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Roman Sebekin wanted to construct of garbage only to itself the house more cheaply — from polyfoam, cellophane packages and beer bottles. But, uvlekshis, has constructed tens more houses in native Volgograd. If Sebekin convinces local residents to hand over it bottles, the turn of its company will grow in 20 times.

one of private sites on suburb of Volgograd is more similar to a huge garbage heap: 2 thousand in sq. m which have been filled up with cellophane packages, the empty plastic bottles, slightly turned yellow canisters, polyfoam plates. From - for this mounts it is hardly visible two-storeyed brightly - the red house especially unusual against snow-white garbage. It is the house and simultaneously industrial base of the Novel of Sebekina, the most known ashman and simultaneously the main defender of ecology of Volgograd.

27 - the summer Novel Sebekin since the childhood was not afraid of a nickname " garbage " also dreamt to work in militia. For the sake of dream it has arrived on ekonomfak the Volgograd branch of the Russian academy of civil service. And more on a third year has gone to train in management on tax crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. But the perfect children`s dream has broken about labour everyday life. " understand, we come to firms, we withdraw from them documents for check, and bookkeepers in a faint fall, and firms do not work weeks, about bribes I on a broader scale am silent " Sebekin speaks. In general, " garbage " he has not wanted to be. But unexpectedly for itself became the ashman.

Still when Sebekin studied in Zames of raw materials on the fourth year, the friend has suggested it to create small firm on manufacture of a building material penoizola. Investments were minimum on $250 from the person on the machine tool and raw materials, a premise has got free of charge thanks to relatives. Investments have beaten off for a year, and the company with 500 - a dollar turn Sebekin conceived precisely a hobby, and the friend who has begun business and has at all left the project.

in 2005 - m Sebekin has decided to construct own house. Money at then still the student was not, so he began to search for the cheapest materials went to Tver, Tula, Voronezh, looked, from what houses make there. It has appeared that it is the most favourable to do walls from polistirolbetona. These are such grey plates like concrete, only is twice cheaper (40 - 50 rbl. for a plate), in 2,5 times are warmer and it is three times easier. They from a concrete and polyfoam mix and #150 become; a material from white balls into what usually pack home appliances in shops. From polistirolbetona build basically one-storeyed warehouse. So formulas for manufacturing of a material do not consider pressure of several floors. Therefore formulas of Sebekinu should be lead up to mind: It threw off in one zames concrete of polyfoam of 30 kg, in the following 20 kg, in the third 10 kg. Has designed the car which simulated pressure of overlappings upon the block polistirolbetona. The formula, allowed to build a two-storeyed building As a result has turned out.

in general, Sebekin has constructed the two-storeyed house for 100 thousand rbl., having called huge interest to a material all neighbours. Sebekin has started to make a material for friends, then for friends of friends. Has registered firm with the bulky name " the Southern federal processing centre ". But it was untwisted slowly: to compete to large manufacturers polistirolbetona in the prices it was uneasy. The quantity of customers did not exceed two - three persons in month, and a monthly turn 100 thousand rbl., net profit with which made less than 20 %.

Syre Sebekin bought at factory " Volzhskpolihim " making polyfoam. Once the director of the enterprise has called to itself Sebekina and has fairly told what to sell polyfoam small parties to it not so favourably and Sebekin can collect the same polyfoam on shops. Sebekin has agreed with shops without effort: the big centre of home appliances like " M.Video " takes out, according to Sebekina, two - three cars of plastic garbage in a week. Sebekin also pays for recycling of garbage from each car about 2 thousand rbl. has started to take away garbage absolutely free of charge. Thanks to it it was possible to lower costs on third, and the plate has fallen in price with 45 to 30 rbl., becoming the cheapest in the market.

the success formula
In 2007 of a problem of small-scale business have interested officials: the help to business was declared in the message to Federal meeting by president Vladimir Putin. Okolopravitelstvennye the noncommercial organisations began to establish set of programs for encouragement of young businessmen. The participant of one of such programs organised " SUPPORT of Russia " and Sebekin became Promsvjazbankom. In 2008 he has obtained for three years the credit in 1,5 million rbl. It there was an improbable good luck: in the crisis market banks demanded as pledges from businessmen the equipment, warehouse and even personal apartments. The same credit was bezzalogovyj, besides, under very low rate 15 % annual.

Sebekin took money for equipment purchase. He has peeped at competitors that it is possible to do not only polistirolbeton, but also trotuarnuju a tile from plastic (Sebekin has thought up that raw materials usual plastic packages), and a synthetic winterizer can minister and hollofajber (it often warm jackets) from plastic bottles from koly, kvass and beer. Thanks to free raw materials of the price have turned out on third more low, than at competitors. Actually Sebekin did not think out anything new, he has only peeped, how utilise a waste abroad. For example, the Chinese toys are filled by a material made from droblenyh of plastic bottles.

private traders were major customers of Sebekina. The businessman, of course, wanted to leave on larger corporate customers, but in crisis it has appeared uneasy. In - the first, all building in Volgograd has stopped. In - the second, rare potential clients preferred to work let hardly with more expensive, but the checked up partners manufacturers of building materials. As a result till now all business of Sebekina keeps on private traders. The company turn makes about 500 thousand rbl. a month.

entertaining ecology
By 2012 Sebekin became the most known ashman of Volgograd, having agreed with all large ritejlovymi city networks about free gathering of garbage. Sebekin directly not with the central offices of the companies, and with directors of points that has appeared not so effectively However, agreed: for example, " Eldorado " the garbage utilises not itself, this duty is shifted on shoulders of the owner of premises which ritejler rents for the shops. So Sebekin from one of the trading networks largest in a city does not receive garbage.

by 2012 demand for production " the Southern centre " on oklemavshemsja from crisis the building market has strongly exceeded the offer: Sebekin says that loses from 500 thousand to 1 million rbl. a month from - for shortages of raw materials. To correct a situation Sebekin plans, having agreed not only with ritejlerami, but also with other enterprises of a city. The garbage there will need to be sorted more carefully, but Sebekin is ready to engage under this business of employees. Recently he has obtained an interest-free loan of 5 million rbl. from Vahid Alakbarov`s fund " Our future ". On credit money Sebekin wants to expand manufacture to transfer it from own court yard on specially equipped platform and to increase staff from eight persons to 50. By estimates of Sebekina if to agree with other enterprises about recycling, having increased preliminary number of sorters of garbage, the company turn can grow twice.

Besides, Sebekin plans to increase volumes of raw materials at the expense of local residents. By estimates of Sebekina, one person makes 30 kg of plastic garbage monthly. A question in how to convince inhabitants to sort garbage. While Sebekin has thought up only to put near to garbage containers separate for plastic. The project was supported by administration of Volgograd: in the next message of the president the Federal meeting was offered to give more attention of ecology. The offer of Sebekina has pleased to officials.

in coordination with officials Sebekin should put till the end of the year the containers near to all 614 kindergartens and schools of Volgograd. Why near to them? Sebekin considers what to convince children to begin will sort garbage much easier, than adults. The businessman plans to organise small department where teachers and ecologists will work in the company. Lectures at schools and the kindergartens, processings of plastic telling about advantage for a planet become their main task. Sebekin considers that years through five when present senior pupils will reach age 21 - 23 years, they will start to sort garbage, putting it in containers separately. If it happens, Sebekin can become the millionaire. In one container finds room to 50 kg of garbage which can bring Sebekinu of 1,5 thousand rbl. of net profit. If containers are filled time in three days, an annual turnover " the Southern centre " Natalia Zvereva, the director of fund of regional social programs " will increase to 120 million rbl.

The social businessman always not simply works in an ambry, and solves a concrete problem. The novel Sebekin has chosen such problem which lay at it underfoot literally, putting a loss to environment. As a result passion and diligence of the young inventor have allowed to realise the formula " Who, if not I? ". The novel puts the ambitious purposes to open factory and to process practically 100 % of a plastic waste of Volgograd. Thus, solving " garbage " a problem, it lets out an innovative and competitive product, creates new workplaces.

social business this decision of a social problem with the help business - mechanisms. Social businessmen innovators so, offer a new product or service, are able on - new to combine resources. They create " box " The decision of a social problem that the model of their enterprise could be duplicated in other region with a similar problem.

today it is important to many people to feel the participation in the decision of actual problems of a society, and they are ready osoznanno to choose that production which bears social mission. Besides, Roman Sebekin involuntarily forces to reflect on environment preservation, offering buyers the production.