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Muscovites promise to move in cottages


In Budapest wait for the Russian exhibitors

" Russian credit ": If the client does not go to bank...

In 20 years the road from Brest to Moscow becomes comfortable

Exchange rates of currencies for private persons

The sales volume on RTSB on - former is high — for yesterday 28 transactions on 50,53 million rbl. have been concluded It seems that level in 30 transactions for a day becomes norm of life of a stock exchange. One of the most marketable goods there are cars: transactions about a family VAZ - 21043 and four VAZ - 21093 (sold on 1,3 and 1,55 million rbl./ piece accordingly) distances of 30 % of a day turn.

There were heads of the states and the governments

" Rosneftegaz " demands eight, and manufacturers — ten.

Pavel Grachev is dissatisfied with results of meeting of military men

Russia and Alaska have imparted experience

One fine day weather in the Moscow region has cleared up, and consequently the basic cargoes have arrived here an air transport.

The customs duties

The Russian share has transferred the auctions for October, 12th


In Moscow there was one more stock exchange — international currency - share

CASH 1 US dollar 1 Deutsche Mark

On Thursday in Moscow and Peter bank quotations of US dollar practically remained without changes. In the Moscow bank " Help " which differs fast reaction to changes of market quotations of HARD CURRENCY, a course of buying up of dollar has gone down on 45 roubles, and sales — on 3. Bank " Discount " by the evening by 30 points has reduced courses of buying up and dollar sale. " a resource - bank " has raised a course of buying up of dollar on 30 points, and the sale course has reduced by 5 points, having reduced thereby a margin to 3 %. On the average across Moscow — taking into account commission percent — bankers bought up currency for 266 (tehnobank) — 325 (AKIB NTP " Menatep ") rbl./ dollars, sold for 335 (the Resource - bank) — 367,2 (" Discount ") Rbl./ dollars In Petersburg banks bought up dollar for 274,4 (Savings Bank) — 318,4 (veb) rbl./ dollars, sold on 314,15 (Ruskobank) — 365,9 (veb) rbl./ dollars

The main task of elections - legitimizirovat the State Council

In exchange stock market unexpectedly sharp increase in volumes of concluded transactions yesterday was observed. The auctions under securities have productively passed in exchange share halls of Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Chelyabinsk. In total 2058 actions and 550 options are sold.

Evgenie Saburov offers alternative



Nazarbayev has received from IMF more than it was necessary to it

Children of actors begin day with " the Businessman ". And children of noblemen — from riding

Malkolm MacDowell: I have played the eternal anarchist

" I again also am not bad provided by the Plait "

In CASINO MOSCOW this night all was boring and decent, misters playing was enough, but concerning prizes business was not glued, and played, basically, on the small. But the casino management has managed " to soak " conditions, having arranged exactly at midnight a free lottery. All come on an input had been gave out tickets with numbers which at a quarter to twelve have again selected and have combined in the huge cylinder. After that declared three won numbers. The first award — $100 — under a burst of applause one American businessman has received, the second — $70 — the inspector of GAI (dressed in civilian) and third — $30 — the Chinese, which person correspondents could not establish from - for essential blanks in knowledge of the Chinese language. Last most of all was delighted to a prize, contrary to the American businessman who has kept the Olympic calmness. As to the inspector he has immediately left a casino.

People of elegant age had a day

At restaurant " Baku — Lebanon " from now on the menu a little changes. Naturally, at the expense of new dishes — faruzh msahan (110 rbl.), kafta arais (110 rbl.) and kallazh zhibni (110 rbl.) . As these names to us, as well as you, absolutely speak nothing, our correspondent DARYA TSIVINA has gone to restaurant to learn that behind them disappears.

Nikolay Roerich: grain will develop. If it is fated to it

New Americans

The infanta has arrived to Ekaterinburg in the truck

With a new crop a consumption basket potjazhelela


In hire films, noteworthy


" the Ode to the director " — so article of economist Alexander Livshits published today in " is called; News ". Directors of the enterprises, A.Livshits writes, became the first victims of confusion of the initial stage of economic reforms for in absence of Communist Party committees the people with all sores have gone to them. It has improbably strengthened the power of the management case over people. However a plan of conservatives to use directors for overturning of reforms has failed: the majority of professional managers, the author of article writes, it has appeared at height and has followed a way of transformation to the present enterprise estate.

Give to women flowers — this best certificate of your well-being

In the evening on October, 6th in the Barrow - Tjube (Tajikistan) has been killed the senior lieutenant of Armed forces of Russia IGOR KOVALEV, the commander of the starting battery of 201 divisions.

Aeroflot has changed a course. On 240 roubles

ASKO (joint-stock company) 11


The SUPREME COURT of Russia has considered on October, 8th six affairs.

The funny case has occurred on October, 7th in Passionate parkway. The senior sergeant of militia Gennady Sidorov on an office motor vehicle VAZ - 2109 has broken a subordination and at evolution from a number abreast has not passed " Volga " GAS - 3102 in which there was a deputy chief of Central administrative board on protection of a public order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia the general - major Boris Voronov. " Volga " accordingly, it is attributed to a motor depot of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Both cars are fairly rumpled. Participants of incident have not suffered, unless only to militiaman Sidorov now, probably, it is necessary to reflect on possibility of the further promotion seriously.

Frenk Williams did not take Ayrton Senna in the command

On Wednesday at ten o`clock in the evening in 12 - ti kilometres from Narofominska, near station Bekasovo, about a rail has descended eight tanks with the prosir - butane, and one of them has sprung a leak. On liquidation of leak of gas forces of three fire divisions, a fire train from Narofominska and civil defence division are thrown. The experts who have appeared in time to a scene - chemists also try to stop leak.

Rates of bookmaker office " Plus - the Minus and CASHMANS "

And Gorbachev and nowadays not there