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29. 08. 2000: Now Mavrodi catch in the USA

Left Russia and being since 1998 in federal search Sergey Mavrodi as inform news agencies, has managed to create one more financial pyramid.

Law enforcement bodies of the USA search for the citizen of Russia Oksana Pavljuchenko who, agrees to the Interpol data, together with the cousin, osnovatelam the companies " MMM " Sergey Mavrodi, has created roguish the Internet - company Stockgeneration.
on June, 9th, 2000 the Commission on securities has submitted the claim in which Stockgeneration it is named " to federal court of staff of Massachussets; a classical financial pyramid " incorporated millions dollars. The company is threatened also with the claim in the area of the Ministry of Justice of the USA.
Having promised investors from every corner of the globe the revenue to 215 percent, Stockgeneration actually has deprived of their possibility to return even the contributions.
the deceived investors of a new pyramid became more than 275 thousand persons, mainly from the USA. It is a lot of " laziness golubkovyh " there was also in Russia, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, the Scandinavian and Baltic states.
the American court has decided to freeze all accounts and avuary the companies before the proceeding termination.

24. 08. 2000: And - 320 has buried 143 persons

Passenger plane A - 320 airlines Gulf Air on Wednesday has fallen to Persian gulf around state Bahrain coast. 143 persons, from them 8 - crewmen were lost.

To a wreck place there have arrived rescue crews by the ships and helicopters. In operation from base of Naval Forces of the USA the American military men, including helicopters take part in Bahrain and two ships from structure of a striking force of aircraft carrier USS George Washington which has appeared nearby to a tragedy place, and a towing vessel. After the searches proceeding all night long, from water bodies of all of 143 victims have been taken. Also has been found out " a black box ". The liner carried out flight from Cairo, capitals of Egypt, to Manama, capital of Bahrain.
the dispatcher of the Bahrain airport has told that the plane twice unsuccessfully tried to come in the land, and on the third time has failed in the sea. According to some information, at the plane the engine burnt. However the dispatcher has informed that did not see a flame. The crew, as he said did not inform anything on malfunctions as did not inform and on why the plane could not sit down from the first. Gulf Air - the airline belonging simultaneously to Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and emiratu Abu - to Dabi which are a part of the United Arab Emirates. Among passengers basically there were inhabitants of the Arabian states, and also citizens of China, Poland, the USA, Great Britain, Australia and Canada, including 26 children is elderly till 10 years.

under messages of news agencies

22. 08. 2000: Electronic " the hero - the lover " it is justified

the Ministry of Justice of Philippines has decided to dismiss charges with Onelja de Gusman of which waited punishment for distribution of the well-known virus I love you.
according to judges as informs Polit. ru, police charges not sootvestvujut to article " For cybernetic crimes " and proofs of fault of the student it has been collected insufficiently. And the former student of University AMA admitted that has extended a virus casually, but has refused to name the author of a toy which on May, 4th this year has brought losses on 10 billion dollars. Onelju it was possible to leave from punishment because the law on cybercrimes left on Philippines later, than the virus has got to a network, therefore police charge sounded so: " for larceny and infringements of instructions for use by credit cards ". The law cannot be applied backdating so to the fellow has carried. That you will not tell about zhervah " a love computer infection ".

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