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Calculations with Ukraine: the Toribank has reduced time and has reduced the price

The investment review

In #33 in the comment to the presidential decree #825 from August, 7th " About partial change of an order of application of Time import custom duties of the Russian Federation " the editorial error which has led to wrong interpretation and without that point 1 indistinctly formulated in the decree is admitted. In the comment text on p. it is necessary to read 24 last offer of the first paragraph so: " In the event that the contract will be concluded after the introduction of the given decree into force... And the goods will be imported after August, 31st, it will be assessed with the import duty under new rates ".

The congress of compatriots: what Russian does not love class struggle

Advertising in Moscow and Peter: or with a board - - or without a board

On August, 31st - on September, 6th


In Moscow the new centre of a fashion

Salon " Stefanija " heats up fat clients. On 6 thousand

ON TWO WEEKS To Mexico FOR 1370 DOLLARS And 67 THOUSAND RBL. sends the international tourist agency " Akademtur " accepting demands since August, 26th. Cost of a trip which will take place in December, includes air tickets, residing with a breakfast and a supper in double rooms of three-stars hotels.

Americans have brought to Moscow the college

promstrojbank: to lend favourably, even when it do not return

The Russian insurance pension fund money takes, but a bit later

Investors are full of optimism. But one do not have money, and at others — desires them to put

FOR the LAST week at auctions MBTSM the greatest (on 4 %) the rise in prices has occurred on copper using a stable demand refined the IOC. Other nonferrous metals have risen in price approximately on 1,5 - 2 %. Experts mark an intense competition among sellers in the aluminium market. At the increasing volume of the offer on primary aluminium brokers are compelled to reduce prices, in this connection at last auctions for the first time in August the price for this metal did not raise, and has decreased on 2 % and has reached 98 thousand rbl./ t.

Currency actions of Inkombanka: to holders guarantee 9 % annual

The currency market

The answer to a question on, whether interviewees test a lack of the information, has divided newsmakers on two groups: the first (big) tests a lack of the information, and not only in that which is necessary in professional work. The second group (smaller, into her have entered Evgenie Yasin and Vladislav Surkov) suffers from surplus of the information which it is impossible " to digest " and consequently would like to receive any data in the compressed and systematised kind.

Live about dead

Whether changes in the Far East

ON BOARDS of Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations of the Russian Federation 11, first three lists of the enterprises to which the right is given to export strategically important raw goods (the tab. see) on August, 19th and 26 are confirmed.

Any of the gone on sale editions can be bought under the clearing settlement, having addressed a joint-stock company advance payment " INKOM - the PRESS " (the settlement account #1467660 in Sverdlovsk branch of Mosbusinessbank of Moscow, MFO 201241) and having sent the document on payment to the address:

New shop Matrioshka: each creature - - on steam. Cheap Reebok`

Thai festival in " Pente ": weight of thrills. On one plate

Two stock exchanges intend to enter the international market and pull behind itself others

MPB has decided to become the main things furazhirom

The book - - the best gift

The list of the objects entering into federal contract corporation " Roskontrakt "

Municipal loans in Russia: first hundred bonds are placed

Trade in cigarettes: will smoke more cheaply a bamboo

Dudaev`s visit to the Near East

The president has quarrelled with diaspora

The Brazilian exotic: original impeachment

The Sverdlovsk commodity exchange promises to fill up Ural Mountains with the scarce goods

Opposition in operation

M &S Intourcentre: the more marks, the above mark

Privatisations will not be - - has left on base

Cossacks promise to congratulate Moldova blockade

All mountaineers - - brothers

Instead of declared earlier " financial stabilisation " will go " structural

I, certainly, lack the information. In the economic. As I have no relation to economy. Liquidation of economic illiteracy goes only with your help. Only from you it is possible to understand all riddles which set to us economy and the government the attempts something to make. That is in a full fog, after perusal becomes obvious, but it occurs once a week.

UMB Ekaterinburg has broken the transaction on 420 million rbl.

Not healing wound of putsch: wounded men more and more

The prices for nonferrous metals (thousand rbl./)

It is created kommunisticheski - an anticommunistic coalition

Territorial dispute between deputies and diplomats

" Akademservis " suggests to catch Switzerland through Liechtenstein

The prices for ferrous metals (thousand rbl./)

COMMAND of racers of joint-stock company " KamAZ " on August, 23rd has left from Kazan for Paris for participation in rally " Paris - - Moscow - - Beijing " which start is planned for September, 1st, and finish - - for September, 27th. This first international competition of such class, which routes pass on territory of the CIS. Observers estimate a line as surpassing in complexity rally routes " Paris - - Dakar ".

Again, so, in weather be interested? Here and well, here and good fellows. The weather, known business, and for conversation maintenance is irreplaceable, and for any confidence that you own a situation. However, this confidence is more inherent in those who is not interested in weather, and it does. Though to one another at all does not contradict. After all that in this world weather to do, it is necessary to have what to tell to the people. And what can be more fascinating as a theme for discussion, than (again - taki) weather? Even new political parties can be created by a principle " Who not for deposits in territory of Volgo - the Vjatsky area, that national enemy! ". And what? Not less intelligent At all a principle, than many other things. And historical precedent is: in Byzantium, for example, the accessory to this or that political parties was initially defined by colour of a tribune on a hippodrome. And political strike did not suffer from it at all. So we in every possible way approve your interest to weather and even now as far as possible udovl