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The person on the bridge

Near Vologda the veteran of OMON has alone constructed the bridge, having saved annual poselkovyj the budget

the Bridge of 90 with superfluous metres and in the width in metre according to the most conservative estimates a local management would manage in 500 - 600 thousand roubles. And on building (again - taki under the most timid assumptions) year - ones and a half would leave. Local umelets Nikolay Sokolov has consulted for 5 months and did not take for work copecks, moreover has refused from narechenija the bridge the name. Has designed, has hammered in piles, has laid a flooring, has made a handrail, having leant the elbows on which daily hours listens duck krjakane. Also accepts congratulations of passing by fellows villager for which suddenly became at all the favourite. The wizard. Only in interview to the correspondent " the Spark " 52 - the summer captain of militia admitted that did a fairy tale bylju not for fellows villager or personal glory, and for mum. " the old woman " has not lived; the national hero sighs. He also thinks of it, observing a smooth course of a duck family.

... In the settlement Nepotjagovo name pessimism and provocative disbelief is felt. You will not pull supposedly and do not undertake. One and a half centuries ago Nepotjagovo has not confused the inventor of the first Russian plane Alexander Mozhajsky today a hill from which he jumped with the first wings from a canvas, show to tourists.

Nikolay Sokolov the person of a similar warehouse of character. Its altruism was as it is impossible more by the way. The new governor of the Vologda area has inherited from former a debt in 30 mlrd roubles and declared the strict economy. The line of expenses on capital construction has shrivelled before assignments for completions of those objects which cannot be frozen.

the " capital construction " Nikolay Sokolov has begun that has frozen the future object. To do without mostostroitelnoj technics, has waited, while the river will freeze. After that benzopiloj cut out in ice square windows with an interval in 3 metres. In them it has driven in hollow piles spent for purchase of a trumpet profile of 50 thousand roubles to settlement has come from one of parties on the eve of December elections. The mechanism for zabivanija piles has been invented on own backyard. It reminds a children`s swing. Instead of " a pendulum " 50 - the kilogramme weight which Nikolay Sokolov in militian stay threw in the mornings, on a rope. The inventor pulls a rope on itself (it creeps on a castor), and then lets it go. The weight falls from two metres and beats on svae. 60 piles Nikolay Aleksandrovich, sometimes by means of the younger son, but more often alone, has hammered for 2 weeks.

now, when about me newspapers write and on the TV have shown, there were offended. You, speak, the individualist. Why, say, has not asked about the help? And I zareksja to hope for a long time for someone, except myself, Nikolay Sokolov explains the reasons of the love to lonely work.

crosspieces between piles Nikolay Aleksandrovich has made houses, attached them on bolts already on spring. The raft has been for this purpose designed and collected.

on mostostroitelstvu Sokolov has not read any textbook, but one knows precisely during start of the bridge the architect rises under the arches and waits for pass of the first columns.

yes I would rise, but there after all water, depth, it would not be desirable to float: water still was cold, he speaks. who has the first passed on the bridge? I do not remember. When last board nailed, from both coast already crowds stood. As has given up as a bad job, have run nearly have not brought down in water.

the river Shogrash on all considerable extent has property that to grow thin, to be distributed. Where - over that it without running start you will jump, but to settlement Nepotjagovo that in 9 kilometres from Vologda, has not carried. From those times as there is new Russia and in it an election is held, among local residents the order on the bridge was in the lead. Not one candidate drove to chapters and deputies on promises perepojasat Shogrash, but money for it and have not found. Exploit 52 - the summer veteran of OMON Nikolay Sokolova actually completion for Brezhnev. In the end of 1970 - h years within the limits of process of merging of village with a city almost all nepotjagovtsy was received by city apartments on that coast Shograsha. Cattle and kitchen gardens have not wanted to refuse. Since then usual morning of the local resident included at least three crossings of small river. At daybreak to descend to feed a calf with a pig, to return for a breakfast with house and for gathering for work and again on that coast where workshops and a cattle-breeding complex settle down. During the lunchtime and a supper reservoir speeding up repeated.

the Slippery planked footway in a kind which - as tied up logs and boards existed and even annually was under repair, but was extremely unreliable. Every tenth crossing was accompanied by falling in Shogrash.

How much here cellular telephones it is drowned, how much bruises are filled... the owner met on the bridge raznoberezhnyh tells apartments and summer residences Alexander Korablev (the author of a construction has met znakomtsa a playful question: " Where you go, Sanka, my bridge to trample down? ") .

Especially it is a lot of revilings to a shaky planked footway got from fans of the hot: shop on one party Shograsha, a blest shade of the nature on another. At falling in water worked a treacherous reflex, and hands, missing a bottle, reached for saving logs. Now local muzhiks greet the captain of militia on - to the military man the hand thrown up to a temple. They already declared that in any day and hour wait at itself for the benefactor with a glass. Will pour free of charge.

and we talk about the nature of the talent which has been so generously appreciated by fellow countrymen.

it since the childhood at me such, without a boasting shade Nikolay Aleksandrovich, and #150 admits; many are surprised: bring the TV or the tape recorder, I such first time see, a cover I remove and already I know, in what breakage and that it is necessary to do. As though who for a hand pushes. Except as metalwork crusts, others are not present. Wherever worked, probationers always to me put.

Words umeltsa are confirmed with the head of Spassky rural settlement which structure includes Nepotjagovo, Irina Tarabuhina. It is familiar with Nikolay Sokolovym since the childhood. At one school studied and almost coevals. It was necessary to school eaves to tilt or to a window sill to burst, she as the senior Sokolov with a suitcase of tools and Kolej on grab was in school remembers. The fireman by a trade, it helped school where its children, absolutely gratuitously studied.

Nikolay Sokolov worked both the mechanic, and the fireman, both the collective farmer, and the builder, and the militiaman. Changes of places are connected with habitation search. Everywhere promised to allocate, but everywhere the turn broke on Sokolov. When in collective-farm new buildings of the warrant have come to an end on it and the management has seen, how moustaches on his face puff up, to the future mostostroitelju have offered the thrown site with the base and a mount of bricks. You want a system. So in one and a half year, in 1990, Nikolay Sokolov became the owner of stone manor first in area. At solid age in law enforcement bodies he explains the leaving reasons so: " the Wife, children, the house is constructed, a bath has cut down also to neighbours all cottages has constructed... I feel, began to grow stout ". As a part of OMON Nikolay Sokolov has made five business trips to the Chechen Republic.

I do not like to tell about the Chechen Republic, was and was, Nikolay Aleksandrovich screws up the face. At night does not dream, probably, because I do not remember, the taboo is imposed. After the fifth business trip has decided that will suffice to destroy. It is necessary to build. Also has returned in builders.

in the war on - gusarski the twirled moustaches of Sokolov (about 10 years ago tips got to ears) had as it is impossible by the way. On caucasus the local population noticed moustaches earlier an epaulet. To Sokolov everywhere were converted as to the chief with questions and behind advice. Few times even the general named.

... Our way to a sacred source and a chapel constructed by Nikolay Sokolovym in wood at a spring, fades on turn from one road on another. Here the bog, and an old UAZ of Sokolov strains all horsepowers. The second for the importance after the bridge a problem of local rural settlement roads. Fellow countrymen hope for Nikolay Sokolova. It, of course, in its court yard as in a court yard of everyone rukastogo the muzhik, there are enough details for the asphalt spreader invention. But there is more than hope in the question decision on fast meetings of Sokolov with the first chiefs of Vologodchiny. Nikolay Aleksandrovich has got vseoblastnuju popularity and will soon substitute a chest under a medal " For merits before the Vologda area " (award it is already declared). " You there, Kohl, about roads tell, to you will listen " with such words it took for lokotok any more one nepotjagovets. He promises, but, most likely, will collect an asphalt spreader and to the aid will not call.

From it authority and a general configuration of moustaches yes on elections. " in deputies or heads do not plan to go? " I am interested. In the answer vigorous waves hands and motanie a head. " I am not able to say lies " it outvoices the roaring motor of an UAZ getting out of a bog.