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Stock quotes of the American companies on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange (NYSE) for January, 13th

Ministry of Communications - - newspaper retail: die, unfortunate!

The foreign trade review

Crisis of the Soviet parliamentarism: the power executive was tired of the power legislative

Video hire rating

Export of raw materials from Russia: Muscovites will eat on a competitive basis

Supercomputers understand a conjuncture faster other

Hotel " Central ": five new stars on an old facade

" the White laser " shines most likely to Japanese

Yeltsin`s decree privatisation in Moscow will go even faster, than earlier

Yeltsin has got under court

Substantive provisions of the Law on pledge

On - good premises

KGB is shown Soviet - the American claim

Gamsahurdia has left a place of the exile

According to Boris Yeltsin`s Decree from November, 15th " About foreign trade activities liberalisation in territory of RSFSR " on the eve of New year the package of documents on practical realisation of the Decree has been developed. The package consists of the Decree of the president " About formation of the Republican currency reserve of the Russian Federation in 1992 " (#1) and two decisions - - " About licensing and kvotirovanii export and import of the goods (works, services) in territory of the Russian Federation in 1992 " and " About introduction of the export tariff for the separate goods which are taken out from territory of the Russian Federation ".

The TORIBANK has put on private persons

The prices for foodstuff in cities of Russia (13 - - on January, 17th)

Unlike the previous list kvotiruemyh and the licensed goods, SM of RSFSR including under the decision #445 from August, 27th, 1991 of 159 commodity positions, according to new order 196 positions (the appendix #1 see) are carried to number licensed and kvotiruemyh already. It, however, does not mean that the number of the licensed goods has considerably increased: simply part of the goods, in particular, medicinal raw materials of a vegetative and animal origin, is transferred from group of the goods which export needs specific licences, in group kvotiruemyh the goods.

The new government of Moscow

To buy any of gone on sale in a booth " the Businessman " editions, it is enough to you to call by phone 255 - 00 - 18 from 10 o`clock till 20 o`clock and to make the order. The book will be sent you by mail. Mail the account for purchase will come also. Cost of the order 21 rbl.

Grave-diggers struggle for the best life

Moscow Region: privatisation with the consent of a state security

The factory manager in the fifth time is discharged of a post

The joint venture " Kamtel ": from secrets " oboronki " — to trademark Siemens

The Russian Law on pledge

Boris Yeltsin and Vitautas Landsbergisa`s meeting

Tatarstan, probably, will brake " KamAZ ". By means of GAI

The ADDITIONAL agreement to the initial contract have signed 16 - - on January, 17th in Perm 35 broker offices, before formed contractual community on primary placing of securities " System " (see #42 for 1991). According to Yury Gantmana, the vice-president investitsionno - broker firm " Sigma - 2 " (the initiator of creation " Systems ") The new agreement does " System " a dealer network: before it worked as community of brokers, however two-month experience has shown that to brokers is unprofitable to place actions on the commission beginnings, and they prefer to buy up share holdings and then pereprodavat them, leaving itself all difference between face value and by the market.

Small cleaning in KPSSHA

The western credits are still frozen

" Elena " will warm everybody. To it without a difference. It nuclear

The Kazakhstan concept VES

This week the Russian people, all progressive mankind were in terrible danger - - over the world has hung ominous zhovto - blakitnaja a shade, and plans of Kiev torn to world supremacy, were very close to realisation. However vigilant G.H.Popov, similarly kapitolijskomu to a goose, has managed to begin to guffaw and clear loudly from a dream of careless Russians: information investigation of the mayoralty has opened that L. M.Kravchuk is going to grasp nuclear cellars and to achieve thus world supremacy. That is why pronikshy in these predatory plans G.H.Popov has demanded in every possible way " to increase orders oboronno - to an industrial complex ". Henceforth not that free Russians, but also their grandsons and great-grandsons will joyfully celebrate that on January, 13th - - anniversary of the wonderful rescue - - loud singing of a patriotic song " Also flied down to the ground gajdamaki under the pressure of a steel and fire ". Thus the put forward G.H.Popovym`s realisation of the slogan " Guns instead of oil " promises also other, additional convenience: there will be no oil - - will not be

G - n Akira Ogihara (Akira Ogihara), the manager

The management of Crewe of the State Bank of the USSR has left in commerce

Officer meeting in the Kremlin

PVIK: vsesibirsky the union of all with all

In Minsk have begun " to cut " coupons

The prices dance on the occasion of freedom

" the Moscow sabre ": if, invent, try

Mission " Conversion " in Kuwait: chinks have gone out, and millions have burnt down?

Stock exchange BINITEK undertook to protect brains

Teachers were frightened of penalties

Property of Goskominturista yet dodelili

The stockbroker judged for gamble

On MTB the new section &mdash is created; personally for computers

Volleyball: a command of youth of Yeltsin

Factor of currency efficiency of the foreign trade operations

The RUSSIAN MARKET of metals past week became more active, having answered liberalisation of the prices and change in tax system with sharp rise in prices for the basic groups of metals. On MBTSM, for example, the general index of rise in prices for exchange metals has made 210 %. However, by calculations of experts MBTSM, the prices of the Russian market at the operating rate of exchange of rouble on - former remain below world level.