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On July, 27th representatives of the contradictory parties of Tajikistan have signed in Khorog the agreement on cease-fire with 10. On July, 00 28. In some hours after that in Bohtarsky area the Barrow - Tjubinsky area there was an armed conflict.

As let out " the General newspaper "?

The variant of the Moscow program of the privatisation, accepted on July, 31st small council of the Moscow Council, has been offered by Moskomimuschestvo. That circumstance that small council has agreed with a Moskomimuschestvo variant (though there was also variant of the Moscow Council a little different from it), symbolises at least the time termination of struggle between the mayoralty and the Moscow Council for influence on privatisation process. This circumstance is favorable for investors as the conflict between the authorities generated danger of that the property rights to the privatised enterprise, issued in Moskomimuschestvo, will be challenged subsequently by property fund (having on this right). It is obvious that the consent of deputies to the given variant of the program is received in many respects as a result in the text of the program the Moskomimuschestvo at last recognised the legitimate right of fund of property to be the seller of the privatised enterprises (on what early categorically disagreed). Moreover, in the list of laws and decrees on which the program, at all


In Peter define V.I.Leninyh`s art value

SHARP increase of factory cost prices of nonferrous metallurgy production has caused also growth of stock quotes of it. At the Stock exchange of metals the rise in prices of the offer for large parties of nonferrous metals (first of all copper and aluminium), possessing high export efficiency is noted. It is connected, according to experts, with rouble exchange rate falling in relation to dollar. Transactions on sale of large parties of reefficient pig-iron, armature, a steel circle, a channel, shestigrannika, and also transactions with aluminium 6 and aluminium katankoj, a copper wire, a powder are fixed.

Rise in prices for oil: over fiction by tears I will have a shower bath

The prices of the consumer market

All will be good. But vodka will rise in price

In the best houses

The CENTRAL clearing house (TSRP) (see #24, p. 5) has started practical activities. As general director TSRP Sergey Rodionov has informed, since August, 3rd all payments between banks - - shareholders of chamber are carried out in a mode of real time, passing RKTS.

Joint venture Union has abolished night. Within separately taken supermarket

Forced labour

Restaurant " Sapporo ": the song helps to drink. Even Japanese beer

New pension fund: it will be small

The repayment of the second sovzagranbanka: to it has given, to it has given...

The plan of the USA for the Doomsday

Exhibitions, fairs and salons in September — December, 1991

The review of bank rates

The SITUATION in the paper market in July reminded the general price situation at stock exchanges of Russia. At a stock exchange " the Russian paper " where 80 % of the paper realised in an exchange turn are on sale, the average prices were below wholesale on which tselljulozno - paper industrial complexes released the production. For example, the average price of offset (#1 and #2) at a stock exchange has made an order of 28 thousand rbl./ t, and at the concern enterprises " the Paper " cost price was up to standard of 36 thousand rbl./ t.

The mayor of Moscow about business

On AUGUST, 6TH has taken place a press - the conference devoted to the international exhibition aircraft technicians " mosaeroshou - 92 ". The exhibition will pass from August, 11 till August, 16th in a city situated near Moscow Zhukovsky. It will be organised by Letno - research institute, IN " Aviaexport " and German firm Glahe International. 192 domestic and 82 foreign firms and the organisations will show 40 new civil and 100 military products: planes That is 160, That is 22, updatings of known fighters the Instant - 29 and the Sou - 27, the Yak - 41, the helicopter In - 80, They be 204 with Rolls-Royce engines, and also anti-aircraft missiles and system of interception of anti-aircraft missiles With - 300. At exhibition opening vice-president Alexander Rutsky, and on closing - - aviaparade in honour of Day of Air fleet is expected.

Stock quote of the foreign companies (in use in Russia) on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange at 16:00 on August, 3rd (according to FINANCIAL TIMES from 04. 08. 92)

The prices for wood (under the realised transactions)

Erih Honekker in prison and in a press

Yeltsin and Kravchuk: water will suffice all of us, the earth

To Volvo concern have moved road. On its own car

Sergey Bondarchuk in nature

Journalists have opened a new kind " Sports "

The Russian commercial structures trade also without currency

Hewlett Packard has decided to prove to dealers that knowledge - - force

The United Nations: problems with a new broom

Uninhabited premises in Moscow: the government tends to flexibility

GENERAL management of self-supporting division of the central prefecture " Ostozhenka " on August, 6th declared competition on the right of reconstruction and erection of objects in microdistrict #17 (street Ostozhenka - - Kropotkinsky emb.) .

In Ryazan the options provided with real estate

Any of the editions which have gone on sale in a booth can be bought under the clearing settlement, having addressed a joint-stock company advance payment " INKOM - the PRESS " (the settlement account #1467660 in Sverdlovsk branch of Mosbusinessbank of Moscow, MFO 201241) and having sent the document on payment to the address:

The prices for ferrous metals (thousand rbl./)

The joint venture " Dialogue ": cards tell truth

Office in " Business - bureau ": full illusion of own office

G - n Nicolas Vinichuk (Nicolas Vignitchouk), the director of representative office France Telecom in the USSR

The new policy of a gaming: the rate on the president

The prices for nonferrous metals (thousand rbl./)

Concern " Inpart " has looked narrowly at the earth and has found money

Privatisation " Aeroflot ": the former greatest all - taki will enter into the twenty

Collector transportations " Mars ": the reservation is strong

National putsch - - senseless and uninteresting

10 - - on August, 16th

2 — on September, 8th

The order of the mayor #250 really pulls together the Moscow model of privatisation with all-Russian, continuing thereby has put, begun by the new Moscow program of privatisation (p. 22 see #31,). The order #250 eliminates hindrances in realisation of this program, cancelling early accepted and entered into the contradiction with the new program documents. The step most essential in this respect is cancellation of the order of the mayor of Moscow #222 and appendices #3 to the decision of the Moscow government #46.