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The agricultural industry of the Kirov region has lost 20 million rbl.

The currency market

The West has tempered justice with mercy, but has decided to redistribute a pie

Have stolen shop

The parliament has passed the Law on budgetary system

The foreign trade review

The decision " About an introduction order in action of system of privatisation checks in the Russian Federation " confirms the schedule of actions for introduction of system of privatisation checks and fixes responsible for each action. The State Property Committee, the Ministry of Finance, the safety Ministry, the Savings Bank and GPO " should become the basic characters of campaign for investment of the population of Russia with checks; Goznak " the Ministry of Finance.

In Peter divide chairs

Russian and World News

The list of commercial banks on which corresponding accounts means under false documents

Russian - the Chinese dismantlings

How we will live without communists?

Service of tax investigations: the person with a gun

If to whom it is still interesting

Bank " Capital ": the reputation is staked

The block 1. Business news 4

" UNICOMMERCIAL BANK " for I half-year 1992 the competition between beginners More and more becomes aggravated to work under market economy laws as commercial banks of Russia - - a fundamental making infrastructure of the market. Business and professional potential " Unicommercial bank " allows it to maintain the most rigid competition to what its power and the dynamical development, the works of bank reflected in results for 1991 and I half-year 1992 testify.

" the Zhiguli " were made even with Mercedes. In service


The new best seller becomes classics

Candidates for members " parties of winners "

Adoption of law has put end under a paradoxical situation at which one of key elements of a new market mechanism of Russia was regulated for a long time by the out-of-date allied Law on currency regulation from March, 1st, 1991.

Any of the editions which have gone on sale in a booth, it is possible to buy under the clearing settlement, having addressed a joint-stock company advance payment " INKOM - the PRESS " (r/ with #1467660 in Sverdlovsk branch of Mosbusinessbank of Moscow, MFO 201241) and having sent the document on payment to the address:

The MOSCOW representative office H. Neumann International has opened on July, 22nd. It will be engaged in selection of the local supervising personnel for the foreign firms, beginning to operate in the CIS. According to the director of representation g - on Charles Ekshtajna (Karl Eckstein), demand for this type of service is defined by that the western investors aspire to secure themselves against selection of the personnel for criteria of relationship and personal friendship. At selection on the system developed Neumann, the expertise, knowledge of foreign languages are considered, the system of tests and interview is used.

Science with contraband elements

New service of TORIBANK: taxes it is possible not to pay to the court

New school of security guards: even women and dogs can protect businessmen a breast

Communists prove absurd of absurd charges

Commerce in a revolution interior: strong have appeared more safely

SESSION of the commission on listing has taken place on MTSFB on July, 20th. In official kotirovalnyj the stock exchange list actions of four banks - emitters have been brought: Kuban - bank (1 - go and 2 - go releases, 101 thousand piece for the sum of 101 million rbl., face value - - 1 thousand rbl.), bank " the Renaissance " (1 - go - - 3 - go releases, 69 640 pieces for the sum of 696,4 million rbl., face value - - 10 thousand rbl.), Toribank (59 thousand piece for the sum of 295 million rbl., face value - - 5 thousand rbl.), Finistbanka (1 - go and 2 - go releases, 52,4 thousand piece for the sum of 524 million rbl., face value - - 10 thousand rbl.). All emitters correspond to the requirements shown to banks - to emitters co-ordinated with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation rules of listing MTSFB (real actives - - not less than 50 million rbl., quantity of the let out papers - - not less than 2,5 thousand piece) .

On July, 27th - - on August, 2nd

Sardana F. D. Flowers: itself a garden I sat down...


Drink beer - - you will be the most tasty

The boxing league has decided to replace swords on shouted

Art in a bath

The invitation to round

DEMANDS ACCEPTANCE for participation in auction on sale of the Moscow objects of not complete building declared since July, 21st the external economic association " Interstrojservis ". At auction which will take place on August, 21st, 6 prizes will be exposed. According to the experts, the most attractive object - - the department store attached to shestnadtsatietazhnomu to an apartment house (to Marino, obshch. Squares of 4902 sq. m, are conducted painting and decorating, the starting price of 132 million rbl.) .

Whom have resulted in an office?

The Kuzbass exporters of coal have closed numbers

Elections in Japan

Struggle against AIDS: slowly also it is sad

Business - the centres on water: the real estate will come from Germany

Sentry at the property of artists

Odessa again meets the rebellious ship

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia in Manila

The Chechen Republic studies in democracy

" Brokservis " and strengthening of financial communications: variants

As them buried