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" the Legend ABT the knight " has RCVed gran - at " the Gold swan " in Moscow

the Jazz - Vudi Allen`s orchestra will play Quixote honour

Zherar Depardieu has opened in Paris the second restaurant

" Vympelcom " has RCVed tax requirements for 2002

Official ceremony of the introduction into a post of the governor of the Volgograd region will take place on January, 14th

In Stavropol Territory the former major of militia is denounced for swindle

fluctuations of level of Pacific water area

Leonid Kuchma and Vladimir Rushajlo have discussed questions of bilateral cooperation of Russia and Ukraine

the European Union enters the austerity measures, allowing to CK quality of the foodstuffs on all industrial chain

On Thursday nominees " are declared; Ivan Petrovicha Belkin`s literary award " on the best story of year

Michael Margelov supports expansion of a foreign policy part of the forthcoming message of the president to Federal Meeting

the MSG the press - services of the president of Moldova ABT cancellation of obligatory studying of Russian at schools is not CFMed yet

on electronic mail to the Olympic champion on shorts - to a track of American Apolo It is engaged in Investigation of numerous threats in FBI

the Potential Polish cosmonaut - the tourist doubts that will depart to space after its plans have been sounded by Rosavikosmosom

the Prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon declared the immediate beginning of creation " a buffer zone " on all border W territories of Palestinian autonomy

the US State department confirms ABT absence of progress in advancement of Belarus 2 democratisation

at the given stage its leader Michael Prusak considers as the Primary goal of Democratic party of Russia not participation in elections, and discussion of amendments 2 the Constitution

In the government of Russia do not exclude deliberate campaign for discredit of the Russian Olympic team

the Pentagon asserts that the USA did not make any decision on placing of the armies on a constant basis in Central Asia

the Government of Canada allocates 125 million dollars to suspend leak of minds from the country

Kuwait countenances the initiative of Saudi Arabia ABT normalisation of relations W Israel

the Head of the Duma international committee Dmitry Rogozin names the Olympic Games in Solt - Lejk - City " a farce " the USA the Head of the Duma international committee Dmitry Rogozin also accuses of the organisation dishonest Olympic games

Till the end of current year Cyprus will cancel restrictions on capital export abroad

New scandal on the winter Olympic Games - for 15 minutes prior to the beginning of start female Russian national team, the main applicant on " is removed from ski relay race; gold "

the Palestinian movement " FATH - an intifada " criticises the initiative of Saudi Arabia on settlement of relations W Israel

Senators are revolted by the decision on disqualification of the Russian female national team on cross-countries

the Helicopter of Army of the USA was wrecked in the sea at coast of Philippines - onboard there were 12 military men

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland voices the Israeli ambassador deep concern of Bern in connection with conflict escalation in the Near East

a Series of attempts to discredit the Russian national team in Solt - Lejk - City provokes Moscow to refusal of the further participation in the Olympic games

the Quotation of the basic indexes on Tokyo and Nju - Jorsky stock exchanges gradually increases

the Olympic champion Nina Gopova - Trofimova considers that Russian national team should not interrupt in nowise the performance in Solt - Lejk - City

More than 28 tys false dollars the Russian frontier guards in a train " have withdrawn; Astana - Moscow "

For the first time for last 40 years the Austrian mail prepares for strike

In Moscow express concern in the peace process termination in Colombia

the Doctor of national teams of Belarus considers that an event in Solt - Lejk - City - not struggle against a dope, and battle for huge money

In Germany from - for the smoked coffee automatic machine the plane W 200 passengers onboard was developed in air and has returned to the airport

to the Russian side it is refused in perestartovke the Olympic ski relay race among women

Telekompanija En - bi - si declares that in a hockey match against Russia on " a map national pride of the USA " is put;

Strong snowfalls in Germany became the reason of cancellation of session ex - the German economic and financial advice

Vyacheslav Fetisovu does not know ABT preparing a dope - the test concerning the goalkeeper of the Russian Olympic team on hockey B4 a match W Americans

the US State department denies MSG on change of a policy of the USA on use of the nuclear weapon against the non-nuclear states

Swindlers from administration of Surgut have avoided criminal punishment, having been amnestied

Sergey Yastrzhembsky considers that the authority of Russia as powers is far from level what it was in Soviet Union

the US State department denies MSG on change of a policy of the United States on use of the nuclear weapon against the non-nuclear states

Football player David Bekhem expects replenishment in a family

Javier Solana is satisfied by how there is a process of destruction of the chemical weapon to Russia

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Joshka Fisher has expressed concern concerning the military policy of the USA

At conference in LDN it is recognised by expedient to facilitate debt burden of Georgia, Kirghizia, Moldova and Tajikistan

In Moscow consider that 4 cooperation of Russia and the USA in power sphere have developed all objective preconditions

the Congress of the USA has brought the judicial suit against vice-president Richard Chejni