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The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia will begin grain interventions in August

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Doctors without rules
N 26, number theme about the new ethical code of the Russian doctor

to the Patient - change itself

the Theme, certainly, it is important and actual.

the moral shape of medical workers steadily degrades, it is obvious. It is possible to think out weight of the reasons and explanations. It is possible to create leagues, committees, chambers and codes. Whether it will be of use? Hardly.

medical education, undoubtedly, changes the person, but these changes are how much strong? Whether the outlook of the young man (girl) of will exchange radically what it will burden knowledge? Whether the yesterday`s entrant in the tomorrow`s sample of high morals will be reforged? Changes cannot be radical. It is impossible to reforge the person. If the boor receives the higher medical education - it remains the boor. There will be a doctor - the boor.

medical workers it not a caste, it not other civilisation. They are the same Russians. Look back around, listen to speech of people in streets, look at entertainments and pastime young and not so at people. If there will be samples of high morals, people fair and conscientious, altruists it, unfortunately, there will be only exceptions. Unfortunately, all defects equally extend and on physicians. Whether

probably considerably to change a part of society (doctors), without changing all society? I consider that is impossible. Whether

Probably to change all society? I do not know. Whether

it is possible to change most?

at least, it is necessary to try.

it is not necessary to expostulate on a mirror. It is not necessary to create chambers and codes. It is necessary to try to be better. And to doctors, and not to doctors, all.

to pour and water

medical aid Rendering in Russia within the limits of program OMS and activity of doctors - absolutely different themes, at all raznopoljarnye, and different. In the first case - a financing question. In the second - quality of formation of the future doctors and postdegree training.

to abuse and throw mud at doctors mastak everyone, and to inform on inadequate system of rendering of medical aid upward the few are ready.

on the doctor will always pour and water, as the person is mortal.

it is dishonest

At the patient there are rights, but there are no duties, and the doctor has duties, but there are no rights.

unethical medical ethics

the Most bestial tradition of our doctors - the mutual responsibility called by corporate solidarity, and sometimes and (sic!) " medical ethics ". Almost never the doctor recognises officially an error of the colleague. The most conscientious can whisper in secret supposedly drink - ka you others tabletochki, not that are written out. But to leave documentary certificates, obviously having specified in an error of colleagues in the diagnosis, - perish the thought. For you will feel sorry, but persistently to continue to treat from nonexistent hvori.

the Right to truth

During ancient times was considered absolutely necessary that the last days the person searched dialogue and reconciliation good luck and the relatives. Now game " is popular; Let`s - pull - time ". All play strange game where it is impossible to win. But after all nothing facilitates loneliness and depression how the direct talk that excites and disturbs. And let doctors do not think that their patient is sillier than them. If the patient does not speak about the possible death and pretends that occurs nothing, it does not mean that in a shower he did not think of death. He thought and simply plays a role in senseless game.

Russian doctors, come round! Who has granted to you the right to lie? Who has granted to you the right to dispose of destinies? Not a secret that many people postpone the arrival to God, the repentance to " the best times " or until, when they will feel death breath directly in the person. You, doctors, holding back deadliness of illness, do not let the person think about brevity of life and a death relentlessness. The patient has the right to truth. The lie is a treachery. The liar is not reliable any patient, and the medical centre where liars work, cannot talk about authority any there, about struggle for trust of clients. Treachery with trust has not something in common!

Not confidential agents
N 26, Cyril Beljaninov about espionage scandal

So have dismissed?

Listened on " the Echo " esveershchika which said that so mass failure if they it is valid scouts, could be only with the help " a mole ". And having read article, I have thought: " Perhaps, them so have dismissed for bad work? " or here still the version: they are relatives any esveernogo the official which evacuated from restless Russia 90 - h, well and have provided with it decent zhist.

the Syndrome velikoderzhavija

it is ridiculous, certainly. I easily believe that SVR could go on the maintenance such " spies ". What for it is necessary only? Probably, will not recover in any way from a syndrome velikoderzhavija. It is necessary after all to watch sharp-sightedly the enemy, instead of that what of it! would calm down and have dismissed all office to the devil`s grandmother. Is better money would spend for formation.

Russian phenomenon

Any normal state spies both for opponents, and for allies. Tragedies in it any are not present. And " failures " if there is no war, are more likely connected not with espionage as that, and with internal dismantlings of investigations. As here - 10 years watched and if there were really spies, something yes would be. Also leaves, for a long time knew that shpieny, only waited not clearly for that. Here character " is important more likely; Russian espionage " which once again visually shows a total failure of all strategy of a management. Loud songs about " an indestructible vertical of the power " which appears on - children`s helpless there where just and it would be necessary " the power to use ". But shows completely not children`s malignancy and stunning speed at suppression even the most modest nesoglasy.

Letters were read by Ekaterina Alfereva

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The calendar on July, 27th, 2010

From Afgana to Abkhazia

The Ministry of Finance suggests to raise NDPI on gas, oil and metals

Excises on tobacco in Russia will annually grow on 30 - 40 %

As adjournment

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