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For payments on act of terrorism in Vladikavkaz will allocate 75 million roubles

Cultivated " Lions "

Ural Carriage-Building Plant translate on an advance payment

Millers are left under a consequence till November, 27th

The Tyumen autocarriers will force to reduce costs

Action against the commander of the part attacked by the terrorist near Buinaksk

Umbellate brand

Direct speech

In Moscow the Head " will open nanomagazin

Drought will write down on credit

The State Duma has refused a delay

Demidkovo tear to sites

Posters stick with judicial claims

Skvotnyj court yard

The Bashkir ministers are accused of excess of powers

Without the transfer plan

Bankers have left hen houses

Millers are left under a consequence till November, 27th

Renunciation of refusal

Kirghizia will make an unexpected choice

Russian and World News

Struggle " Ours " and Oleg Mitvolja the Context

" Kaustik " searches for raw materials en face

The third world mobile


" This music will be eternal... "

The Central Bank has counted on interbank deposits

Vavilov`s Second death
N 34 theme of number about destiny of experimental station in Pavlovske
Weeding of beds
One of my relatives, Gabbas Vahitov teaching botany in the Kazan teacher`s college, considered itself as Vavilov`s pupil. It created one of experimental stations ViRa in the Volga region, but business has not been finished. Gabbas Vahitov much before the teacher, has been arrested on July, 16th, 1937. Copies of letters of Gabbasa Vahitova stored in family archive to all-Union head Michael Kalininu testify that more all disturbed him ruined enkavedeshnikami beds of experimental station of plant growing created by it. The scientist not only that is condemned innocently said. Wrote that as a result of searches all its skilled plants were lost.

time troechnikov
Correctly told us the teacher of economy: " the Present power - the power troechnikov ". At first it seems that it is refined self-interest, and then you understand - errors, errors. And teachers, red paste these errors correcting, already are not present is now opposition, not consent and other losers. Not in that position to recognise an error, has come to dictate time.

a fatal error
Well, we as always are invariable in the actions.

that can be more rational, than at first begin destruction of strategic resources (which concerns not only gas and oil), and then, vsplesnuv handles, to buy gennomodifitsirovannye plants?

if the power will concern devil-may-carely a heritage which to us have kept and self-denying people who have put, as Vavilov, have increased the lives for it it will be a fatal error of all power prederzhashchej.

Nonsense or change?
Really in huge Russia not to find the earth for building, except as by destruction of a unique collection of the plants collected by known scientist N.Vavilov? At once Pavel Miljukova`s words are remembered: " What it is nonsense or change? " and how it can be co-ordinated to strategy of innovative development of Russia and necessity of its transformation into agrofood power? By the way, rescuing this selection fund, 28 employees of Institute of all-union scientific research institute of the plant growing based by N.Vavilov, have died in the Leningrad blockade of hunger, but have not touched grains.

penalty kick
N 34 Anatasija Shpilko about rise in prices for tickets in electric trains
Hares necessarily
very big percent in electric trains - hares necessarily, because journey really very expensive, and that unreasonably expensive, even it is not necessary to mention. To many people really to pay there is nothing. If fairly to buy tickets or travel cards it is possible in the literal sense of children in a family without bread to leave.

it is not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand - the unfair prices revolt. They grow, and service? Quality of cars, speed, giving of electric trains one minute prior to departure, absence of toilets, ice cars in the winter, delays of departure or idle times in ways, constant changes of the schedule - cancellations temporarily or for ever (for the sake of " Sapsanov ") - It, to put it mildly, revolts all. Really not clearly: if people see excellent quality of work/ d - they will pay!

on foot on cross ties
the People to Moscow go for work from Kolomna, Cockerels, and these are 120 km from Moscow. Hardly they will pay for road of 500 roubles there - back. Plus for the underground! Also it is not necessary to compare to Europe. In Sweden the electric train flies to four cars as " Sapsan " quickly and comfortably. To the controller and to a head does not come that someone begins to escape from it. And at us have started express trains to the airports, but they are dragged as a usual electric train... The blessing, do not stop anywhere, except the airport more.

you will not believe!
N 34 column of the editor-in-chief about reconstruction of the Triumphal area
to Kill Gajd - park
Yes, previous otem Moscow Gajd - park looked much less toporno. For the sake of justice it is necessary to tell that a Manezhnaya Square from zjuganovtsev have closed only when also the project have developed, and when building has begun.

now even without it have managed. Also the project is not present, and nobody spends archeological excavations, and the fence already costs. As though it will stop Limonova or Alekseevu?!

And the invention is represented senseless. There it is necessary not to build underground parking, and to convert under parkings numerous office centres!

and really, what there an underground parking on Triumphal if directly under a tunnel of the Garden ring the underground line passes, and a circle above also " the underground - 2 " adjoins. " ears " from the coded line on the second exit with " Majakovsky " stick out.

- and what, for what here descent downwards with turn to the right, and then again lifting upward? - I ask in " Metrogiprotranse ". - One more line over the escalator passes?

- T - with - with! - in a whisper answer. - about this line to us do not allow to speak.

my excavation
I too have decided to go on " Majakovku " that is on the Triumphal area. Yes, really, there are grids - places of the future excavation are fenced. Grids are transparent. In the mayoralty have taken care of Muscovites that they could observe of the future archeological excavations personally.

only that is why the fence densely covers also that part of the area which costs directly over a transport tunnel of the Garden ring and closely approaches to the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky?

that will do there archeology? Will make a hole in holes in concrete and will observe of machines in a tunnel, accepting them for a prehistoric occupation layer?

letters were read by Ekaterina Alfereva

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" Comstar " has disconnected a head

Adzharsky Rembo have shot in Moscow

Budget debt " Rosnano " the Prime minister is red payment

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School standards have interrupted the academic holiday

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