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Turkmenistan intends to buy grain from Canada. It was declared by the president of republic Saparmurat Nijazov, accepting on October, 6th the ambassador of Canada Michael Bell. Niyazov has suggested to buy wheat at the price of $120 for 1 t. According to the president, it on $20 is cheaper than the price on which offers the grain Kazakhstan.

The thick prince has appeared unpersuasive

The project " the Union — Apollo " twenty years later

Gazprom has separated gas from oil. The project of the new law

" Savva " makes in Germany of coffee for Russia

" Ingosstrah " will be responsible for the Riga ship-owner

George A. Cohon: the best way to predict the future — it to create it

Small product of the big company

The State Property Committee searches for advisers

In the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia

Small banks, probably, will cover

And all - taki they spin

Alma mater for the handle for work will not take away

The sovereign Baltic states intend to create independent of other republics of the former USSR the computer market. Yesterday in the exhibition centre of Vilnius the first international specialised exhibition of computer technics, information and telecommunication technologies BalticInfo - 92 which will last till October, 9th has opened. At an exhibition organised by German company Messe und Handels GmbH and Vilnius Litekspotsentrom, it is presented about 70 firms from Germany, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic States. Organising committee BalticInfo has no the information on participation in an exhibition of the Russian firms.

Rouble exchange rate decrease became the primary factor which has defined character of foreign trade activities of the Russian firms the last week, (for October, 2nd the course has made — 309 rbl./ dollars) . So low rouble exchange rate has considerably raised efficiency of export as the rouble equivalent received by the Russian businessmen at obligatory sale of a currency gain, quite covers all expenses connected with expenses on maintenance of export operations.

CASH 1 US dollar 1 Deutsche Mark

Following the results of the auctions of three largest share exchange structures of Moscow, Novosibirsk and St.-Petersburg stabilisation of share prices was marked, at the general sharp reduction of number of transactions on the stock exchange.

On Tuesday exchange rates of currencies for private persons in the Moscow and Petersburg banks continued the growth. In the majority of banks the course has increased in Moscow on 16 — 30 points at buying up and on 9 — 37 points at sale. And in banks " Basis " Telebank and Inter-regional commercial courses decreased. So, " Basis " has reduced the courses by 10 points at buying up and on 16 at sale. In Peter only courses have essentially increased in Promstrojbanke — on 50 points at buying up and on 55 at sale. As a result in Moscow bankers bought up on Tuesday dollars for 271,6 (AKIB NTP " Menatep ") — 320 (" Help ") rbl./ dollars, sold for 299 (AKIB NTP " Menatep ") — 346,8 (" Discount ") Rbl./ dollars the Petersburg banks bought from private persons dollars for 236,47 (veb) — 297 (Ruskobank) rbl./ dollars, sold for 268,57 (veb) — 313,5 (promstrojbank) rbl./ dollars

The session main output — the delay

Actions of banks of Perm and Novosibirsk are included in listing Moscow central

There were industrialists and businessmen

The CHIEF of the RUSSIAN JOINT STAFF is raised In the RANK

If " burden of the property " excessively

Russia celebrates days Russian sacred

" Rusaudit " chooses golden mean

In the CASINO " Riga " night for October, 6th has passed interesting and substantially. Game went at full speed. However, clients staked basically " on small " and experts have not noted the big prizes. A roulette of a respectable kind and age the mister especially hazardously played. It did rates often enough, periodically risking " on number ". Having spent thus about 200 dollars, he has decided to risk once again and, having got 500 dollars, has put them on number " 7 ". It was the largest for a night the rate. The silent croupier has started a ball, and the mister who has put (as he has informed correspondents later) last money, has lost. The managing director of a casino observing of game, has called for the lost taxi (naturally, at the expense of an institution).

Service " the Zhiguli " comes nearer to service of foreign cars. In the price


Upon termination of the emergency works connected with the days off, at customs of Russia the normal quiet conditions interrupted by insignificant incidents were established.

Cost of credits in October: goes

Moscow " Spartak " has refused to play football

The lawyer has defended the broker

" the Savage " whether abroad

The average prices of the offer for building materials

On Monday in 15. 45 on Rublevsky highway office " Volga " the chief of the Joint Staff of Russia Victor Dubynina at great speed ran into a mast of city illumination. In the car at the moment of failure besides the driver — Vitaly Grankin — there was a fourteen-year daughter of general Tanja and its twelve years girlfriend Ljuda Eremenko. Girls are delivered in hospital of a name of Burdenko. Tanja Dubynina is in extremely grave condition: crisis of the basis of a skull is diagnosed for it. Independent medical sources inform that the probability of a lethal outcome with such trauma makes 30 - 40 %. The second girl has received a brain concussion. Driver Grankin with a forehead bruise has been sent in scientific research institute of first aid to them. Sklifosofsky where has received the necessary help and has been released on the amendment home. Employees of GAI mark tragical absurdity of the happened: Failure has occurred in the clear afternoon, on a direct site of highway, in absolutely quiet road conditions, and the driver " Volga " the chief of the Joint Staff for certain not

Wednesday, on October, 7th


The Greek tragedy, the German director, Russian actors

You never reflected, what important place is occupied in our life with weather? About it songs are combined, verses are written. Without saying that this theme anyhow emerges in conversation at each opportunity. We, of course, not to England, and our level of good breeding it is not so high to speak about weather simply so, from there is nothing to do, for daily five - o - clock`ом. No, our weather — it is our pain, " I can not be silent " and " it is impossible so to live ". Unexpectedly hot or cold day, without speaking about a rain or a gusty wind with a sleet, are perceived as a stab in the back, a personal insult and a footboard from destiny. Failures on work and the more so problems in private life — all falls on weather and speaks only to it. Or still fashionable for quite some time now magnetic storms.

The power has addressed to culture on " you "

In Russia there will be uniform regional centre SWIFT

Yesterday on RTSB the auctions have passed successfully — 19 transactions for the sum of 95,05 million rbl. In particular, on " are concluded; to the Agrostock exchange " it has been sold 1,25 million packs of the Bulgarian cigarettes (on 40,32 rbl./ a pack) that as a result has made more than half of day turn RTSB. As to other events it is especially possible to note a seminar under forward contracts which will begin today in 14. 00. He is spent by the American experts.

The voucher course at stock exchanges was stabilised

Who has invented you, a gold small pillow?!

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

Scientific conference in MGIMO the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

In the SUPREME COURT of Russia decisions on four of five obeying affairs on October, 6th are made. Without satisfaction the private protest of the public prosecutor of the Perm regional court on business of citizen Slotina accused of murder of cashier Safronovoj and plunder of money from cash desk (13 thousand rbl.) is left. In January of this year the Perm regional court has directed business on supplementary examination as during preliminary investigation business in the relation of citizen Ershov has been stopped, and on materials has put court has drawn a conclusion on Ershov`s possible participation in murder and plunder.

Newsmakers — political institutes, the organisations, the companies and firms

On October, 5th on a stage of Rjazhsk — Dialects (the Ryazan region) 26 cars of a cargo train were derailed. As have informed in GKCHS, one of tanks with gasoline has overturned, and as a result all fuel has poured out from it on the earth. The tank with formalin has come off rails, but on wheels has resisted. For repair work has arrived five emergency trains. The wreck reason — malfunction of one of cars. Victims are not present.

The international bank against