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Results of the auctions at stock exchanges of Russia

VS the Russian Federation recognised existence in Russia monetary system

Republics search for common language. Will find — will show to the centre

UNDER the AVAILABLE information, in the off-exchange market actions NIPEK use the greatest popularity. Experts do not risk while to name these actions liquid as the majority of operations with them is made in the primary market, but is doubtless that the policy of the emitter consisting in increase of the price of primary placing (see #17, p. 4), has yielded the fruits - - in an exchange turn the price of the offer of papers NIPEK has increased.

City and village skirmish

The Khabarovsk atomic power station: Ishayev listens yes eats

NeXT - club: we are rich enough to buy cheap things

In Ulyanovsk the gang of factory directors

Republics CIS have created rocket big - the POPPY

Transactions in off-exchange stock market

" Alisa - - Ryazan ": Sterligovy have beaten out " the twenty "

The newspaper " the Chiming clock " it is accused of not authorised commerce

Sojuzgosfond: the owner of factories, newspapers, steamships

KamAZ: rope pulling proceeds

Philosophers and political scientists love reasonings on a theme, our political culture is however far from the level inherent in the educated countries of the West. This week politicians were ashamed and have decided to liquidate urgently the inurbanity, taking as an example on the future the Shining city on a hill i. e. severo - the American United States. R.I.Hasbulatov has decided not to waste time on trifles and has followed the lead of George Vashingtona who was not in forces " to be exposed to attacks from a clique of disgraceful scribblers ". Opening session VS the Russian Federation, R.I.Hasbulatov has almost literally reproduced words of the first American president complaining that " we have some mean newspapers which stake on blasting of public calmness ". Ambitious Ruslan Imranovich, possibly, being inspired by that descendants along with inscription In God We Trust will see its stamping profile on monetary denominations, has gone in the footsteps of the first US president, and different professor V.B.Isakov in

In Moscow have found a tomb foreign sacred

At Sobchaka something zaelo in the device

Substantive provisions of the Law of the Russian Federation " About trade marks, service marks and names of places of an origin of the goods "

Revolution in Azerbaijan

On May, 14th in Vladivostok on one of warehouses of an arsenal of Pacific fleet the fire, proceeding two days has begun. Have in this time burnt down nine storehouses and seven platforms with artillery shells, eight persons have suffered in various degree. Force of explosions was that that splinters scattered on two - three kilometres from an arsenal.

The block 1. BUSINESS NEWS 4

Joint-stock company " the Phaeton ": a new angle of attack

Confidential publishing

microdin 25. 05., 1/ 8, 880, 2 logo

Romantic supper: a candle holds Metropol

The review of investment activity

CNN has signed the contract with the Moscow broadcasting company


Sex - show in memorial estate Kuskovo is forbidden

" Children of Chernobyl " deprive of Red Square

Congress of financiers: bankers want in a high council

The export licences which have been given out by Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of Russia from April, 16th till May, 15th, 1992

Guarantees EIB: a new cart in an old track


" Hermes " the Bankrupt has deduced the debts on space level

The reputation can be sold favourably

State security - - in the new law

Tajikistan: southerners lomjat, northerners bend

The invitation to round

The world congress of Chechens

" RosInvest " has agreed with Finistbankom and has exposed the brokers on street

Auctions " nezavershenki ": competition on the right of possession of a pig in a poke

The Chelyabinsk ecologists have shown a radio-activity

MTSBN has started to sell apartments metre behind metre

Yugoslavia: murders in Sarajevo will not result in world war

New in sphere of services: phone - phone, otsen to bite hotstsa

Oil traders have received a surprise: three-monthly vacation

" TSerih " has thrown out actions " Permavia " on street

The foreign trade review

Two employees " were lost; the Russian house "