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N 45 Dmitry Oreshkin about why we cannot recover with hatred

the Method is live...

How to be kept at the power if not to operate with a whip and spice-cake method? Nikkolo Makiavelli was the favourite author of all masters of Russia and practically anything new after it is not thought up. It after all to you not reforms vchinjat...

... And the political thought is dead

After Makiavelli were at least Gobbs, Lock, Russo, put a basis of ideas " the public contract " and liberalism. And how many after them it is thought up... And all of us use achievements of medieval political thought.

a risk zone

it is unconditional, the journalist in a risk zone. And, if for the driver, the miner, the pilot with growth of professionalism the risk decreases, for journalists it grows. Than bolshy the response articles of the person - that above find risk. For above risk that it casually or intentionally will touch interests of the mighty of this world. For professionals, more possibly, intentionally. And for such and ogresti it is possible. At society complete support. But just those who knows, what bum to lick, do not beat and do not kill.

anything terrible?

Being in Russia on business trip, the friend - the Frenchman on a question, whether most friendly in a daily life, affable, polite people at us, whether it be in a trolley bus, shop or on a football match, could not answer firmly: " Yes! " As - that was restive supposedly anything terrible, especially tomorrow already to depart back to France...

article g - on Oreshkina is truthful too and consequently is opposite to a wide range of readers.

for this reason a number Russian (and Russian-speaking) emigrants, having grown roots where - or abroad, cannot force to look itself in our press. Though the Internet free of charge allows one klikom to open the sea of the Russian sites, from the Bolshoi theatre to the Pushkin museum, these people soon give themselves pledge: in a RuNet a foot - to forget and live easy.

and ballet Big itself will arrive, both tickets cheap. And exhibitions from Pushkin with the Hermitage, and Kirkorov with Agutin, and Evtushenko with Yerofeev.

all against all

exact enough diagnosis under which I am ready to subscribe. Illness of our society results from this that in our collective consciousness, ours sotsiokulturnuju a matrix the right of force instead of justice or at least the law is sewn up. Though, possibly, the question can be put and is wider: at weak there is a right to lie. In general, all against all.

fear sublimation

As - that supervision of Oreshkina have absolutely coincided with my own thoughts. Yesterday read a column in " the Sight " In which the thought that supposedly it is necessary to journalists to write more accurately was one of the cores, on forbidden territories not to come, and that there as it can leave... And people agree! Also confirm that Kashin is guilty that wrote carelessly, and Beketov is guilty, and Politkovskaya so in general it is guilty! And is more correct - to sit and not to gleam. To be closer to the people. Which sits and is afraid. So is quieter. Bolsheviks cut the people - sat, were silent and were afraid. Stalin how many to the people has exterminated - silently were afraid and with simplification exhaled, when night steps stamped by their doors: today not to them, today it is possible to sleep still. Morons in Kushchevsky operated 15 years - were silent, not their daughters forced, and when they are were silent, because have raped, but in the live have left and on it thanks.

silence is, in my opinion, the basic line of the Russian people. And those who is not silent, cause tearing away. And after - it is correct otovarili. Would be silent, the live would go.

and together with it a desperate rage to everything that around. It seems to me, it is sublimation of own fear.

hope of elite

in general - that, all is known. But, perhaps, for the first time the ends are connected with the ends. Hatred generates only hatred. And an exit from this vicious circle while, to tell the truth, I do not see. Unless if " elite " as well as Oreshkin, and " calls; elite " what is that oppositional, by the first will be released from prejudices. Also will start to think heads, instead of " mentality ".

Imperial tears
N 45 Dmitry Gubin about imperial consciousness

Is guilty language

That is a basis of Russian imperial consciousness?

first of all language. To the hard time of Ahmatova wrote: " We will keep you, Russian speech, a great Russian word ". And it broadcast by the radio, earlier offended poetess. The Block wrote to Civil war: " This cheerful name - Pushkin ". In the West a language fundamental principle in Russian phenomenon Dostoevsky`s difficult language, Pushkin`s easy word, Yesenin`s simple word, Tolstoy`s strict syllable understand it.

still - Russian music. Who will tell, what Rakhmaninov - the American composer, and Prokofiev - Spanish? In the hard time the squeezed and actually perishing culture has answered with Shostakovich`s Leningrad symphony. How the composer school has grown in such poor country, how Russia? But it is imperial lines.

in this plan Russian imperskost it is very close German and much further from French and English. The same support on language uniting the earth (as struggled for a Bible translation on German language), born hohdojch. The Same core in the form of music and a galaxy of composers. Up to type songs " In wood the fur-tree " was born;. Even the education system in Russia was until recently German. Till now not so I understand, why periodically such fierce antagonism between cultures so close spiritually.

language is in any degree a way more or less abstract reasoning. The abstract reasoning characterises ability to generalise seen and heard. And also to synthesise thoughts and emotions. Here it is exported also by Russian culture that who has appeared out of limits of Russia. The good knowledge of Russian learns to think, any more without doing anything. If want, name it imperskostju.


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Alexander Gurov, the chairman of the commission of the State Duma on mandatory questions and questions of deputy ethics, the committee-man of the State Duma on safety, the former chief GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR on struggle against the organised crime and corruption: