dollar.

The Russian program of privatisation

History about Vovochka and the model

The American body building in Russia: it is unprofitable, but it is class!

The best banks of Russia

The militia of St.-Petersburg has exposed a gang in the numbers

When - nibud we here will think up something — it let does not influence sending

Petersburg obkom during putsch: was not, did not consist, did not participate

The allied customs is liquidated

Dzhohar Dudaev and Ruslan Utsiev concluded the economic alliance

Universally - the convertible barter goods

Meeting of Tretjaka with Tarasovym: while it is absolutely clear that it is clear nothing

The Petersburg mayoralty has helped prison children

Having congratulated each other happy New Year, on new happiness, on January, 2nd citizens of Russia have gone on trading enterprises to study, as this new happiness looks. It is necessary to tell that forecasts of pessimists have not justified. The Russian governors as lines of an incense were afraid of heavy social consequences and did everything that it has not turned out, as in 1948, when in Germany, on delicate expression " German Gaydar " g - on Erharda, " the pendulum of the prices everywhere has broken borders moral and admissible ". In care about moral and admissible controlled prices have been established below equilibrium, and monetary weight razduta to chrezvychajnosti and consequently no awful shock from January therapy has occurred - - counters and remained empty, well and this native and habitual show can shock unless those in whom it is inherent " full neznane the country of customs and the persons, met only at maidens ".

The prices are released on freedom even in prisons

Exhibitions, fairs and salons in December, 1991

To buy any of gone on sale in a booth " the Businessman " editions, it is enough to you to call by phone 255 - 00 - 18 from 10 o`clock till 20 o`clock and to make the order. The book will be sent you by mail. Mail the account for purchase will come also. Cost of the order 21 rbl.

LEKO asserts that knows about foreign trade activities all

Ukraine has made an application on the introduction into IMF

The known antimilitarist pursues the Criminal code

" Interperiodika ": sex at us is not present. And the science is

Civil war in Tbilisi

In Peter have started to do sports motor vehicles for fops

Teleauction " the Gong ": to buy expensively, to rent terribly

BANSO will sell America with loading

The decree on regulation of deliveries from Russia

Sodiet Ltd offers as partners poltyshchi the Italian firms

MFO " MENATEP " on December, 29th it was executed three years. According to chairman of the board Michael Khodorkovsky, now in system " Menatep " enter 25 banks having more of 20 banks - correspondents abroad. Investments first of all will become, as he said, in privatisation of objects of building industry, the industrial enterprises, objects of export base and agriculture.

On a screen version of the humanitarian help there is no one million dollars

Revival of the forgotten traditions

MBIT: the information costs exact money

Failure of the Minsk meeting of heads of Commonwealth

The bank of Russia liberalised credit rates. Now keep

Germans master the computer pornodrawing

Secrets of GAI for roubles and currency

" the Independent newspaper " has sent Oleg Efremova to resignation

The chronicle

Meeting with champagne for freedom of members GKCHP

The high society says goodbye to Grebenshchikovym and Kuryokhin

Football: bankers open the account

Has passed hearing about resignation of Sobchaka