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The original scheme of repayment of the Soviet debts

COUNCIL of voluntary assistance to development (SDSR) at the United Nations has developed the original project under the name " the Way on advantage " which official presentation has taken place in Moscow on April, 10th. The project is directed on distribution to Russia to the concept of free business and provides, in particular, creation in the country (first of all in a province) business schools and information centres, selection of partners for business cooperation, realisation of long-term programs of an exchange, and also revealing of the most perspective directions for attraction of foreign investments into economy of separate regions and cities.

" a Comtek - 92 ": it is a little noise, but anything

BANSO continues to trade in apartments on the TV

The friendship is not on sale. But it is bought

Market quotations Bank and office exchange rates for private persons the Average market rate

The party task to remember all by name

The meeting which has opened week of citizens of Russia has come to an end konfuzno - - almost as the congress which has taken place one and a half months ago of civil and patriotic forces. If citizens and patriots has involved in D.D.Vasilev`s bad story in a role of the malicious genius simply citizens G.H.Popov has acted: having found out obvious signs of new big democratic lifting, he has urged citizens to be stirred to action, to develop demonstrations, demonstrations and ljustratsii and to open a season of two-year permanent reorganisation - - with modification of all administratively - territorial division of Russia, landslide voting and construction of a civil society in struggle fire. Restrained and bogobojaznennye citizens with shouts " chur, chur me! " have escaped from meeting, being afraid that them will suspect of conspiratorial plans, and G.H.Popov remained with the pismovoditeljami to improve the further plans of struggle and to show that there is no prophet in the fatherland. However, in another`s fatherland the mayor voice has been heard. Having overcome oceanic

Investments from GVM: Tarasov speaks - - well, Sterligov - - it is bad. Them, businessmen, you will not understand

Privatisation in Bottom: was on what to look

The Moscow taxi drivers do not hasten to become " private traders "

In Belarus CPSU secrets roll underfoot

Art have taken down on a stock exchange

Lithuania leaves to Europe with the currency — wine and vodka

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

Yet Moulin Rouge, but any more Taganka

Fractions of the Russian parliament

Near Yerevan military warehouses of the CIS

Gold-rush in the wild East

On the western front of struggle against economic ruin in the CIS


Again divide the Black Sea fleet

New Dvorsky in prison: I pass to reception in party

The new management of customs has preferred old custom duties

Russian and World News

The chronicle

Russian - Turkish collision on waters


Dispute for " the Movie centre " proceeds

In the best houses

The Chinese syndrome in Perm: for one Chinese ten Russian give

Switzerland has given out Russia the citizen of Israel

On Sakhalin vodka and snack on 0,5 million dollars

Lithuania has tortured " Freedom "

The general director has offended the joint venture on 137 thousand dollars

The block 1. Business news 4

The Soviet power still lives, but any more does not win

Cultural evening on a summer residence at businessmen

From April, 17 till April, 27th the most luxurious currency restaurants of Moscow offer the clients the special easter menu. As Catholic the holiday (on April, 19th) will smoothly pass in orthodox (on April, 26th), at a choice of dishes the administration has tried to please representatives of both faiths.

Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba: Moscow has bought the third as

The Moscow currency trade: 2:0 in favour of rouble

The most known figures of a domestic and world policy this week have shown themselves a little: who on rest, who in travelling. M.S.Gorbachev and g - n Bush have as though confirmed worthy ancient heroes friendship, having gone on leave simultaneously. Minister of Internal Affairs B.K.Pugo has appeared so is shaken by murder of the Lithuanian customs officers that has left efforts on investigation of act of terrorism and together with the assistant general B.V.Gromovym has gone to holiday to be treated for nervous shock consequences. Their antagonist g - n Landsbergis has a rest also. Russians, truth, are more active. B.N.Yeltsin travels on the Tyumen edge and behaves in the manner of oil sheikhs of the sample of 1973: at the height of war of the Doomsday those suited to the Western Europe and the USA a pretty energy crisis. B.N.Yeltsin, apparently, is going to make the same on open spaces of the former USSR. And R.I.Hasbulatov has gone to Tuapse and struggles there with tornadoes.

HUNDRED Citroens: the, as always, out of turn

The MOSKOMIMUSCHESTVO accepts from April, 14 till April, 27th application forms for participation in competition on sale of trading enterprises and public catering. On competition which will take place on April, 29th, two prizes will be exposed: a bakery with a cellar (street Kurgan, 6; obshch. Square of 488 and 464 sq. m, the starting price of 8 million rbl.), located in an extension to the house, and a two-storeyed building from a bakery, pub and a basement (the Shchelkovo highway, 13; obshch. Square of 557 and 683 sq. m, the starting price of 13 million rbl.) . At definition of winners the commission will be guided by following criteria: the greatest price of the offer at preservation of a profile of the enterprise, investment of means in object and maintenance of employment of attendants.

The film market in Sochi gets new scope

To Moscow will bring inexpensive bank systems

20 - - on April, 26th

Business continuation about " red mercury " follows

Joint-stock company " Logos " rushes fur products

Peter: the Million street becomes street of millionaires