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The president about the Russian foreign policy

G - n George Kohon (George Cohon), the president and the chairman of the board of firm McDonald`s Restaurants of Canada Ltd., the vice-president of board of the joint venture " Moscow — MakDonalds "

The children`s fund of Lenin has sold KGB property

The nuclear doctrine of Tambov

The review of changes in legislations of the former Soviet republics

The Moscow privatisation has again begun

eks - the public prosecutor has written about eks - the president

Tennis in " to the Seagull ": at them even the roof goes according to your desire

The clap in Moscow here - here will go with " Wheels "

For James Bejkera who has already overcome on the office trips a way, equal to distance from the Earth to the Moon, visit to the Commonwealth countries was, probably, the most exotic: it has passed on the new states with unusual names, on cities in general without names (Chelyabinsk - 70), has got acquainted with new leaders and unknown manners. Having arrived together with " the air bridge " the USA - - the CIS, opened deliveries of the humanitarian help, and on the eve of day of St. Valentine (on February, 14th) - - a holiday of all enamoured, Bejker has solved more strong vljubit in itself and America new members of the world community. Thus he in every possible way underlined that the friend of America to become simple, it is necessary to observe only human rights and minority and not to aspire in " nuclear club ". The establishment of direct communications with heads of the states CIS " was the main thing in visit; on principles, the important USA for administration ". (Is more detailed about James Bejkera`s spot-check across the CIS p. 23) see.

1. Between Mininformpechatju of the Russian Federation and ASKI half a year back practically was not mutual relations. The ministry was engaged in the Russian publishing houses, and the allied publishing houses entering in ASKI, were in conducting the Ministry of the information and the press of the USSR (Goskompechat of the USSR). The association (ASKI) - is one more dependent on a body of the state publishing houses. Management ASKI for what does not answer, and lives at the expense of deductions of the state publishing houses. Politician Mininformpechati of RSFSR on demonopolization of publishing houses (for 1991 it is registered about two thousand independent publishing houses) - death for ASKI. From here and such activity. Over dependents has hung " deadly threat ".

On August, 1st at the first auctions MTSFB 3 actions of the All-Russia stock exchange of real estate at the price of 1 million 800 thousand rbl. have been sold at a 250 thousand face-value

The selected works

On February, 24th - - on March, 1st

Trade in cars: the government throws out cars on the black market

Apartments on " to Valdis ": everything that want. Though the sky in a section

American Oldsmobile it is completely not old. It superstar

In Penta Hotel the Kitchen of currency hotel has lifted a head opozitsija

To buy any of gone on sale in a booth " the Businessman " editions, it is enough to you to call by phone (095 255 - 00 - 18 from 10 o`clock till 20 o`clock and to make the order. The book will be sent you by mail. Mail the account for purchase will come also. Cost of the order 32 rbl.

The program of telecasts

Director Aldashin has helped Americans with wood

On February, 10th in mountains of Tuva unprecedented operation on a mass burial place of the yaks who have fallen from a plague has come to the end. Mor has amazed hundreds animal, their corpses have covered slopes of Sayan mountains with a steepness 60 - - 70 degrees. To remove them therefrom and destroy in order to avoid epidemic distribution across Krasnoyarsk region the rescuers caused from Moscow and Krasnoyarsk could only. In " brotherly " a burial ground have buried 271 yaks. It is necessary to understand, whether people and if yes, to understand with the guilty are guilty of animal tragedy.

Here and in the street Charles Marx a holiday

ACCORDING TO representatives of firm " Brok - Invest - Service " on February, 18th in an off-exchange turn the large transaction with actions of the trading house " is fixed; Ural Mountains - Hermes ". 38 actions have been sold on 110 thousand rbl. that considerably exceeds their face-value (50 thousand rbl.) and a current market rate (65 - 70 thousand rbl.) . According to observers, interest of investors to papers " Ural Mountains - Hermes " speaks potentially high dividendnym a covering of these actions.

Yeltsin has thrown Rutsky on an agricultural field

The block 1. BUSINESS NEWS 4

" Volga of Yachts the Charter ": uik - end under sails and tipsy

The TORIBANK has started to finance the investors

Cinema-men - - Verhsovetu: give the law, and we will buy the rest

Cottages in Sverdlovsk: in the morning — money, in the evening, maybe, — chairs

VPTO " the Video film " it was adjusted on the English program

The NEXT open auctions Russian pushno - fur tanning commodity - a raw stock exchange " the Moscow fur auction " have taken place on February, 20th in pavilion " Animal industries " the All-Russia exhibition centre. At the auctions following prices are fixed: skins of the squirrel - - 60 rbl./ piece, skins of a fox serebristo - black - - 6,2 thousand rbl./ piece, skins jalovka - - from 25 to 43 rbl./ kg, pork kozhsyre - - 35 rbl./ a skin, dyes for a skin - 1,250 million rbl./ t, a fur coat from a fox serebristo - black - - 95,5 thousand rbl./ piece

Radio telephones AMT left abroad and have fallen in price


Habitation auctions: the starting prices so have jumped up that the final got

Stock quote of the American companies (in use in Russia) on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange for February, 18th at 15:00 (according to THE FINANCIAL TIMES from 19. 02. 92)

At whom is VISA, " the passport " to Britain it is provided

In Russia there is a law on foreign investments. And in the Union something like that on July, 4th VS Russia was passed by the Law of RSFSR " About foreign investments ". Next day after rough discussion VS the USSR has accepted the similar document of allied level — " Bases of the legislation of the USSR about foreign investments ".

Russian-speaking Paradox began to be on sale for Russian money

HIGH level of sales volumes of principal views of nonferrous metals at auctions MBTSM has remained and last week. Under the concluded transactions of the price have exceeded level of the previous auctions. The greatest rise in prices (on the average on 40 %) is marked on copper of high-grade marks (the IOC, MI), demand on which remains rather big. The volume of offers on the basic constructional nonferrous metals, and also on the rare and rare-earth metals realised both for roubles, and for currency has considerably increased.

In Moscow here - here will open share komissionka

Made a noise

The review of investment activity

Pepsi - Cola: to Russia with ware, from Russia with " Greetings "

Svjatoslav Feodors has decided to take money not only for eyes

In the best houses

They are searched by America

Theme of week

Alexander Abdulov - - in a role of the manager

In Sverdlovsk tormoznuli registration