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AT the UKRAINIAN sugar stock exchange (USB) the record transaction on volume on May, 19th is registered: 4 thousand t granulated sugar with the licence for export from Ukraine are sold at the price of 68 thousand rbl./ t. Under the available data, all sugar is bought by one broker office for the client from Russia. It is remarkable that at auctions USB only one transaction on sugar on May, 14th is concluded - - is sold only 120 t on 66 thousand rbl./ t.


VS has allowed to spend to the government money

The president of Kazakhstan in the USA

VS the Russian Federation has deprived Ukraine of the rights to Crimea

The prices for nonferrous metals (thousand rbl./)

PAST week activity in exchange stock market of Russia practically equaled to zero. Basically transactions with nizkonominalnymi the papers which are in a stage of primary placing were made. On sales of this kind of papers the Nizhniy Novgorod stock exchange, as usual, is in the lead. On two Moscow - - MMFB and MTSFB - - transactions with securities were not fixed three weeks. In share department RTSB actions RINAKO, and also options for actions of Inkombanka (p. 8 see) were on sale. The last were in demand - - in total for a week has been realised about 20 options.

agroprombirzha: all brokers are equal, but founders — ravnee

Alcatel - communication: here, there and everywhere

ONE of the largest in Europe German chemical concern Henkel (an annual turnover more than 8 mlrd dollars) and the world leader in the field of public health services the American corporation Johnson and Johnson (an annual turnover 12,3 mlrd dollars) last week have opened in S - Petersburg the trade missions.

In THIS number in the table of the prices on colour and ferrous metals are cited the data on the price conjuncture which has developed at the auctions of stock exchanges of Ekaterinburg.

In the Russian political life interesting law was established: the fast rise in prices causes in the Russian politicians immediate desire to win Crimea. So was in January so - - on a new price hike - - it has turned out also this May week. Possibly, deputies VS the Russian Federation believe that from attack on peninsula it will be possible to return with rich extraction that will allow even to lead comfortable existence at present dearness. Thus, quite probably, them moves natural desire to restore historical justice: the Crimean khans (Kazy - the Weight, Mengli - the Weight and other Girei) have made in the past so much attacks to Moscow that candidates for the Moscow khans (S.N.Baburin, V.V.Aksjuchits and other) aspire to restore some balance and in revenge slightly pograbit Crimea.

President Valensa

The prices for ferrous metals (thousand rbl./)

War in Dnestr region

The operative information from 10 - go department 2 - go managements

Hearings about crash " Slavic " are exaggerated. But are not groundless

G - n Eng - Pom Pak (Yong - Pum Park), the manager of division of information systems of company Samsung Electronics

In Russia the second currency stock exchange

Liberalisation of the prices for energy carriers: oil in bondage does not breed

The Cannes film festival has passed without Tagi - back, without zadorinki

The list of the prizes realised at exchange auctions of export certificates

SALE of electronic dictionary LingVo - - one of the first commercial programs developed in Russia working in Windows environment, the beginning last week the Moscow firm Bit.

The international conflict

Slushanja civil cases under the threat of strike

R.I.Hasbulatova`s one more form

Pulling " KamAZa ": Tatarstan has jerked very much

The NEXT certificate of desire of the Central Bank of Russia to keep behind the service of collection a monopoly of gathering of a monetary cash, according to observers, there was a letter signed by the vice-president of Central Bank Rinata Setdikova in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation according to which weapon delivery is forbidden to employees of commercial banks. In this document it has been specified representatives of some commercial banks on May, 21st when they have tried to receive the weapon necessary for them for carrying out of collection and protection of values available in banks.

The general director ON " Aroma - synthesis " it is accused of large plunders

Steiner and Cie: your money? There will be you


The currency market

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

" Tretyakov gallery " have given on the commission

The Central Bank of Russia " has mislaid " another`s money

Sverdlovsk export: in a narrow circle of the limited persons

The block 1. Business news 4

On August, 13th in the afternoon of 30 Kiev OMON FIGHTERS have spent in city centre successful fighting

Revolution in Azerbaijan proceeds

Client RTSB will deceive on 11,4 million roubles

The Central Bank of Russia registers foreign accounts of exporters of oil and gas

The press to Yeltsin: your health, Boris Nikolaevich!

VS the Russian Federation has approved the introduction of Russia into IMF

The review of inflationary processes

Russian and World News

Cash 1 US dollar 1 Deutsche Mark

The Central Bank of Russia has thought up new bank system — without money

Tax inspection blocked bank accounts

In SVERDLOVSK AREA some enterprises of public organisations, associations, the unions and funds are released by the decision of session of small council from the tax to property. Since May, 20th following public organisations, in particular, are released from tax payment: Defensive it is sports - a technical society, Council of the All-Russia society of wildlife management, Council of veterans of Afghanistan, welfare fund " Intelligence of Ural Mountains " and also sports societies, associations and clubs. As the chairman of the commission of a regional council on affairs of youth Vadim Dudarenko, " has informed agency Postfactum; this list remains opened and societies which are engaged in charitable actions, education and leisure of minors, can address in Council with the request for clearing of the tax to property ".

The Central Bank of Russia counts on those who is capable to attack a rake twice