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The international women`s day 8 Martha has gone beyond all limits

Film festival: 30 brokers descend at cinema for one million roubles

The law on entrance and departure yet does not operate. And money for it already demands

On March, 17th: the invitation to execution

LAST week at auctions MBTSM drop in prices practically on all groups of metals, except for tin, lead and bronze proceeded. Absolute reduction of prices under the concluded transactions has on the average made approximately 10 %, and on copper of various marks - - 15 - - 20 %. Experts MBTSM believe that such situation is caused by decrease in solvent demand and restriction of export possibilities of the enterprises by the government of Russia.

Scandal with MMM: Mavrodi has accused militiamen

Television: two ways rather fair otema money at musicians

The new chairman of Committee on the international affairs

The PAST week has shown again comparative advantages (at a present level of development of stock market) the auction form of trade in securities. The prices fixed during traditional exchange auction, spent by share shop " Antares " on March, 11th, essentially exceeded the prices of transactions for the majority of stock exchanges. So, on the average cost of standard packages from 100 actions RINAKO has made 130 thousand rbl., VPIK - - 130 - - 140 thousand rbl. (actions were offered face value 1 thousand rbl.) . Exposed at the symbolical starting price - - 1 rbl. - - the right of rent within 2,5 years of a place of regular customer MTB has been sold as a result for 700 thousand rbl. that, by estimations of observers, also exceeds the level which has developed in the market. " gold " options for purchase of actions of the Susuman stock exchange " Kolyma " and joint-stock company " the Russian gold " caused smaller, than before an agiotage and have been bought: the first - - for 1,6 million rbl. (excess of starting cost on 50 thousand rbl.) The second - - for 1,5 million rbl. (on starting the prices

The local authorities follow from oil wells

Burzhevye news: MTSBN has bypassed a law letter

12 MARTHA in Moscow the meeting of exchange council of the International mining stock exchange (MGPB) has taken place. The decision within March to expand structure of shareholders of a stock exchange Is accepted. According to general manager MGPB Alexey Potapov, the legal body who has got not less of two actions by a face-value of 250 thousand of rbl. can become the shareholder It is supposed that the number of shareholders will include the enterprises mining and gornoobrabatyvajushchej branches, and also a number of specialised stock exchanges.

Leaving since Monday in holiday M.S.Gorbachev in quality dembelskogo a chord has devoted itself to dialogue with g - nom Bush. Also has worked fairly: both having signed set of useful agreements, and overcoming various technical malfunctions with which visit extremely abounded: that has deteriorated sinhron on a press - conferences in it is new - ogarevskom the estate of CIA and KGB could not agree in any way, in what hall to be engaged in special service and in what to have dinner.

The chemistry and life

" the Marseillaise " has frightened Mitterand`s wife

The international intermediary in Karabahe

Balance of Russian joint-stock commercial bank for January, 1st, 1992 (thousand rbl.)

11 MARTHA Egor Gaydar has signed the decision " About joint-stock investitsionno - building bank (promstrojbanke) " according to which Promstrojbanku the right to finance priority government programs of development of the industry, transport and communication is transferred.

Results of the auctions at stock exchanges of Russia

Intel has brought to the CIS the new chips

Yeltsin has called bankers to the aid

The Russian budget: and always something does not suffice me

The government has anticipated strike


Personnel officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have approved the American philosopher


Publicists have decided to succeed in business

In Ekaterinburg search for the humanitarian help

Holding on holding, a brick on a brick


Balance of the Moscow commercial bank " the Industry - Service " for January, 1st, 1992 (thousand rbl.)

Americans have pleased Borovogo

The white house — the Kremlin — republics: such the diplomatic protocol yet vidyval

Search as the science engine

Destruction of Russian submarines: without Americans has not managed

To buy any of gone on sale in a booth " the Businessman " editions, it is enough to you to call by phone 255 - 00 - 18 from 10 o`clock till 20 o`clock and to make the order. The book will be sent you by mail. Mail the account for purchase will come also. Cost of the order 32 rbl.

The Russian federal contract is paraphed

The last week, as well as before last R.I.Hasbulatova remembered by a Tuscan trip, has been marked by strengthening Russian - the Italian cultural contact. In Moscow the ancient Venetian custom of a betrothal of the doge with the sea has definitively taken roots. The day before 8 Martha of TASS has been authorised to declare to the Soviet and foreign journalists that vysheoznachennaja ceremony will take place again in Silver to the Pine forest. However, if, it agree " to the Song vedenetskogo the visitor " " the mighty prince in a gold palace is betrothed by a ring with the sea dark blue " on March, 8th the Moscow doge G.H.Popov and vitse - the doge Ju. M.Luzhkov have become engaged to the Moscow reservoirs not by throwing in them of rings, and by public in them okunanija. Also, unfortunately, there was no mass driving on gondolas though a condition of the Moscow streets quite it and allows. Opponents of the mayor, as usual, are dissatisfied with a wedding ceremony and reach that attribute G.H.Popovu eksgibitsionistskie bents. But than to compare G.H.Popova with ZH - Z.Russo where the prefloor

The Law on private investigation and protection

Private school: 4 months - - and the diploma of the translator at you in a pocket

Lucky - GoldStar: billions are ready, business behind guarantees

The transfer proceeds: " Hope " will die last

The Tatar question is recognised by unconstitutional

Samara: process about trade in children

The monopolism is translated on a criminal basis

Consulting: the more questions - - the more than advisers

The COOK, possibly, will remove restrictions on export of fiber optics in the CIS

" ExNet - InKo " has decided to attempt upon monopoly of Ministry of Communications

DELEGATION Inkombanka headed by chairman of the board Vladimir Vinogradovym, has returned on March, 8th to Moscow from a trip to the USA. According to the chief of the main currency management of bank Vladimir Dudkin, during a trip have passed negotiations with representatives of large investment banks, in particular Bankers Trust Company, given preliminary the consent to participation in financing of some projects to territories of Russia. Estimating prospects of this cooperation, Dudkin has noticed that speech can go about tens, if not hundreds millions dollars.

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons