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Polsko - the Ukrainian European championship has come to the end with absolute triumph of the Spanish football. Spanish national team has won the third successively title on the main tournaments. And its victory in the Kiev ending over Italians both #150; 4:0 it has turned out the most convincing that when - or were gained in their decisive matches.
for four years the Spanish national team has passed a surprising way: from the command with reputation, maybe, the unluckiest in world football, the command which always had good players, but urged to be proud of the rank of the champion of Europe covered with a dust 1964 - go, to the command, whose place in the football hierarchy built for a century now where - that near with the greatest among great. Near with Brazilians of semicentenial prescription show - troupe of Pele and Garrinchi. Near with Dutches who in 1970 - e have invented total football. Near with the Germans who have deprived inventors of possibility an informal recognition by best to convert in formal victories all the same got basically too strong, too adapted, a leah that, winning, German national team. Near with the Frenchmen reigning in football in the end of decade before last.

and if someone suddenly tells that among these the greatest, equal each other present Spaniards a little ravnee, anybody after all not begins to twist a finger at a temple. To the contrary, with it it will be difficult to argue, even if it not seems to you that the Spanish style that in a foreign press name tiki - taka, based on possession of a ball, on synchronism of movings of all ten field players, on a subtlety and the intuition covering power, football revolution is similar to that, thanks to which all when - that vljubili in itself Dutches.

against the facts you will not trample. And the fact that so Certainly, with a stock, with a glamour to dominate on an extent not so and a short time piece in football at level of national teams it was not possible to anybody yet. And even covered with the reservation reliably protecting from another`s magic, German national team of Frantsa Bekkenbauera, Gjuntera Nettsera and Gerd Muller, being in 1976 in a step passing the same road European championship gold, gold of the World championship and again European championship gold, all - taki has stumbled. The reservation has burst in a series of a penalty with the Czechoslovak command.

it remained with Spanish national team is whole in this Sunday Kiev evening. Moreover, on it and it was not formed a uniform serious scratch. This ending on a broader scale, strictly speaking, did not resemble the ending. Or resembled only in the sense that such matches always especial history.

For Spanish national team it was history how for those who long-sufferingly bends the line, believes in correctness of the philosophy, without paying attention to criticism, that sympathies for you have already turned to antipathies and almost hatred and thy football starts to seem boring and wrong, including to such authorities as Arsene Venger, stars converge suddenly in one point while it is especially necessary. When everything turns out that turned out in the previous matches, and which - that over it necessary not to admit, for example, repetition of a situation with a semi-final against Portugueses about all the solved series odinnadtsatimetrovyh.

it turns out to hold a ball. It turns out to take away on the sly far not the worst in the championship defence. It turns out to hammer. At Seska Fabregasa in struggle against Dzhordzho Kellini, a symbol of the Italian tenacity, it has turned out, having accepted a pass from Andresa Inesty, to pull out space metre, and at small David Silvy to guess, where the canopy of the partner from obverse will depart to substitute under it a head.

at Hordi Alby during doomed like on sticking in an attack midfield, it has turned out to jerk by several rivals in another`s penal, and at Havi to make a pause of exactly such duration, to enclose a ball in a foot to the defender who has wanted exploits during that instant when it will cross an invisible hyphen ofsajda which are watched by the lateral judge with a tag, and to deduce it in private with Dzhanluidzhi Buffonom.

And, having celebrated the second goal, to force television cameras to catch on tribunes of the person of the Italian fans: waste sights, the tears, the comprehension of a hopelessness too accurately printed on persons. The first time yet has not ended, and a grief it already here, on the next armchair, and anywhere from it you will not get to.

for Italian national team the Kiev ending was history how, leaving in the field, you during any moment find out that have lost where - that on road that core that you have finished to this match, to this stadium, adrenaline, freshness of thought, good luck, eventually. All it was still three days ago in a semi-final against Germans, and has now disappeared...

flank transfers by time concealed in themselves a sharpness, but did not reach addressees. Interceptions were, was even both #150; a rare occurence the small superiority on possession of a ball following the results of a time. But, to brake Spaniards, to create treshchinku in this strong reservation, it was necessary which - that else. Well, let us assume, inspiration from Mario Balotelli who has helped it to ruin Germans. And Balotelli was gone, was dissolved on the Spanish half, having reminded of itself before a break blow on the Kiev sparrows.

and the bad luck was such that the Italian trainer Chezare Prandelli then long tried to get from memory though one match in which the destiny was converted with it so cruelly. It has replaced limped Kellini in the first time. Has then made two more replacements, and game at Italian national team basically has gone more cheerfully, and Ikeru Kasiljasu at last has dropped out to beat off mortally dangerous in an emphasis blow from Antonio Di Natale. And here has torn a hip muscle only - only appeared in the field of Tjagu Motta, and to Italians, probably, still saving belief remains that the destiny can be deceived, it was required to think out how to play with Spaniards in minority.

they, certainly, have thought up nothing. An ending code has been bodily sustained in flamenco rhythms. Andres Inesta and Havi in this half an hour battled, strictly speaking, not for a champion rank which already was at them in a pocket, and for a rank of the strongest football player of the championship, got as a result of Ineste. Other members of an orchestra which actually is difficult for dividing into soloists both simply quite good musicians, for possibility to be noted by something beautiful on the Italian ruins: a feint, a goal a heel. Goals have got to reservists both #150; to Fernando Torresu and Juan Mate. And the bill on a board has fixed one more Spanish record: so it is large, so it is humiliating for rivals in the endings of the European championships or the world to them conquered nobody.

Dzhanluidzhi Buffon, however, said in the substituted microphone what to lose to largely such rival it not humiliation. But where to it was to hide wet eyes?

And nearby to Buffona fire of the big feast in which those who played this ending participated also, and those two football players who from - for traumas have passed polsko - the Ukrainian Euro, both #150 already blazed; Karles Pujol and David Vilja. And they, two key figures of last triumphs, too after all were an embodiment of the Spanish power. And trainer Visente del Boske waiting when also to it will allow to join a feast, smiled, having heard a question from someone who had an impression that after such success, after such subdued top everything that behind it, loses meaning: and what further? " Further qualification to the World championship, the Cup of confederations next year on which we should present Europe adequately. Many new calls " told del Boske tone what tell about something the every day and all clear.

And Sesk Fabregas explained, at the expense of what the Spanish national team, which else on opening avstrijsko - the Swiss European championship a match with Russians left four years ago in the status of the eternal unlucky person, could change it for absolutely other: " We is simple very hardworking, modest, disciplined and responsible " command;. And words about magic.

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the Basic results of Euro - 2012
Spanish national team became to the first in the history the command to which managed to win two successively European championship . It unique, owning thus also a rank of world champions.

the bill 4:0 , fixed in the ending, is the largest in the history decisive matches of continental superiority.

the Head coach of Spanish national team of Visente del Boske has repeated achievement of the trainer of modular Germany Helmuta Shena till now remaining the unique trainer on which to the bill there were prizes and the World championship, and the European championship. However, del Boske has advantage before the German as in its track record is also the won League of champions (" Real " 2002).

the Forward of Spanish national team Fernando Torres the unique football player who managed to cause a stir in two endings of the European championship . It became the owner " Gold football boots " handed over to the best bombardiru tournament. Thus the Spaniard has hammered only in three balls, as well as the halfback of Russian national team Alan Dzagoev. But, because Torres has spent in the field only 189 minutes against 253 at the Russian, it and managed a prize. And on a broader scale four more football players Mario Balotelli, Mario Gomes, Mario Mandzhukich and Krishtianu Ronaldu Were noted in this championship by three goals.

the euro - 2012 became only the third continental superiority on which in a top - bombardiry have hammered only on three balls (similar history was in 1992 and 1980). Formally, truth, there were tournaments when on the bill of the best bombardira was also two balls with 1960 for 1968. But those championships were spent under other regulations with where smaller quantity of games. And on a broader scale to Michel Platini`s record, in 1984 - m hammered in nine balls, anybody and close did not steal up.

the captain of Russian national team Andrey Arshavin and #150 became the leader on goal passes ; three . As much goal passes and at Stephen Dzherrarda (England), David Silvy (Spain) and Mesuta Ozila (Germany). But all of them have spent in the field essentially more time, than Arshavin. The Russian has played 270 minutes , and its nearest persecutor both #150; Dzherrard 390.

the leader of Portuguese national team Krishtianu Ronaldu became the Most beating player of superiority. On its bill most of all blows as in a goal mouth 15, and by 20 . The second place with 14 and 12 blows was accordingly occupied with the Italian forward Mario Balotelli. We will notice that Alexander Kerzhakov attacking by Russian national team, from 11 attempts never got to an alignment, fortunately for it, only on the third place on discrepancy.

Spanish national team became the leader on the general lease time a ball 201 minute . The second German national team 176 minutes. It is remarkable, however, that if to take into account average lease time a ball for a match, leaders Germans (35 minutes), and Spain appears flush with Russia (34 minutes).

the halfback of Spanish national team Havi and #150 became the Player who has given the greatest quantity of passes; 620 transfers . The second Its partner at the command of Habi Alonso (584). And closes a three plejmejker Andrea Pirlo`s Italian national team 540 transfers. Spaniards steels leaders on total number of passes 4893 (accuracy 80 %) against 3918 at Italy (accuracy 74 %).

For all championship arbitrators, as well as on the previous Euro in Austria and Switzerland, have shown only three red cards . A modest indicator, considering that in Portugal in 2004 was six removals, and in Belgium and Holland in 2000 - m at once ten.

the Spanish defender Alvaro Arbeloa and #150 became the most rough player of the championship; 20 fouls . Well and more often folili on Mario Balotelli 17 times. He, however, responded rivals the same coin and itself has made 19 infringements.

the Goalkeeper of Spanish national team Iker Kasiljas became only the second football player after Frantsa Bekkenbauera who was the captain on three large tournaments successively two European championships and the World championship. Besides, Kasiljas became the football player first in the history with which help its national team has won 100 matches . In total on its bill 136 of games for a national team from which 79 it has defended on a zero. It is no wonder that in play - off Spaniards have not passed last two European championships and a world championship (these are ten matches) never.

La Vanguardia

(Barcelona, Spain)

Talent, ambitions, a unification. Here columns of the command which has found the style the third consecutive time... Del Boske helps to open talents, and players do all the rest... The best generation in the history became also to the first, received a threefold crown... With unusual confidence. In Vienna Germany has fallen. In Johannesburg the Netherlands has fallen, and in Kiev Italy has got under a train... This higher recognition of style of true football... If in the Spanish economy of business went the same as in the Spanish football, we would not have a necessity for the help, there would be no unemployment.

The Guardian

(London, Great Britain)

Is in victory of Spain and symmetry, both symbolism, and style... The command which never won, has turned to the command which never loses... Any command in the world did not reach that Spain has managed to reach. Undoubtedly, any command did not conquer the ending with such confidence. And any command did not hammer in four balls in a final of the European championship... The Spanish era has begun in a match against Italy in 2008. Certainly, there was only a quarterfinal, but then Spain has punched a barrier which could not overcome 24 years which seemed insuperable on a broader scale. Then Spain was afraid Italy, the command which many represented sosredotochiem all what was not at Spaniards, dirty in game, cynical, boring... The successful... Now Spain became invincible.

Gazetta dello Sport

(Milan, Italy)

For Azzurri the fairy tale became a nightmare... Has won, as it usually and happens in sports, best of commands, but Italy and itself is guilty. Regrets concerning that we have not seen best of players will be still voiced... Nevertheless that has managed to make Prandelli after catastrophic performance of a national team in Southern Africa, should not be forgotten. Players merit an applause for expressional and difficult game.

Der Spiegel

(Hamburg, Germany)

All championship criticised the Spanish tactics of game by short transfers, now conversations only about triumph of Spain... Before the championship many foretold a decline of the Spanish domination in football. The ending has shown that the end it is not visible to the Spanish domination... The one who will apply for a title of the world champion in 2014, should defeat Spaniards.

Il Messaggero

(Rome, Italy)

With the perfect triple victory, expensive our Spanish brothers... Masters of football. The best. Assured. Physically stronger. Dream Azzurri is buried under a plate with an inscription " 4:0 ". It is the most devastating result in istorii the world and European endings. Result, from - for which our streets and which has not allowed to us to sleep from - for disappointments have quickly become empty... Italy has lost, without having tried to show at all that it can leave the plane with a cup and present to its main fan to president Napolitano.