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Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

Habitation auctions: expensive goods have suddenly gone hodko

The president of Ukraine has found loyal Ukrainians

Alliance in Kaliningrad: KTFB and " the Alliance " have decided to live together

Scandal in trade union of miners: " SHushpanov, where money JUICE? "

Tenjakov has presented one million to the ill-wishers

The BOARD of the INTER-REGIONAL exchange union (MBS) has spent on February, 7th in Moscow the 3 - j plenum. Now members of the union are 160 stock exchanges and broker firms, and also some private persons. The board has considered questions of interexchange interaction within the limits of MBS, developments of a network of regional representations, problems of formation of a securities market and activity of stock exchanges. The new Russian system of the taxation of intermediary activity has been subjected criticism.

FORMATION of system of trading houses of the beginnings versatile exchange concern " Hermes ". Creation of trading structures in Moscow, in the south of Russia, in Siberia Is supposed.

Montgomery and " Sovleks " have developed a portfolio of papers for Russian investors

Manufacturers " himki " refer to a brotherly feast

10 - - on February, 16th

The Ryazan City Council intends to bargain with investors

" Russian America ": after our massage you do not learn yourselves

The ANALYSIS of results of the January auctions of a stock exchange " the Russian paper " and the prices for a paper, developed at other stock exchanges, has allowed experts " the Russian paper " to bring the first results of functioning of the market of paper production in the conditions of liberalisation of the prices and a new tax policy. In the resulted table crossed out sections do not mean total absence of the goods at the auctions of stock exchanges. The paper of these marks was on sale in small quantities, therefore calculation of the average real price by analysts " the Russian paper " it was not spent.

Kaliningrad SEZ East Prussia has outpassed

To buy any of the editions which have gone on sale in a booth " the Businessman " it is enough to you to call by phone 255 - 00 - 18 from 10 o`clock till 20 o`clock and to make the order. The book will be sent you by mail. Mail the account for purchase will come also. Cost of the order 5 rbl.

" Ostankino " has given a hand to Commonwealth

BSE guarantees: brokers will not deceive you

Presidential fashion - 92

LAST week courses of buying up and sale of currencies in regional banks remained at former level. The exception was made by Kemerovo Kuzbassotsbank in whom the dollar exchange rate has fallen for a week to 5 points. Without restrictions sold currency Petrozavodsk Tekobank, branch AvtoVaZbanka in Tolyatti and Uzhgorod Lesbank. Here on - former the currency offer exceeded demand for it.

Turks dressed Sverdlovsk. And it has put on them

Theme of week

The Central Bank of Russia: we trust, but we will check up. If we can

The prices for nonferrous metals at the Russian stock exchanges last week (thousand rbl./)

Nagornyj Karabah leaves on international scene

In Estonia will nationalise the Russian objects

In Davos

A Markt: the Dutch ambassador has bought - - means, and it is possible for you

Deputies of the USSR demand congress

Put up money in the American trifle. It is more favourable

Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU: does not fight, does not break, but only somersaults

Aktsionirovanie ZiLa: one hundred billions? It will be small!

" Demrossija " prepares the law about ljustratsijah

The instruction about gathering for customs registration of the goods Cheaply is accepted, but it is illegal

The mayoralty has entered a payment for meetings and demonstrations


Privatisation in Moscow has gone according to plan. Go, the child, go

Stock quote of the American companies (in use in Russia) on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange for February, 4th on 15. 00 (according to THE FINANCIAL TIMES from 05. 02. 92)

In Ekaterinburg the elite sobering-up station

The PAST week has been noted by an important event in stock market of Russia: Siberian FB the first among stock exchanges liquidated the status of owners of broker places, having fulfilled requirements " Time position about release and the reference of securities and stock exchanges ". This procedure has been executed how experts (see #5) assumed: owners of broker places became shareholders, the size of the authorised capital of a stock exchange has increased, and face value of the action was reduced (from 200 thousand to 100 thousand rbl.) . In connection with the increased number of shareholders experts assume some decrease in course stock value SFB. Exists, however, and a tendency counteracting this process: last week it became known about forthcoming association of efforts SFB and the Asian stock exchange on a share direction, and distribution of influence SFB on the areas of Eastern Siberia mastered by the Asian stock exchange can prevent falling of a course of its actions.

In the USSR have remembered prisoners of nazism. Also have reminded Germans

Results of the auctions at stock exchanges of Russia

Italians in Russia: we will show to you, as well as on what to do meal

Yeltsin in France

EXCHANGE trade in metals last week has considerably quickened. So, at auctions MBTSM activization of transactions on primary aluminium of various marks the prices on which were stabilised at level 100 - - 120 thousand rbl./ t proceeded. As experts MBTSM testify, most at a stock exchange copper, nickel, tin and zinc use a great demand. In this connection analysts MBTSM first of all expect rise in prices for this group of metals.

Vigorous time of reorganisation has generated interesting custom of celebrating " gorbachevskoj pancake weeks ". It consisted that in the beginning - the middle of February citizens, instead of visiting to each other and there are pancakes with various kinds of fishes, to go for a drive on three and to storm snow fortresses, began noisy crowds to visit the Supreme power, mercilessly to scold and storm it thus last bastions of communism. The custom has taken root: though Michael Sergeevich has left in private life, gorbachevskaja the pancake week amuses again Russians. Thus - - in full conformity to M.M.Bakhtin`s works concerning national festivals - - there was a carnival inversion: now on a capital Manezhnaya Square democrats, and patriots gather not and accordingly storm bastions not communism, and capitalism. On the contrary, democrats are going to defend submissively the White house in fear that the excited patriots will not be satisfied with symbolical damnations on Manezhnoj. Thus, " ` Ur! ` from drinks of the patriot " and "

The instruction

The Moscow signalmen: the season of hunting for faxes is opened

Foreigners have become interested in domestic medical equipment

Kravchuk in Germany