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18. 08. 2000: the Daughter for the father answers

to the Daughter of the best boxers of second half of XX-th century with Mohameda Ali and Joes Frejzera have decided to note on a ring the thirtieth anniversary from the date of a significant duel between their fathers.

History of duels of two great boxers zamamechatelna already in itself. In the first duel which was passing in nju - jorkskom " Madison Skver Garden " it is unexpected for everything, in 15 rounds, the top took Joe Frejzer. Mohamedu Ali was possible to take a revenge in 12 rounds in 4 years. And, at last, in Manila Ali has achieved convincing, 14 - raundovoj a victory.
Mohamed Ali and Joes Frejzer have finished for a long time already the way to big-time sports. However this way was continued by their daughters Lajla Ali and Jacqueline Frejzer - Lajd. Both sportswomen while remain not won. Having spent 7 duels of Lajla Ali has 100 % - nyj an indicator (7 victories), just the same, as well as at Jacqueline Frejzer - Lajd (4 victories in 4 fights).
it was first planned to date their fight to 25 - summer anniversary of the third fight of Ali with Fraser, the received name " the Thriller in Manila ". According to this plan fight should take place on September, 30th this year. However, eventually, it has been decided to spend it on March, 10th, 2001: exactly in two days after 30 - summer anniversary of the first meeting of their fathers.
both young ladies will receive on 2,5 million American dollars, exactly so much, how many both of them their parent in 1971.

17. 08. 2000: the Emperor sacred and bronze

has unanimously made decision to canonise the Arhierejsky Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church of emperor Nikolay II and members of his family. In several villages of a steel situated near Moscow mirotochit images of last Russian emperor, Sverdlovsk svjashchenik Germogen has told about a miracle of rescue by a name of the tsar - the martyr. And in village Tajninsky Mytishchensky area of Moscow Region the New monument to the Russian emperor Nikolay II will be built.

the New monument to the Russian emperor Nikolay II will be built in village Tajninsky Mytishchensky area of Moscow Region. Head of the All-Russia cathedral movement of the Cossacks, the author of a monument Vyacheslav Klykov has informed on it on Thursday at a briefing. As the correspondent of RIA " informs; News " solemn opening of a sculpture is planned for August, 20th. It is constructed at a temple of Blagoveshchenja Presvjatoj of the Virgin on a place of the former monument destroyed by vandals.
according to Klykova, this place has been chosen not casually: Here in the beginning 20 - go centuries settled down travelling imperial palaces, and in May, 1996 - in 100 - letie from the date of Nikolay II crowning the first monument to last Russian emperor has been established. However in the spring of 1997 vandals have put a powerful explosive which completely has destroyed it near a monument. After explosion experts have established that the sculpture is not subject to restoration. According to the sculptor, the Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church Alexy II has blest sculpture creation, including it " the certificate of historical justice ".

16. 08. 2000: 10 of years without Tsoy

on Fifteenth of August, one thousand nine hundred ninetieth at twelve o`clock twenty eight minutes of day on the thirty fifth kilometre of a line of Sloka - Tulsa the car the Muscovite - 2141 white colours for the speed about hundred thirty kilometres per hour without any signs of braking has faced trip bus Ikarus - 280. From blow the bus in which, fortunately, there were no passengers, has flown away in the river almost on hundred metres. Details of the broken engine have scattered in radius of sixty metres, one wheel and have not found. Remained only a cover of a luggage carrier with not broken glass and the back bridge. Examination has shown that the driver " the Muscovite " it was sober last forty eight hours. The analysis of cages of a brain testified that he has fallen asleep from overfatigue. Called the driver Victor Robertovich Tsoy. To it was twenty eight years.
decade of sad date is noted without special scope. Russian MTV one of these days has shown the special program, firm Real Records prepares for release " tribjutnyj an album " on which Tsoy`s songs among the other sing Ilya Lagutenko and Zemfira, ORT has shown a legendary concert " Cinema " 1990 in Luzniki. All the day showed films with Tsoy`s participation, archival video data, concert and house. The singer remembered native and friends. And, certainly, at well-known " Tsoy`s walls " sad teenagers have gathered for Arbate with guitars, put candles, have drunk beer, vodka and port and sang all the day long the songs, advanced of which more than ten years.
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