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The foreign trade review

The Moskomimuschestvo will not admit slovenly privatisation

Quotations RINAKO: today and daily. At " Firsoffa "

On August, 8th in Kiev celebrating 50 - j anniversaries of the Ukrainian insurgent army has begun.

" Northern Association ": your money will freeze, and then will thaw

FIRM " Strojkomp " specialising on consultations and contract works in real estate sphere, on August, 15th declared carrying out of the tender for the right of building of a hotel complex in Krupki (Byelorussia, the Minsk area). According to the president " Strojkomp " Andrey Dobrynin, appeal of object consists that it is located in 30 metres from a highway Brest - - Moscow.

The prices for wood (under the realised transactions)

The cook all - taki can operate. Privatisation fund


The Asian stock exchange continues to come silently. The Siberian stockbrokers are afraid

New cost prices of KamAZy: the secret covered with a gloom

LAST week in Moscow with the next visit there was a president American investitsionno - financial corporation Lewis Corporation g - n Lewis Levin (Lewis Levin). As experts mark, now this corporation is most active of representatives of the American financial business of the average level, searching business contacts to participants of the Russian exchange stock market.

Armenian - the Azerbaijan war

Firm " Volis " offers: buy a hotel slice

Does not hasten to concede hot summer the rights of moderate autumn. Well as to you frazochka? We at first hardly from chairs did not get, when the such was wrote, but then even it was pleasant to us. And what, actually, the such? Or we not people? All always so wrote - - and anything. As after all pure truth: does not hasten. We fairly counted that will be more cool, and figushki: we do not know as where, and at us here last weeks conditions have not blown up nearly from an overload - - it was possible to breathe only hope of more cool future. And it, of course, will come, do not doubt (still elbows to itself we will bite that were insufficiently fried thoroughly on a summer scorching heat), but only not this week. This week our Europe will be on - former to stay in hot luxury, here will be on 5 degrees more than all is pleasant to weather forecasters, and anything, if not fires. From dryness and a heat all burns and everywhere - - and it is wrong.

International gangsterism

The Russian embassies in the CIS

Financial brokers suggest bankers to move

Firm Matrioshka has opened cheap shop. With expensive goods

" Businessmen " have decided to calculate the most business

Suffocation of liberal democracy

ENGLISH firm Alain Charles Publishing Ltd. - - the publisher of some business and specialised magazines in the countries Jugo - East Asia, Persian gulf and Africa - - last week has begun campaign for advertising gathering in the special economic review across Russia which will be published in magazine Asian Review October issue of Business and Technology. The magazine leaves in circulation of 27,5 thousand copies and extends in the countries Jugo - East Asia, and also in Japan, South Korea, China and Australia. According to firm, the magazine is included into ten the largest business papers of region.

The question is solved with acceptance of the typical plan of privatisation long remaining not clear: as the prospectus of issue of the privatised enterprise should look. The typical plan which is such prospectus, together with appendices to it provides enough - taki the full information on the privatised enterprise. From the standard prospectus of issue provided for usual joint-stock companies it is distinguished basically by absence of a detailed plan of development (directions of use of means). It is quite clear, as business plans of the joint-stock companies created on the basis of the privatised enterprises, it is necessary to confirm to their buyers - - to shareholders.

Fatherland boundaries are besieged

New firms with foreign participation

Businessmen importers had not time - to digest the information that since July, 1st in general it is necessary to pay for goods import, and on a number of positions - - and it is a lot of, as after a month the new order became old and it is necessary to pay now not 5, but 15 % from cost of the imported goods. New import duties will be raised since September, 1st. In the event that the contract will be concluded after the introduction of the given decree into force (on August, 14th - - date of the official publication in " to the Russian newspaper ") And the goods to be imported after August, 31st, it will be assessed with the import duty under new rates.

Picturesque pictures, worthy Ayvazovsky`s brushes, the congress which has gathered in capital of manufacturers has pleased the public. Manufacturers passionately wished to make, fairly believing that the main thing - - to make, and somebody will buy their production or will not be - is E.T.Gaydar`s care. Ardent manufacturers obviously wished to cover E.T.Gaydar with bad words, however Egor Timurovich has disappeared from them on an Old Square, struhnul even brave B.N.Yeltsin, and from full shame of the Russian leaders has rescued only the split which has arisen in the ranks of manufacturers. In the first day of meeting manufacturers were extremely edinomyslenny as they very much liked the nineteenth under the account the economic reform program. It has been composed by the faithful companion of the great writer of the earth of Russian A.I.Solzhenitsyna and our former compatriot M.A.Bernshtamom, more known to general public under V.N.Voinovich`s novel " Moscow. 2042 " Where it is deduced in an image of orthodox Cossack Zilberovicha. Pravoslavny

Bolsheviks are killed for the ideas

Montekki and Kapuletti from the USA: Bushs vs Clinton

The Petersburg programmers have opened a window to America. Also have got

Joint-stock company " Luzniki ": on stadium of a name of Lenin privatisation

The APPENDIX to the governmental order of the Russian Federation from August, 11th, 1992 #576

The western sugar kings have become interested in the Russian market

Dynamics of trade in urgent exchange contracts on delivery of oil and oil products

Search " Chechen " money: the pony runs round

Kamchatka: putchist with a nuclear head it is not arrested yet

IN the MARKET of urgent contracts on delivery of oil products there were novelties - - TMB " Hermes " since August, 11th has started placing of contracts " Hermes - 76 " and " Hermes - 93 " on delivery in December, 1992 of gasoline of 1000 l And - 76 and Ai - 93 accordingly.

There is a development of the sky of Russia by its heads

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

The mayor of Moscow has disposed to mix commercial interest with the earth

Soon on August, 19th

ACCORDING TO newspaper GUARDIAN, last financial quarter in the world computer market is marked, as usual, by cruel struggle between corporations IBM and DEC whereas Microsoft and Intel with little effort rake in the shekels. IBM has increased quantity of sales by 10 %, however incomes have made all 714 million dollars against 1,4 mlrd in the same quarter 1990 DEC has lost 1 % of sales that has put corporations a loss in 1,855 mlrd dollars. Microsoft has reached increases in sales at 55 %, having received 714 million dollars, and Intel has the income in 213 million dollars from growth of sales on 5 %. Experts GUARDIAN nevertheless notice that the computer market was a little softened, though for old and large firms - manufacturers it on - former remains rigid enough.

The Russian members of parliament in Yugoslavia

In England the Russian singer

One more house of Russia. On Vashingtonshchine


New order on roads

Procurement prices of grain: the government recedes, being sustained by heavy losses

" Inkahran ": false roubles any more we do not take

The Tatar Tatars - - not the best friends of the Bashkir Tatars