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In Russian museum of Petersburg the constant exposition of WRK of Paul Filonov

the General - colonel Vladimir Boldyrev headed the Siberian military district about one and a half years

the Uzbek ambassador have accused of the help to the organizer of state revolution

Advice Russia - the NATO has discussed the WRK program for 2003

the Ancient byzantian church is found out in Jordan

Search of people in the Karmadonsky tunnel will be continued

Planes English - the American Air Forces have made a touch on a number of objects on jugo - the east of Iraq

Giner has won a prize for " the most noble act of year "

New " space " year will come in February, 2003

the Spanish prime minister and the US president have discussed problems of struggle against the international terrorism

According to the state secretary of Hungary, the decision of the government on granting of the USA in Tasare bears bases in itself " certain risk factor "

Quotations " blue counters " the Zurich stock exchange have decreased on Wednesday almost for 2 percent

the Swallow will soar over EU

the Pentagon trains the Iraq opposition

Biljane Plavshich threatens till 25 years of prison

the Israeli armies have entered into settlement Kfar Rai

In Great Novgorod

the Parliament of Slovenia has confirmed structure of the new government of the country

Profitableness of additional release 46001 federal loan bonds - the HELL following the results of auction has made at the average price of 93,760 percents - 13,87 percents annual

Vyacheslav Fetisov considers that 4 effective integration into the international sports life of Russia building of new sports arenas

For three WRK W superfluous weeks in Iraq inspectors of the United Nations surveyed 130 objects

the Government of Hungary has demanded from special services to strengthen protection military - air base of Tasar where since January there will begin preparation representatives of the Iraq opposition

the Average interest rate under deposits at depositary auction of the Central Bank of Russia has made 6,78 percents annual

In Bagdad expect that Hans Bliks and Mohammed Al - Baradei will report on UNSF that in the declaration presented by Iraq on arms there is nothing new

Bush will meet New year at itself on ranch

Vyacheslav Fetisov considers that a trade " the sports commentator " there should be a component of the sports industry

Vladimir Putin has introduced the bill in the State Duma, concerning financings of educational institutions

Putin has directed the telegramme W condolences to the family of Kote Maharadze

Bush W8 for continuation of inspections of the United Nations in Iraq

In the Novgorod region operation " has begun; the Drunk driver "

Washington " it is deeply discouraged " the Iraq declaration

Mika Hakkinen is going to act in Lapland

As a result of a major accident on a highway Belgrad - Nish three persons

Paul Borodin considers Vladimir Putin`s statements ABT cooperation with Belarus as ACK prioritetnosti 4 a management of Russia of interests of economy

In Sverdlovsk area search for 13 deserters

Kolin Powell: Iraq US State Secretary Kolin Powell has broken requirements of the resolution of UNSF

the International inspectors cannot yet neither CFM, nor deny statements of Irka ABT absence at it weapons of mass destruction

Swindlers, extorting money from older persons, have managed to entice about one million roubles

the Kremlin: " Slavneft " it would be possible to sell more expensively

Prospects of the new technologies connected W nanostrukturami, General meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Powell has demanded to toughen carrying out of inspections in Iraq

the Prices for crude oil are record-breaking high

Powell: Iraq has not reported on nuclear workings out

Iraq: inspectors surveyed the enterprise, serving ZRK

Moscow hope that the input of Cyprus in EU will not affect visas to Russians

Cargo " nestora W " it is not terrible 4 environment

the Delegation of the Russian government has carried on in Warsaw negotiations for cooperation of Russia and Poland in gas sphere

RN " Dnepr - 1 "/ Ei/ Carrier rocket " has deduced in space of 6 companions

the Military men deployed in the Chechen Republic, could communicate " on the air " with the relatives in capital

In Crimea the crime rate