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31. 08. 2000: the Olympic shooting from a slingshot

Petition in favour of the announcement of shooting from a slingshot the Olympic sport is begun in Spain by Association of original sports of Iberian peninsula. The action purpose consists in that this noble employment has been included in the program of the summer Olympic Games of 2004.

Initiators of a demarche underline that shooting from a slingshot already kodifitsirovana, has accurate rules of carrying out of competitions and can be considered " the finished sports discipline ". From a sports slingshot shoot not on sparrows and school windows, and on special targets from distance at 50, 100 and 150 metres. Competitions happen personal and command.

30. 08. 2000: In Big change the power

Yesterday in the culture Ministry there has passed Michael Shvydkogo`s meeting with creative and administrative heads of the Bolshoi theatre. As it became known from the informed person, wished to remain not named, the meeting had especially working character - the minister has told about Putin`s decrees and has urged theatrical people to work indifferently.

the culture Ministry continues a course on strengthening of the " power verticals " struggling with an autonomy of various structures and establishments. After State cinema liquidation as independent ministry there has come the end of independence of the Bolshoi theatre: the decree of its president again have translated in conducting Minkulta (since 1992 by Vladimir Kokonina Bolshoj`s efforts has been subordinated directly to the government and the president).
the Scheme of suppression rebellious one - the decree of the president. Its irreversibility is obvious, and the art workers taken unawares need to struggle only for the rests of independence in the form of separate financing and partial preservation of habitual structures. But there are also differences. Defending the rights and economic liberties, figures of cinema have shown unknown activity - made the way to Putin. The figures who have got used to submission Big presidential reskripty have resignedly accepted to execution.
decrees have been signed on Monday - the traditional day off Big. Art directors about what without suspecting, generally had serenely a rest on summer residences, and ministerial officials should notify considerable works them on the general morning gathering in Minkulte. On a meeting with Michael Shvydkim of profit not all: offended by suddenness and the inconsiderate form of the resignation, the art director - theatre director Vladimir Vasilev has not wished to meet the minister. The main artist Sergey Barhin instead of Minkulta has gone straight on " Echo Moscow " where, having noted inopportuneness of transformations and neetichnost their introductions, has declared the intention to leave theatre together with Vasilevym: " He has called me, and I together with it leave ". The opera troupe together with the main conductor Mark Ermlerom has not returned yet from tours. So Shvydkim there was one of " abolished " - chief executive Vladimir Kokonin and group of assistants to both directors. Creative structure represented hudruk ballet Alexey Fadeechev and hudruk mimansa Yury Papko. The potential general director of Big Tahir (for Russian-speaking - Anatoly) Iksanov at a meeting was not present.
according to one of participants of interview, " there is nothing to tell literally ". The maintenance of decrees has been finished To data of figures of theatre. It is decided that planned Vasilevym for September, 1st the dramatized gathering of troupe with the invited visitors and a buffet table in honour of anniversary 225 - go a season, will be excellent. Will gather without any pomp on September, 2nd. Then to troupe also will present the new general director. While the order on any appointments is not present, and cannot be: the presidential decree comes into effect from the moment of publication. Publications wait at the very end of a month, and till that time the status - kvo remains.
Then Michael Shvydkoj has urged all to work on - former, instead of simply to leave service pending " cleanings ". The remark has sounded not too hopefully: the minister and has not informed, whether participants of a meeting will keep the workplaces. About, whether there are any nominees on a post hudrukov ballet, an opera, an orchestra and so forth or at the new general and new art director there will be a former creative structure, also has not been told words. It was not clear even, whether somebody from named Shvydkim of conductors at the head of Big has agreed to rise - present only have asked, whether they object against Gennady Rozhdestvensky`s nominee. Present did not object.


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Without a tower

01. 09. 2000: to Gusinsky break last transaction

Its top - managers

the Internet mass-media of NPA and " the Newspaper. Ru " yesterday have informed that managers of holding " Media - the Bridge " have stopped negotiations which were conducted by Vladimir Gusinsky about sale of the media business. Managers have declared the priority right of the repayment of actions of Gusinsky in the closed joint-stock companies of holding. According to some information, managers " the Bridge " simply ask a compensation.

Agency of NPA and " the Newspaper. Ru " inform literally the following: " Vladimir Gusinsky has suspended performance of the obligations on holding transfer to its largest creditor - ` to Gazprom `. He refers to a position of the colleagues, the first deputy of the chairman of board of directors ` Media - the Bridge ` Igor Malashenko and the general director of NTV Evgenie Kiselyov. They, being co-owners of the closed joint-stock companies of NTV and ` Media - the Bridge `, insist that according to the legislation the priority right of the repayment of actions belonging to Gusinsky remains behind them. And thus block the transaction on transfer of media empire to structures ` Gazprom ` ".
Evgenie Kiselyov in conversation with the correspondent has refused to make comments on messages of NPA and " Newspapers. Ru ".
meanwhile some direct figurants of the transaction have informed: negotiations with Vladimir Gusinsky basically are finished. Have agreed and about the price for which he will sell a controlling stock of the media empire. The seller managed to raise the price. If initially the auction has begun with figures $150 and $350 million the final price makes " more than $200 million ". As to a demarche a top - managers " Media - the Bridge " they have really declared the legitimate right of the priority repayment of actions which are sold by Gusinsky. Nevertheless in Russia while nobody uses this right. Large transactions about business sale are made out not " on - white " and through the offshore companies that allows to avoid the taxation (for the seller) and declaring of sources of means for purchase (for the buyer). Nevertheless, according to sources, Vladimir Gusinsky " has supported requirements of the command and has asked to consider their interests ". However, having made a reservation that would not like to pay from the money and considers " reasonable " that the buyer has paid. As, by Gusinsky`s estimations and its managers, media holding cost has increased after crisis because " it has appeared the extremely demanded ` NTV Plus ` ". As one of direct participants of negotiations with Gusinsky, " has told; at many managers ` the Bridge ` the female logic. That is they can in the end - to be satisfied the ends with guarantees of their preservation on posts ".


31. 08. 2000: the Object is handed over ahead of schedule

TV channels should were to earn at 9 o`clock in the evening. But assemblers have started them at three o`clock earlier. And not that that very much hurried up. Simply fire has spared equipment. The made work correspondent SERGEY accepted the POPLAR.

In the bottom of the Ostankinsky tower already reminds nothing of a fire. Neither a soot, nor water on a floor. Say, truth that in a cellar fragments of lifts still lie, in one of which three persons have broken. Lifts which conduct in technical premises, have already started. I rise on the fifth floor. " it is possible and on the thirteenth, - speaks accompanying, - only there anything interesting. One podsobki ".
an equipment room Premise in which there are television transmitters, it is similar to space station from a film " the Solaris ". Ellipse in diameter about ten metres with cases standing on each side and the big windows of transparent windows. Behind them Moscow.
tired, but the happy chief of industrial laboratory of the Main centre of broadcasting and television (GTSRT) Anatoly Volkov tells, how started RTR and ORT.
" fire extended on cable and liftovym to mines. Therefore transmitters have escaped. We needed to change simply a feeder and to establish time aerials ".
the Equipment on a mark of 147 metres was mounted by a brigade from 15 persons. For this purpose they needed the whole days. And work have begun, when in a tower still there were firemen and there was a danger of repeated ignition. Worked, replacing each other, with the small rummaged for a dinner which to them delivered directly to height.
aerials in the size 1,5 on 2 m lifted lebedkoj, and then welded on arms. Lebedkoj have submitted also a cable. To join them it was possible not at once. " Business in that, - explains Wolves, - that old feeders have been chopped off by firemen, and that to us have brought from VGTRK, have appeared other diameter ". Installation of equipment has been finished already in five evenings.
according to plan to begin transfer of television signals to Moscow and area engineers should in 21. 00, but equipment have included already in 17. 59. According to Volkova, from - for that that aerials were not the circular diagramme, coverage has turned out incomplete. " we have rung round all areas of Moscow and have found out that Jugo - the West, the West, the East and the North receive a steady signal, and between the North and the West there are holes " - the chief of laboratory speaks.
to wash end of emergency works engineers at once did not become. " it is simple I can not - I fall for weariness " - has told Wolves. But assemblers already walked. One of them, dirty as chimney sweep, the militiaman directly on my eyes has detained, when that, shaking, left a tower. In branch, truth, it has not sent.

30. 08. 2000: the Tower - a phoenix

the Ostankinsky tower will restore. Such decision was accepted yesterday at staff session on liquidation of consequences of a fire. In repair how many will manage, will be counted up later.

the Group of experts of Gosstroy of the Russian Federation of 13 persons worked on the Ostankinsky tower two days. Experts should draw the official conclusion about stability of a tower and decide that with it to do further. As a part of the commission there was a chairman of Gosstroy Anvar Shamuzafarov and chief designer TSNIIEP of a name of Mezentsev Vladimir Travush, the leading engineer of the Ostankinsky tower.
as the head of expert group Nikolay Maslov, from 149 steel cables keeping a design of a tower has informed in exclusive interview, is damaged 120. He has informed also that the condition of a ferro-concrete trunk of a tower does not cause fears. Restoration of metal designs, krepezhej with which help metal farms fasten to a trunk, lifts and ladder marches is required. Prochnostnye characteristics of a tower are not broken, so the question on its pulling down is removed from the agenda.
late at night in the Ministry of Emergency Measures operative session of a staff on liquidation of consequences of a fire on which preliminary results of inspection have been declared has taken place. On it Anvar Shamuzafarov has declared that a tower " has passed test by fire ". To the Ministry of Communications have already allowed to establish a part of repeaters, but have not allowed to rise above 150 metres - yet metal designs there have not cooled down.
repair work will begin in a weekend. First of all it is planned to strengthen tension cables. In two weeks the order of the government of Russia, defining sources of financing and an order of carrying out of repair work will be prepared. According to Sergey Shojgu, the decision project about carrying out of actions for liquidation of consequences of a fire is already prepared. Means will be allocated for these purposes from reserve governmental fund.
as have informed in Gosstroy of the Russian Federation, at a rough guess, on restoration of rope system it is required 600 - 700 million roubles, on fire-prevention system - 100 million roubles, on lifts - about $2 million Expense for detailed inspection of a condition of the Ostankinsky tower will make 15 - 20 million roubles.


29. 08. 2000: As it tuhlo

Only in a day was possible to extinguish a fire storming in the Ostankinsky television tower. Thus four persons were lost and more than ten have received poisonings with carbonic oxide, heatstrokes and burns. Experts consider that fire has occurred from - for short circuits in power cables. And it could be prevented, if the management of the Main centre of broadcasting and television (GTSRT) has taken care in advance of measures of fire-prevention safety. With details - SERGEY the POPLAR and SERGEY DJUPIN.

" Actually we did not extinguish a fire, and tried to stop its distribution, - employees of management of the State fire service speak. - at us it is called ` struggle in firing lines ` ".
in a tower the fire service municipal government (GUPS) has received the First message on fire on Sunday in 15. 08. " On a mark of 450 metres antenna feeders burn, - employees of the specialised fire brigade located in ` Ostankino ` transferred. - the Fire area small, but the automatic system of suppression does not consult. We steal up also we can not: high temperature and strong smoke blanketing ".
While additional forces and a special equipment reached a scene, fire, working in a television tower, have found out that fire has occurred from - for short circuits in power cables. And the ignition centre was in that place where literally one of these days have finished installation of two new broadcasting aerials calculated on frequencies 65 - 74 MHz and 88 - 108 MHz accordingly.
however then the fire reasons interested firemen least. The main thing was to deduce from a building of people. Visitors of restaurant " the Seventh sky " a viewing point and numerous employees GTRTS at first evacuated by means of high-speed lifts, and then - on ladders.
approximately in an hour per a building practically does not remain strangers. And fire steels to lift on lifts powder fire extinguishers: the tower has not been disconnected yet and it was mortally dangerous to use water and foam.
but to stop distribution of fire by means of them it was not possible. Then pulse pomegranates which at explosion allocate carbonic acid have gone to a course. However, and they have appeared are useless. Contrary to all laws of physics fire extended not only upwards, but also downwards. The matter is that huge pieces of burning isolation came off cables and drop in a communication collector, setting fire to all on the way.
during this moment the cables keeping lifts have started to burst. In one of them have appeared three firemen and the woman - the lift attendant are blocked at once. Last radio report from this lift has arrived on Sunday approximately at 6 o`clock in the evening.
" drag downwards, we are pressed by a smoke " - shouted in an aether of the deputy chief of UGPS Severo - East district of Moscow Vladimir Arsjukov. Colonel Arsjukov, about 30 years worked in the fire protection, one of the first has risen in a burning building and actually supervised over suppression on the uppermost mark. In the same place struggled with fire and his son, the lieutenant of fire protection. The lift in which there was colonel Arsjukov, has failed together with other cabins. Has punched a concrete floor and it has appeared in a cellar on depth of seven metres. From above the multiton counterbalance has fallen upon a cabin. To reach fragments of a cabin to rescuers it was possible only on Monday evening.
after the television tower has been disconnected, firemen dragged fire extinguishers manually. Overcoming height in 250 - 300 metres on shank`s mare. And only when fire has risen to restaurant " the Seventh sky " fighters of fire protection have placed on a ladder in a chain and they began to transfer cylinders each other. " and all - is equal more than 15 minutes there has sustained nobody " - firemen tell.
and as firemen recognise, speech about struggle against fire did not go. All forces have been thrown on stopping its advancement. For this purpose on all height of a tower firing lines were created: Cables on which fire could move were chopped, and emptiness were put by sheets of the humidified asbestos. Under different data, such boundaries was four or five. But to constrain fiery front it was possible only on the lowermost, 69 metres located on a mark. There was it yesterday in second half of day.
conclusions about causes of the fire the state commission still should make, but gorprokuraturoj criminal case under article " is already brought; Destruction or property damage on imprudence ". And to be responsible for an event, most likely, it is necessary to management GTSRT. According to employees UGPS, the tower did not correspond for a long time already to safety requirements. Last check which has been spent in it in May of this year, has revealed more than 20 sites and installations on which there could be short circuits, and all has found out 38 essential infringements of fire prevention rules. From them at the moment of a fire it was possible to eliminate less half. But the most important thing and has not been made. A building have not divided partitions which could detain advancement of fire and stop an air flow to the burning centre, and out-of-date systems pozharotushenija and alarm systems and have not replaced.

28. 08. 2000: Without a tower

the Information fire

the Fire on the Ostankinsky television tower has begun in feeders at height about 400 metres on Sunday in 15. 08. As a result of influence of high temperatures in the Ostankinsky tower has burst more than 50 cables keeping its design in vertical position. The Ostankinsky tower has bent towards area where the Moscow Botanical Garden (to the north from a tower is located). The inclination of its top part, which corner while precisely is not defined, visible with open years. Earlier the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has informed that a present angle of slope of a concrete part of a tower, under its data, 47 seconds.

the Reason of the developed tragedy that in a place of a seat of fire systems automatic pozharotushenija have not been provided. Has lighted up, presumably as a result of short circuit, a braid of feeders.
the feeder is the goffered copper pipe in diameter of 50 or 100 mm on which it is spent television or a radio signal from transferring equipment to aerials. They are concluded in a cover, connected in bunches on 8 pieces, and pass in cable boxes practically on all height of a teletower. In the Ostankinsky tower filery settled down in liftovoj to mine. The structure of feeders also has allowed a fire to extend on all height of the Ostankinsky tower.
fighters of capital fire protection are going to fill in cable feeders foam at height about 50 metres. On it have informed in a staff pozharotushenija, located at the Ostankinsky pond. If foamy attack is possible, fire advancement downwards will be stopped.
the First struggle against fire was entered by fighters obektovoj a fire brigade under Dmitry Starshinova`s command. They tried to extinguish fire by means of fire extinguishers, but the flame on emptiness has started to leave downwards. Fighters of this fire brigade have in due time deduced visitors and employees of a teletower that has allowed to avoid considerable victims.
meanwhile, three in tower three or four persons who have gone in a tower any more do not search - them recognised as victims. The exact information on that, how many people remain in the lift of a burning tower, no. Firemen consider that there not three persons as Minister of Internal Affairs Rushajlo spoke, and four. However at present searches of these people are stopped - the Ministry of Emergency Measures recognised that they were lost.
in the Kremlin passes Vladimir Putin`s meeting with members of the government. Opening meeting, the president has declared that " the next state of emergency has shown, in what condition there are vital objects of the country ". The head of the state has especially underlined that only economic development of the country will allow to avoid similar situations in the future.
installation of transmitters on high points of Moscow for announcement distribution to Moscow and Moscow oblast within the next few days will begin. Optimum variants of distribution of an announcement of the Russian channels to Moscow and Moscow Region are developed. Now on the Shabolovsky television centre in Moscow programming of the channel of RTR, however a question on establishment possibility there transmitters is carried out can be solved only after additional study. TV channel " Russia " is accepted by TV channel " NTV Plus " and ORT television channels and RTR are in a network of distribution of TV channel " Capital ".

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01. 09. 2000.: In China deadly pricks

In China are entered the system of deadly injections for the criminals sentenced to the death penalty is entered.

the researches of preparations Begun in 1997 for injections are almost finished.
positions about enforcement of the sentence are left in the Supreme National court of China. However the organisations on protection of human rights are afraid that an internal of executed criminals will be taken for transplantation. Authorities declare that interiors will not be used without the consent of owners.
execution by means of injections is legalised in China since 1996. The first deadly prick has been entered to the criminal on March, 28th, 1997 in the city of Kunmin. Since then this kind ekzekutsii was used in four Chinese cities.
however, the Chinese authorities assure that after universal introduction of new system " Humane death " the old method - execution - will be used all the same.

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30. 08. 2000: Arrived on the summit have called for the world

In New York with a pomp passes the World religious summit first in the history of mankind organised by the United Nations. More thousand the religious figures who have united under the motto " take part in a forum; If politicians cannot preserve the peace, we will try to make it ".

Except figures of the basic world religions - Christianities, the Buddhism, Islam and a Judaism, on a forum have arrived representatives " small " religious trends - induisty, sintoisty, bahai, daosy, ognepoklonniki zoroastrijtsy, the Australian natives and even Indians of tribes navaho and the Maya.
for four days of the summit spiritual leaders should accept " the world Declaration on the Earth " In which they will call the world community for the world and tolerance. The International advisory council, which overall objective Besides, is planned to create - to unite efforts of various religious trends for the help of the United Nations in a resolution of conflicts, including on religious soil.
unlike usual international forums, delegates of this congress not only sit, but also actively pray, and someone meditates (on it some hours per day) are allocated. Besides, some delegates execute before gathered the specific religious dances or songs.
N the summit amazes a variety of clothes of participants - from strict monastic cassocks to American Indian headdresses from feathers. The meal of envoys of different gods will be exclusively vegetarian, and it is underlined even in the summit program.
Except Kofi Annan, addressed to opening to congratulate participants of the summit there has arrived Ted Turner - the founder and the president of company CNN, and also great-granddaughter Mahatmy Gandi and rectors of the American universities. Has arrived to New York and the bishop of African methodical episcopal church Vashti Makkenzi, which as already wrote " the Newspaper. Ru " there is less than year became the first-ever woman - the priest back.
however, despite grandness of event, at the summit will not be neither the Patriarch of All Russia, nor the Pope, Dalaj of the Llama. The first have not arrived on own will, and Dalaj to the Llama the Chinese authorities have prevented. However instead of itself the llama has sent three representatives.
on the summit there are also Russians: orthodox - the metropolitan Volokolamsk and Jurevsky Pitirim, metropolitan Kishinev Vladimir, and as rabbi Adolf Shaevich, the chairman of the council of muftis of Russia Ravil Gajnutdin and mufti Ahmad Kadyrov, the head of administration of the Chechen Republic.

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29. 08. 2000: the President of Finland has married

After 15 years of joint life with the groom

On Saturday in quiet suburb Helsinki on the bank of gulf of Finland event of which already more half a year was waited by all Finland has taken place. President Tarja Halonen has married Pentti Arajarvi with whom has lived under one roof more than 15 years.

the Official president residence of Finland settles down in Mantiniemi - silent shady suburb Helsinki on the bank of gulf of Finland. On Saturday morning ceremony of wedding of the president of Finland 57 - summer Tari Halonen and the old companion of her life of Pentti Arajarvi here has taken place. As witnesses adult children of a newly-married couple from their last marriages - the daughter of the bride Anna and the son of groom Esko acted. As well as it is necessary to the bride, red-haired Tarja was in all white, and on Pentti there was a dark suit with a red rose in a buttonhole.
" Young " declared significant event by another native already after ceremony. 30 visitors have been invited in Mantiniemi to a supper - and not on wedding, and for a crop holiday. As has told next day a press - the secretary of the president Maria Romanchuk, wedding became for visitors unexpectedness: strange, but nobody has noticed that the communique about it has appeared one week earlier.
Presidential wedding became a surprise and for all Finland. However, a surprise, for a long time the expected. Still on February, 6th, in night of a victory of Halonen on presidential election, Pentti Arajarvi with whom she has lived 15 years, has declared that now he should think of offering Tare a hand and heart.
not properly executed marriage caused many unnecessary problems from the point of view of the report. It was not clear, in what quality of Arajarvi can live in presidential residence, be present on formal receptions, accompany the president on foreign trips. Long discussions were caused also by what word to name the partner in life of the president. The special term " has been invented; the open spouse " (on - finski - avopuoliso, on accord with aviopuoliso - " the spouse ").
Now all these problems behind. As they say, noblesse oblige. The presidential armchair forces to moderate former radicalism (in May in interview to correspondent Tarja Halonen underlined: " I - the former radical ") . It is necessary to look only, whether the president of Finland will change the relation to religion: in 60 - e years it has torn with Lutheran church to which the overwhelming majority of Finns belongs.


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in Russia, it appears, it is bad not only with economy, but also with Russian. To raise literacy of the population, the Institute of Russian of the Russian Academy of Sciences has decided to simplify the object entrusted to it considerably.

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