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The currency musical festival has, seemingly, failed

The beginning of week was marked by that beauty and pride of the Russian army - - soldiers - commandoes - - were inspired by the motto atamanshi Marusi, ataman Tjutjunnika, the father Angela and to that of similar heroes of national history: " Beat white, will not redden yet, beat red, will not turn white yet ". Being guided by the given principle, soldiers have pogromed dealers water-melons and melons, kakovye dealers, possibly, associated at them with bourgeoisie, but has got also to proletariat: for political balance parachutists have offended by action come them to welcome active workers of movement " Labour Russia ". However, mild communists have not taken offence at a beating and, persisting in desire to make friends with soldiers of a stock, declared that natural soldiers, and provokers which specially upilis wine, to give itself bolshee similarity to parachutists have offended them not.

Poison of week

" Sovleks " and the American actions: the first half a year - - lost-free

" TSentrorezerv ": all our life - - a moral trauma

The consolidated balance of joint-stock bank " Inkombank " (thousand rbl.)

FOR a WEEK To Croatia FOR 175 DOLLARS And 15 THOUSAND RBL. the firm " sends since August, 5th; Transservice ". To services having a rest - - the best beaches of the Adriatic coast of the country where more year civil war proceeds.

G - n Michael Kudriviski (Michael Kudriviski), the director for trade and marketing of company International Commercial Company M. Y. P. K. Ltd.

Ural oboronshchiki have decided to attack the West cheap a compact - disks

" Brokservis " it is ready to attach again Ukraine to Russia

RUSSIAN - the AMERICAN joint venture " Plastrejd Ltd. " becomes the basic distributor of cigarettes of American company Philip Morris in the market of Russia. On August, 6th the parties have signed the corresponding contract which cost makes 250 million dollars. As representatives Philip Morris have informed, project realisation became possible after a number of the American and Swiss banks have agreed to finance it.

The government regulates oil streams

Marc Rich in the CIS: do ut des

" Russia " was reinsured and hopes that it will help it

Terupravlenija GKAP: we on a grief all burzhujam

The Chechen Republic: resignation chooses the best

Cash — a strange subject: just were, and here already is not present

In ACCEPTED on August, 6th by session Krasnodar krajsoveta the document it is underlined that on Kuban work on farming development should be spent through attraction of inhabitants of village to participation in the various enterprises, stimulation of ground associations, joint-stock company, co-operative societies. It is supposed that, having received in them experience on the earth, people can make the independent decision on allocation in separate economy. In the performance at session the chief of regional department of agriculture Nikolay Egors has declared that it is not necessary to create a considerable quantity of the individual economy which have been not provided in a due measure financially and technically is artificial.

The ORDER FROM 5. 08. 92 #250 - RM

The COAL MARKET in July, according to information centre " the Snark " it was stable enough. The calm, obviously, is caused by prolonged preparation for a cold season prior to the beginning of which remains 1,5 more - - 2 months. Appreciable regional instability of prices for the separate marks of coal offered on the exchange auctions is noted. At the stock exchanges located in coal-mining areas (for example, on Kuzbass international commodity - a raw stock exchange), the prices of the offer more low, than, for example, at the Moscow stock exchanges that is quite natural. At the Moscow stock exchanges (especially on RosTEB and TERO) the assortment of coal offered to sale is wider, than at regional stock exchanges, and more than its volumes.

Race for power in Tajikistan

Searches of the gone fighter of the SOU - 27 are finished: the fighter is not present

Having been tired of wearisome heat, we made evening promenade. And here there are we to ourselves go on avenue, anybody naturally we do not touch, and suddenly - - ba! - - full circle of yellow leaves. " autumn " - - we have thought. That the autumn has thought thus, we do not know, we will not say lies, as and so absolutely izovralis for the it is look-ahead - weather life. Here and now nearly have not entered you, trustful, into error: was not any evening promenade, was not! Whence to it, serdeshnomu to undertake at sew lives? We trudged to simply ourselves for work (and places at us here remarkable), pozyrili around, and here - - hrjats! brjats! - - in bulk yellow leaves. Well also have thought there and then that to what, not balbesy any, and have decided to share fast therefore as, in - the first, are humane by nature, in - the second, we consider a sharing as news the professional duty. It to that the end to soon heat, it lives last days, and that basically not at us, and in absolutely other Europe.

Edward Limonova`s cult of personality

PAST week in exchange stock market operations with actions " became more active; Permavia ". At first at auctions MTSFB 1 action at obviously overestimated course in 1,2 thousand rbl. has been sold, and then in share department RTSB the transaction on purchase of 144 actions on 650 rbl./ piece Till this week transactions with papers " has been concluded; Permavia " did not consist during enough long time. Observers explain revival of interest to them distribution of data on the high dividend which will be paid under actions owing to successful activity of joint-stock company. Now it is possible to get these papers on the lowest during their reference of course cost so prospects of growth of course cost are doubtless - - especially in case of acknowledgement of hopes of the high dividend. Similar rumours round actions RINAKO have already led to revival of operations with them. Last week rumours about the close termination of campaign of placing of actions NIPEK were spread. According to this data, the joint-stock company management assumes to act

The economic sovereignty of republics: any quitrent, only corvee!

Kindergarten " Freckles " appreciates children. In 16 thousand

Transactions in off-exchange stock market


MGTS has decided to understand the communications

Day of country unity

The review of stock quotes


The rouble

One more division of the judicial and representative power

New firms with foreign participation

The list of the prizes offered at auction of export certificates MTB

To officers of air defence have allowed to betray the Native land

The instruction

Karateka Tadeush Kasyanov is arrested for extortion

The Far East abounds with the Russian leaders

The joint venture is accused of an underpay of taxes

CASH 1 US dollar 1 Deutsche Mark

Also do not ask, the bell how much calls. All is very expensive

It is declared TV - competition on last Moscow aether

Petrovka, 38 on protection of the organised prostitution

POET STANISLAV KUNJAEV HAS put SLAP in the face LITKRITIKU to STANISLAV RASSADINU. According to Kunjaeva, it there was a promised slap in the face which Rassadin waited two years. The poet was dissatisfied with illumination of the creativity and two with superfluous year has declared in " back; the Moscow writer " that if Rassadin will not apologise, it " it will be compelled to answer an insult with a slap in the face ". Rassadin also has not thought to apologise, and then the editor-in-chief " Our contemporary " has made an insult action which itself and has described in the newspaper " Day ": " My right hand (its back party) has made contact with the right cheek of critic Rassadina which, having jumped aside aside as a cat the Hippopotamus, has vomited from itself some the next damnations ". Kunjaev has begun to enjoy and now demands apologies from Yury Rostova and Alexander Gurnova: leaders " Messages " have accused him of poaching. Kunjaev waits for a repentance till the end of the year. Experts notice that young and powerful TV reporters can lead a little differently, than critic Rassadin.

The artist did not recognise own portrait

Representatives of movement " Soldier`s mothers of Russia " have spent week of the protest against a policy of the government of the Russian Federation concerning military men and members of their families. The funeral procession with three empty coffins, proceeded on streets of Moscow with calling in Office of Public Prosecutor and the government of the Russian Federation became on August, 6th the culmination of week. According to mothers, coffins symbolised become frequent "  destruction of soldiers in a peace time " also made indelible impression upon Muscovites and the visitors of capital not at once understanding their symbolical value. Mothers, in particular, have demanded the prompt creation of professional army.

The president of the Russian Federation in Bulgaria