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" Management is, as a matter of fact, creativity "

Business - education today. In what unique advantage business - schools " Skolkovo " who should arrive on program Executive MBA - the rector of the Moscow school of management has told about it in interview to Yury Mitin " Skolkovo " Andrey Volkov within the limits of the project " FM " in Skolkovo ".
Andrey Evgenevich, tell, with what the project business - schools " began; Skolkovo "?

the Project began with the initiative of Rubena Vardanjana and our dialogue with it as should look modern business - education. For me, anyway, so the project began, it has literally arisen from one conversation which was in Vladimir Mau`s office, the rector of Academy of national economy at the government. We have three together gathered and discussed this problem, and has occurred, as now it is fashionable to speak, a synergy, that is a coincidence of views. Here from this point on for me the project as Ruben as the person very vigorous and possessing the big authority and trust which to it is rendered by other partners - founders, began to be engaged in fund raising, and I have been more concentrated to how the school should work has begun.

concerning time when the project began. In 2005 you were the adviser of the Minister of Education, worked as the pro-rector in Academy of national economy of the government of Russia. Instead of could tell about yours business - experience? Why you have decided to work in an education sphere and have risked to take part in creation absolutely new business - schools in territory of the Russian Federation?

It is necessary to begin from apart. I by training the physicist - atomshchik, my sphere am jaderno - power installations. I finished MEPhI during deeply Soviet period, worked as the researcher, scientific further, the engineer, dealt with applied problems uranium - some plutonium fuel for atomic engineering. There has then come disintegration, a stop, 90 - e years when the state has ceased and could not conduct such ambitious programs in atomic engineering. I casually enough, have temporarily agreed to work managing as stand in again created structure. And here for me there was a revolution: I have got to the command of very competent, talented, very vigorous people, businessmen, but in educational sense, and we created the new project from zero - the Tolyatti management. And then already on the basis of this experience I became later the rector of this startup as now it is accepted to speak, in education (on it have left 12 years). Has been then invited to Moscow in Academy of national economy, has been then invited to work in the government, in the Ministry of Education. Well and here simultaneously in 2005 this project business - schools " has begun; Skolkovo ". In this sense at me in education two large-scale projects: here the first and six years the second project.

yes, and here concerning the future, concerning current education, in what key difference business - schools " Skolkovo " from world doing business - schools?

On portfolio structure, on a set of programs we do not differ. We work in corporate sector, we work in sector of people which with good experience of that is called Executive MBA, people who have three - four-year administrative experience, that is called full - time MBA, that is program MVA of a total time is all as at all. It is important that we have regarded as of paramount importance other problems. Not so much to pass people a standard package of knowledge as I speak, " business - language ": Finance, the right, akkaunting, marketing, everything that business is called - language, how much to pass ability structurally, critically to reflect on how the management system is under construction and to build new management system, to transform business, to transform administrative system, not very well, it is public sector either commercial, or business literally this word. Here this transformatsionnaja feature, it is possible to speak, as it is realised is another story. Here it is especial mission and strategy business - schools. We prepare people not for routine management, not corporate officers as it is accepted to speak, and not for consulting. We prepare people who are ready to think and structurally to discuss the future, to design it and to be capable this future implementirovat in any administrative systems. You know that students take real projects. But here particularly last class full - time MBA in India just did the project, I flied to estimate these projects it is hospital. There it is necessary to change logistics of surgical branch. A real situation, real people, real biznesy, the real data, real mutual relations. And students could for six weeks sgenerit practical offers which have been accepted, estimated and introduced by a hospital management, and this training. That is, on the one hand, it is a reality, and on the other hand the analysis that has turned out that has not turned out that it is necessary to change, does not suffice what knowledge. It is school can faster do, than real life. Here in this sense it is possible for business and it is necessary to learn. Simply it very much resursoemko, therefore the majority of educational institutions with it does not communicate.

Interesting, and here concerning the process of training, education, after all on program Executive MBA, in particular, teaching is conducted in English, foreign professors are invited. And the majority of graduates, as far as I understand, are going to do business in Russia. With what such choice is connected?

very simply - business in Russia exists 20 years, it is not enough in historical time to leave to theoretical generalisations to write kontsepty, theories and so on. Business in the West in modern sense of this business exists 100, to be exact, 50 years. Corporate structures in present quality have developed during the post-war period, first of all, in the United States of America, then in Europe in 60 - e years. And here therefrom roots business - educations the presents. Generalisation of this experience, allocation, case study, saved up we should use this experience. That is why we in the field of traditional kontseptov knowledge in management and business sphere so intensively make use of the western experience, therefore we invite the western professors, therefore it is better, that communications went in English and without transfer. Here such simple design.

yes, but if the majority of educational institutions with it does not communicate, business - school " Skolkovo " on it it is focused. There are any statistics, percent of graduates which worked in corporation to ward to business - school " Skolkovo " have then opened the business and became successful businessmen?

There is a simple statistics entrance. In the field of Executive MBA 45 % of all our students there are more are proprietors of business. But the proprietor of business will not go so to waste time, have a good time simply here zadorogo simply to receive the diploma. It is not necessary to it any more. Hence, people, the market, we will tell so, estimate that we are adequate in this approach. Statistics, how much success stories? It is necessary to be fair, at us all the third class now studies students MVA, this very small historical time, it is necessary to wait, how much from them will shoot and will turn to the big projects. On the current statistics of 50 % of our graduates MVA, full - time MBA are engaged in the business, instead of leave in corporate structures. It is very big percent. At Stenforda of an order 7 - 8 %.

And if to look from the point of view of development it is not so much graduates who finish business - school, and from the point of view of development business - schools " Skolkovo " the next year, the next five years what prospects, what plans?

I consider that the school has the moral right to learn to business, if she the enterprise project. And school In original sense of a word a startup or as it is accepted to speak now, greenfield, from zero, in empty space physically and intellectually. From the first idea it develops as the independent project, independently, and for me it very valuably and very essentially. We as business grow quickly enough and effectively, we grow last five years, we double, 100 % a year. When I speak " we grow " it means, we grow by quantity of students of different programs, first of all, corporate, but and under incomes which we receive. And we already completely not small, we operate on the scale of a $50 million order, that is it for education already big money. And I once again want to underline, it not the money taken from the budget, not the money taken from a state sector, these are the money earned in the market. And I, in general, with pride speak about it. Next five years we should become in two - two and a half time more, through school should pass an order of three thousand students (a word " students " it is necessary to quote, because it is adult people in a range 25 - 45 years, we traditionally name their students, the correct word would be " participants of education " participants more correct term). We strongly want to leave in the international sphere, we now are on the threshold, we already work outside of Russia, but it all the same the post-Soviet territory. We work both with Kazakhstan, and with Ukraine, and with Armenia. We have an experience excellent works with global corporation when managers from other countries come, but it is not enough of it. I want, that in a portfolio of it became more next five years, approximately 20 - 25 % of a portfolio should be foreign orders, foreign clients, foreign students. By the way, in the program full - time MBA now foreign students in a set of this year already eight demands from eight countries. I with pride about it speak. So, scale: we should grow three times, to become more international, to construct the kernel professorsko - teaching structure.

but, speaking about the international sphere, there is still such concept as ratings, the international ratings business - schools. A leah gathers business - school " Skolkovo " to enter into these ratings?

My position as rector the following: no. And it basic. I understand all criticism possible, costs of this answer. I consider that if we want to construct not a remark, not a copy, we need to move the way. If we start to play game under the name " accreditation " in ACSB or in AFD are two key associations business - educations, European and American we should follow some set of standards. Yes, for business - educations they soft, but it is standards, and following these standards we can lose the way. That is why at this stage of development of school hit in ratings and passage of system of accreditation - not an actual problem. And then, if we work fairly and well, is not trivial, the rating itself will come to us and we should not run behind a rating.

to me recently as to student Executive MBA, the invitation to take part in an additional educational program has come on mail, namely in an ascension to the Himalayas and joint development of the personal competence during mountain transitions. Tell, it here such unique methods of the education, invented business - school " Skolkovo "? It is your personal experience it is introduced?

No, anything such over. It is unusual, but to tell that we pioneers, here it is impossible. Stenford is engaged in it, Harward is engaged in it. But it, in - the first, not the basic program, and that is called, the additional module which students take for choice, optional. For a long time it is known that in management personal qualities are very important: as you communicate with the people, you before yourself put what problems, how much you can suffer, that here such soft humanitarian sphere which does not train in a class. Moreover, management is after all, as a matter of fact, life, it has not come, has defended and has left, this creativity, differently I do not conceive management. Therefore I consider that the one who enters into management system, the one who plans to take of an administrative position, it should take care of the own life, understand itself(himself), the limits mental, physical, humanitarian. I consider that here such modules connected partly with intense psychophysical activity as tracking in the Himalayas, they are very useful. And our experiences which in April we have spent this year: 20 students have taken off and have made transition to base camp of the Everest. Every evening came to an end with the two-hour discussion modelled, 16 reports have been prepared from students. I consider that it is magnificent experience, I was going to spend it for a long time, since this year, it will be regular in the program, every year from 16 to 20 persons will be selected on a competitive basis under such model.

you speak about personal development of the businessman, about personal qualities of the businessman. I have still read in your resume that you combine work in business - school " Skolkovo " with a position of the president of Federation of mountaineering of Russia. How you consider, a leah it is possible to compare sports and business - education? A leah helps your experience of ascensions in management of school?

Perhaps will sound it is paradoxical, I have received the most extreme administrative experience in the Himalaya projects. Organizuja and starting expeditions to Pakistan, in China, in India and in Kingdom Nepal when it is necessary to accept many the interconnected decisions, to safeguard, have cross-country - cultural communications, to achieve success, to symbolise result. It not sports in the narrow sense of the word where has run up, have jumped and have gone to a shower, no. It were very much difficult situations when in Pakistan we moved to base camp, we were surrounded with 45 porters armed automatic skorostrelnym with the weapon, and us was five climbers, and we lived four days together. Thus we paid in it money, every day we had a serious discussion, a leah is enough we them we pay, thus they are armed, and we are not present, and anybody will not help us, because to the nearest police point three days on foot. And in this sense many situations were in the lives, which distances to me much more administrative experience, than reading of books and, so to say, theoretical kontseptov. Therefore I consider what to try it it is necessary, it is necessary to experiment other forms of education, completely not classical, too. But, that we each other understood, it optional, it is an additional part. And all - taki the kernel remains in a campus, here, in traditional forms of education.

tell, how recently the subject of innovations, in your opinion, develops in Russia. Last three - four years commercialisation, processes inkubirovanija is very popular are popular in Russia. In 2010 there was a fund " Skolkovo ". Tell, how it is connected business - school " Skolkovo " and fund " Skolkovo "?

To a subject of innovations, nesmotrja that it zaboltali, I treat very kindly. After all a strategic choice for our country the following: or we remain the old industrial power extracting and is primary processing minerals, or we are a world player in economy of knowledge. I consider, of course, that my answer of the second. And, in general, the management of our country repeatedly declared the choice. By the way, there are some countries in the world presume such expensive toy, as fundamental science and education of a world class. Here no equality will exist, always there will be a club 10 - 15 % of the countries which can afford here such luxury, and Russia precisely should be in this world club, and not just because We have nuclear missiles or the nuclear weapon. It is the basic answer. Therefore innovations, generation of ideas, their transformation into technologies, moreover and commercially successful are a strategy. Therefore I very much greet the initiative of occurrence of fund, that will appear " Skolkovo " as fund, as the innovative environment. It I concern extremely positively.

Kkak you consider, in what direction the education system now moves to Russia?

We have strongly given on quality in comparison with the Soviet standard. And all worry, complain about it, speak about deep crisis of an education system. I am far from optimism on duty, but it is necessary to look at it slightly more widely historically. In Soviet Union approximately 17 - 18 % could get to high school potentially. Already at this stage selection was rigid enough. So the economy so it has been designed has been arranged, roughly speaking. Then the new law on education has essentially changed this system. Now at us, by different estimations, to 85 % of people come to higher education. And some voices are distributed that it is profanation and so on, and so on. There there is also a profanation, and it very big. Quality has on the average failed, because teachers did not become more, and the entrance stream has increased in three - four times. Obviously any discord here is. And we have given in this business. But the world trend consists all the same that higher education is there will be a mass product. If want, those countries, which will pass the first to mass total higher education as when - that passed 50 - 70 years ago to mass secondary education, those and will compete. In this sense it as though a payment for this transition, for this transition, and we should pay it. The second moment - we nedofinansiruem education approximately twice in relation to the European and American colleagues. It is difficult, money does not suffice both on defence, and on pension, and on public health services. But I know that efforts are done by the government to change this course. The third - we need to carry out structural institutional reform. And, at last, last (I very superficially now is all I speak), other management class in the field of management of such enterprises, as university is necessary to us. Here it while is badly realised, I consider that it is very strong brake in following leap of Russian education. But I do not lose optimism and I believe that we remain world educational power.
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