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Insult CPSU property

Stock quote of the foreign companies (in use in Russia) on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange at 15:00 on June, 9th (according to FINANCIAL TIMES from 10. 06. 92)

On RTSB old barter

The invitation to round

The Far East federation of businessmen (DFP) has declared itself

Substantive provisions of the Law of the USSR " About the basic beginnings of privatisation and privatisation of the enterprises "

RADIO Sweden

The JOINT-STOCK concern OLBI owning five Moscow currency shops, has started on June, 15th distribution of own currency credit cards - - OLBI card bonus.

In Moscow the first competition of a striptease

In the BEGINNING of June of the price for the foodstuffs continued to keep stability, experts even mark their some decrease. On - former changes of the prices in a greater degree depend on inflationary fluctuations, than from any other factors. However owing to deficiency of the foodstuffs the price level remains high enough so for wholesale buyers transactions on the stock exchange frequently become unprofitable.


Receding from Azerbaijan, SA blows up the military facilities

The opposition prepares displace the government

Actions of foreign firms travel across Russia illegally

The Karabakh barter: nine armored troop-carriers for Napoleon

Yeltsin have invited on G7

To Latvia - - only through the Latvian embassy

The list of the prizes realised at auctions of export certificates

In the best houses

The MOSCOW committee on management of property has started on June, 10th formation of two new divisions: managements of inventory and marketing management.

The American network entangles the Moscow real estate

The Ukrainian stock exchanges risk to remain without brokers

The list of the prizes offered on auctions of export certificates

" Spring action ": the spring has worked and on " Menatep "

In the Russian government at last there was a market expert - the ideologist

Hasbulatov became hadzhoj

AUCTIONS of export certificates have taken place last week on MTB and the Stock exchange of metals. On auction MTB 136 prizes on June, 10th have been exposed, from them is sold 32. Certificates on aluminium, copper and a carbamide are realised. The auction price of certificates for copper has exceeded starting in 5 - - 7,5 times, on aluminium - - in 1,4 - - 1,9 times. In total it is sold prizes for the sum of 20,69 million rbl. At the Stock exchange of metals on June, 11th 53 prizes on 55,4 million rbl. the Greatest excess of the auction prices over the starting are realised noted on copper, nickel and aluminium.

In Moscow there is Yeltsin`s art biography

LAST week the volume of the concluded transactions at the Stock exchange of metals has made 84,9 million rbl. that in recalculation for one trading day on 4,8 % above a similar indicator of the last week. Thus 53 % of total amount of the concluded transactions were necessary on nonferrous metals. Most large-scale contracts are concluded on zinc TSOA (61,5), copper - katanke (120), the armature (210), the zinced wire (1200). Experts of a stock exchange notice that expected in connection with rise in prices for energy carriers of a considerable rise in price of metal products has not occurred: on the contrary, the prices both on black, and on more power-intensive nonferrous metals basically decrease.

CHeho - Slovakia or Czechia and Slovakia?

To directors of firms made murder of the watchman. And

Pavilion " Fruit-and-vegetable growing ": Citroen has turned on roubles

Omsk: 84 - I anniversary of a victory of Kolchaka

MKhAT prepares to " to the Possible meeting " with sponsors

Shifts on border: " lihoimtsa " - - on " putchista "

" mosvneshinform ": investments on autumn consider

The first clearing centre: time, two - - and all in calculation

Georgian - the Osset conflict

Hewlett - Packard in Russia: awakening from hibernation

The Moscow businessmen want to communicate without hindrances, but the earth not begin to dig


Alexey Vlasov: new broom RTSB

The LARGEST exchange structures of Moscow - - RTSB, MTB, MBTSM and the Stock exchange of metals - - have declared readiness to co-ordinate joint activity. With that end in view representatives of four stock exchanges have signed at the meeting which has taken place on June, 11th the memorandum of creation of committee on interexchange cooperation in the forward and future market. As observers, an occasion to rapprochement of positions of the stock exchanges which earlier never to each other were not gravitating believe, there was a carrying out of auctions of export certificates by them. Because of constant consultations of representatives of four stock exchanges in Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations they had been developed a joint position in relation to the further development of exchange trade. Decrease in goods turnover and necessity became the real reasons of the agreement, according to experts, more resolutely to pass to introduction of the forward and the future.

Military - a patriotic holiday on Kuriles

Armenia: the first candidate for presidents already sat

Brothers and sisters! Daddies and mummies! Simply, at last, friends! To you we address with weather forecasters: there are two news. Both, strangely enough, the good. In - the first, on all European part of Russia it was established - taki the present summer heat without rains, fogs and an other moisture. In - the second, seemingly, it will not soon come to an end. For the next week, anyway, we answer. And there, you look, this scorching heat and will bother. Especially to inhabitants of Moscow and Petersburg where the temperature will reach to +30 in the afternoon, and from deposits the poplar down is expected only.

Bankers of Perm declared investment stop. From - for a corner

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has opened swindle of Belgosstraha, but has not punished it


PAST week on SFB for the first time in practice of this stock exchange transactions with options for purchase of actions are concluded. It is characteristic that the share price under these transactions which term expires on July, 1st, is rather low. In particular, the buyer has got the right to redeem at the seller of 50 actions " Permavia " at the price of only 80 rbl./ piece (at face value 250 rbl.) with the award 10 rbl./ piece; actions RINAKO and actions VPIK, it agree to the concluded transactions, will be redeemed with the same award at the price of 240 rbl./ piece (face value of everyone - - 1 thousand rbl.) . According to observers, Novosibirsk brokers have decided to play on fall, expecting peracute falling of course cost of these actions.